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Can I use 2 anti malware software along with a single Internet Security Anti Virus?

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A BIG Hello to all of you here and to the guys who made a software like this. Kudos! I have just recently purchased Malwarebytes Pro and I love this software. My question is -

I use genuine windows 32 bit and I have Comodo Premium Security Installed. Can Two anti malware softwares run along each side with an anti virus on a windows 7 OS without conflicting and in their optimum usage? The two anti malwares are in my case

1) MalwareByte Pro and

2) Emsisoft Anti Malware

Kindly suggest, I have recently had my hard disk crashed, and dont want to go in direction again.

Thank you


Thank you for hearing me out.

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That depends if you are using the free version or the paid of Emsisoft Anti malware. Emsisoft includes an antivirus, but the free version does not include real time protection which would be fine. However, if you are running the paid version it is not recommended to have two antivirus installed on the same computer as they will conflict.

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And is this is safe? http://forcetls.sidstamm.com/ Should one install this on their computer.

Which is the most safest browser to use and surf the net?

And why doesn't Malwarebytes introduce a web-broswer for us? :)

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