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MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Corporate does not work through proxy server.

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I just bought 20 copies of this product for a pilot (i have several thousand potential machines) and am unable to get them checking for updates when they are on our network using our proxy server.

However when i move the machines to a direct internet connection they update fine.

All other aspects of the software is working properly, I just can not get them to update via our proxy.

Our proxy requires authentication in the format:



I use many other pieces of software with proxy settings and they all work fine with our proxy, so i'm not sure why this one does not.

Does Malwarebytes Anti-Malware use some weird ports to update on other than 80 and 443?

Also i'd appreciate a specific response not a cut and paste first level helpdesk "uninstall and re-install" type response which is of no value to me. It's not an installation issue, it's not an activation issue, it's not a conflict with other software issue, it's a specific problem with the way this software authenticates to a proxy server and i would like a response regarding that.

I have tried this installation on a new machine with a fresh install of windows (with firewall disabled) and i get the same error.

I have tried setting the mbam proxy authentication user name settings with the following methods to no avail:






Also most software these days has a "use system proxy settings" option, is there a reason this doesn't?

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