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Installed Malwarebytes Pro - but malware works only for one user


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I recently upgraded malwarebytes to pro and successfully installed on my laptop with Windows 7 OS over the weeekend, but to my surprise, it only works for admin user and not other user(S)on the laptop. I think it should work for any user logged in on this machine.

I went into another user other than admin and noticed that i am unable to open any executable like IE,Malwarebytes,Explorer (it asks me to choose a program to open with)

I don't see the issue for admin user. Shouldn't malwarebytes work for all the users and not specific user? I need help to be able to login and run malwayrebytes successfully with the other user (superuser) other than admin.

Your help is greated appreciated.


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Hi and welcome to Malwarebytes.

On the faulty profile, do this:

Please download exeHelper from one of these two places:



Save it to your Desktop and run it. When it finishes, restart your computer and see if you can run .exe files now.

Reboot. See if it works now.

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