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I work for a company called OpenInstall. We are a software company providing a technology platform and a marketplace for software publishers and advertisers. We recently noticed that our installer is getting flagged by Malwarebytes as Adware. We believe this is a false positive detection of our software. Also, there are other companies in this space with similar products and none of them have been classified as Adware. I have attached a log (dev mode) of a recent scan and a zip archive of our installer. Please let me know if you need anything else.



mbam-log-2011-12-06 (10-02-47).txt


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  • Staff

Sorry in the delay of getting back to you. We have been in discussion.

We have analyzed your software and have some concerns.


Can you please explain in the attached screenshot why the three buttons on the left are greyed out but they are still active. This seems deceptive to get people to install the adware.

We also have some concerns with all the data collected from the privacy policy statement. Seems a little much for just adware.


That being said we will rename this to PUP.Adware.Openinstall (Potentially Unwanted Program) for now until we discuss these concerns with you.

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I just wanted to comment on this.

I'm not sure how MalwareBytes decided to handle this since no resolution is mentioned here, but ESET antivirus actually QUARANTINES software that contains this "OpenInstall" component during any attempt to download it. (I use both ESET and MalwareBytes and they are a fantastic combination, by the way!)

To me, this "OpenInstaller" is worse than just adware; I would consider it spyware. Their terms are deplorable.

I think users would be surprised to discover that it actually records an inventory of all the programs on their computer, even programs that are in no way connected to the software that they are installing. Plus, it grabs their unique system I.D. information.

That is just unacceptable.

Maybe you've already come to this conclusion (since it isn't noted here), but this "OpenInstall" really should be flagged as worse than "potentially" unwanted. As an end-user, I would absolutely consider it spyware.

Thanks for your great software by the way. It's excellent! I recommend MalwareBytes to everyone I run into.

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