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Malwarebytes Thanksgiving Giveaway

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Living in Pahrump, Nevada where the unemployment rate is THE highest in the country (Nevada ranks highest unemployment in the US and Pahrump ranks highest unemployment in Nevada)... I am thankful for the work I've had this past week (I fix computers) that allowed me to put together a modest but fulfilling thanksgiving meal for my family.

Have a blessed holiday and praise the Lord!

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First of all, i am thankful to Almighty God for preserving my live up to date as well as my family members. I'm also thankful for all those who suffered one pain or the other in order for people to benefit from. Malwarebytes Antimalware!! Thank you for being their for me when some guys try to infect my system with their malicious softwares. Thank you once again.

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Thankful for a lot of things:

(1) thankful for all the experiences I've had so far (good and bad) for theyve made me stronger

(2) Thankful for my family and my friends who've stuck with me through thick and thin

(3) Thankful for the veterans and soldiers here and abroad fighting just to keep us all safe

(3) Thankful for the wonderful people that I've met here in the forums who've helped me with a lot of computer issues even though they are not obligated nor paid to do so.

(4) Thankful for the Malwarebytes developers who've kept all my family's computers safe virus free since the day I installed all four licenses.

(5) Thankful just to be alive!

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I'm thankful for my kids in college and finding out by a strange series of events that a so called friend stole my leather coat, things I bought for gifts, various other items, and perhaps some things I haven't missed yet that ended up in an unclaimed property auction. At least I will know better then to ever invite them to any holiday events or anything involving me, family, or other situations. Have to trust they will get their just desserts... Too bad Malwarebytes can't protect me/US in real life, but at least my computer is protected.

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