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Found 12 results

  1. I recently installed Malwarebytes Browser Guard Chrome extension. The problem is that I also have a WordPress Blog with an "Add This" plugin which allows me to share blog posts on various Social Media sites. Unfortunately when the Browser Guard is on it blocks this plugin from working. [Before and After photos attached] How may I maintain using the Browser Guard and still maintain use of he Add This Plugin? Thank you
  2. Hello, www.heimat-wild.at is currently blocked and labeled as Riskware. It is a WordPress installation hosted by domainfactory. Worpress, Theme, PHP and Plugins are up-to-date. Disabling Plugins and the Theme does not change anything, so it is not one of them. Could you please unblock it? Thank you very much! Tom
  3. I am the owner of the website: rtconfidence.com This week we started getting this message "Website blocked due to Riskware" with people when they visited the home page listed above, if they had MalwareBytes installed as their endpoint projection. I did not make any manual website updates for a couple of weeks. However, Elementor did make an auto update to one of more of our plug-ins from them. I have all my wordpress plug-ins updated. Web.com hosts our site and their tech support checked out the issue and said that they did all they could and we need to talk to you. What is the root cause of the problem, and who needs to fix it?
  4. Hello there. Well, here's the issue: I installed Browser Guard a couple of months ago and had no issue, however, since around 2 weeks ago or so I had noticed that some sites were not displaying some images and it appeared as broken links. At first I only thought the site had something down or broken so I didn't think much about it, but today I tried a site that I know for sure that had to be fully working and the issue appeared again. Then I noticed that "i1.wp.com" had been blocked by Browser Guard. I made an experiment and it seemed that indeed that was the case because when I refreshed the image for it to load again, it failed to load and the amount of times "i1.wp.com" had been blocked by Browser Guard increased by 1 with each attempt. From what I could gather, "i1.wp.com" is part of Wordpress , more specifically Jetpack, the plugin made for websites optimization by using the wordpress cloud, or something along those lines. "i1.wp.com" seems to specifically handle images, to put it somehow. I tried clearing the cache of Chrome, uninstalling and reinstalling Browser Guard but this persists. The strange part is that this is very recent all in all, it didn't happen before, when I first installed Browser Guard a couple of months ago. Is this a false positive or a legitimate problem? It's a genuine question, apologies, I am really ignorant on the matter. Thanks in advance for the help.
  5. My site (xiclos.com) has been marked as phishing due to a breach caused by a defective Wordpress Plugin. Due to this, our Wordpress will be replaced soon by a new architecture (in approximately 10 days), however and as a temporary measure, I have cleaned the infection, changed all administrative password, reviewed permissions of plugins and updated all components. We'll follow the situation closely for it not to repeat before the new release.
  6. I have a WordPress Blog. On this blog site recently a widget does not appear on my blog or at least not when I view my blog from my laptop. ( <div class="gfm-embed" data-url="https://www.gofundme.com/f/gh6a6x-carl-jung-depth-psychology/widget/large/"></div><script defer src="https://www.gofundme.com/static/js/embed.js"></script> from GoFundMe is not appearing on my Blog. ) The WordPress Support team tells me that: “The only other thing I can think might be happening (since the code works fine for us) is that you could have ad blocking software installed that is counting the widget as an ad.” I do not know of any ad blocking software installed on my laptop. How would I tell if I did? Could I possibly be infected? A Malwarebytes Premium scan does not indicate any problems. Can anybody suggest how I might diagnose my laptop for either blocking software of an infection? Thank you, Lewis
  7. Hi, All 1st. I am already have done to scan virus program. Nothing to find it. How can I unblock my website?? also, I don't get it, File location means.. File : C:/Program files(X86)/google/chrome/appication/chrome.exe
  8. Hi, We are using trial for antiexploit before we purchase the endpoint version for business, have noticed that cerain php based exploit scripts which were used to infect our websites based on wp and joomla platform were not detected, have tried copying the script manually on different systems but still antiexploit or antmalware dont detect the same, i have forwarded the script to Mr.Ron of your support team to check further. Also we are running SmarterMail Server, do is it required to add mailservice.exe to exclude list to avoid false positive for any inbound or outbound mail traffice, what is the best practise here to get optimum results. If needed let me know and shall happy to share the script or logs. Thanks Hemens
  9. I understand there were some issues with Godaddy wordpress hosted sites, but in several topics mods are saying that these blockades have been removed. Not for mine unfortunately, hxxp://askhistoriansDOTco and hxxp://getstakedDOTeu Please help
  10. Count me in on this one. One of my sites is on this IP address. WordPress hosting purchased from Media Temple but it is a product they are reselling from GoDaddy. Website: fluxvfx dot com
  11. Add me to the list of folks with a webiste hosted by GoDaddy that is suddenly being blocked. Beginning at 10:15 AM MDT my website, focusedandfree.com, suddenly became a malicious website according to my licensed Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Home Premium v2.1.8. I called GoDaddy when I noted a reply to an earlier post made here today saying that it was account of the Dierex banking trojan and that GoDaddy had been contacted. I called GoDaddy and the tech I talked to dig some digging and couldn't find anything. I also sent an email to Malwarebytes Support but have yet to receive a reply (other than the automated one). Was wondering if there was anything new regarding this situation. Has GodDaddy fessed up or is this a false positive issue that needs addressed? Thanks for any info regaring this issue.Malicious Website Malwarebytes.txt
  12. Hi Malwarebytes team, Yesterday after I installed the extension "Hola" (I have promptly removed it already) I got this message "Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress." when trying to go to the website http://pandoratv.it/ I don't know if there is a connection between Hola and the Wordpress file. Are you able to help me please? Many thanks for your support Giuliano
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