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Found 17 results

  1. I use Malwarebytes premium, and it claims it's running since it says real time protection is on, however when I do "Open Malwarebytes" it refuses to show it, however the application itself is running and clearly working in real time protection, I am too afraid to reinstall it since I may lose access to the premium subscription by reinstalling, so i'm not sure what to do in this scenario
  2. Malwarebytes suddenly stopped working. I unstalled it and tried to reinstall it. That didn't help and it still won't open. I have attached the mb-check-results. mb-check-results.zip
  3. Hi. Love the program and have relied on it heavily for years with fantastic results. Like others, I also noted difficulty in opening mbam (from shortcut or Malwarebytes folder and both user and administrator signons) in Win7. However, I overlooked trying safe mode. If it happens again, I will try that. It has been several times on different computers with different account numbers and current, updated versions of the software. In one case, the icon disappeared from the desktop tray as well. Uninstall including via Revo Uninstaller stalled and seemed frozen. I finally overwrote the install with a freshly downloaded copy and after some restarts and false starts, it worked fine. Scan by MBAM Premium as well as MS Security Essentials showed no malware, no rootkits, nothing, nada. Everything seems to work now, including updates, so this is just FYI. Pls. keep up the good work, it's so important to so many users! Pls let me know if you would like logs or other info. Snoopy2017
  4. I am having the same problem where Malwarebytes successfully installed, but when I click on the icon, it seems that nothing opens. In a little while a pop up opens and it gives me a scan report indicating my computer is ok. That is the only indication I have that it really did open. This is on a friend's computer running Windows 8.1. The Malwarebytes desktop icon has a little shield on the corner. I'm guessing something from the system is stopping it.
  5. The program routinely stops launching when I boot up my laptop. Clicking on the icon produces nothing. It shows as a process running in Task Manager, but I can do nothing with it. I've downloaded and run fixdamage.exe and it found no infection. I just received the annual renewal notice and I have no idea whether I'm getting what I'm paying for.
  6. Malwarebytes fails to open after update with the error message 'Unable to connect to service' Using Windows 10 x64. This issue is sporadic and doesn't appear after reboot. Sometimes, the computer goes to sleep and when resumed this issue appears (couldn't be sure about this). Attached the logs.FRST.txtAddition.txtmb-check-results.zip
  7. I have the same problem. I have Malwarebytes Premium. Uninstalled, re-installed, will not open or run?
  8. Recently my purchased version of the latest version of Malware-bytes will not open. I have uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. I have scanned for viruses with other software but none found. I have searched forums for a solution but none have worked. I ran the mb-check program and have attached the resulting zip file. Please advise. mb-check-results.zip
  9. i click on malwarebytes, nothing happens.... zero. nothing. what should i do?
  10. I had this problem 7/18/17, & found the answer here, which fixed it, and now can't remember the answer. I can't find my original question post either. Malwarebytes stopped running, wouldn't even open, about 3 days ago. It was right after an update from either Firefox or Malwarebytes. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Malwarebytes 3 or 4 times, which hasn't helped, restarting my PC each time, and ran the Windows Troubleshooter for install/uninstaller problems, which said it had corrected a "corrupt registry patch." I did get a notification fade-out message in the upper right corner of the screen had found 2 issues, when it wasn't running supposedly, but clicking on it to investigate wouldn't take me to Malwarebytes to see the problems. I assumed whatever they were had been quarantined.
  11. Hi, I purchased premium version back in May 2017, was working fine until Friday night/Sat a.m. I get a red triangle and if I hover over icon I see information, but it won't open. I have tried system restore, but I have error message with that too, so it didn't work. I'm not sure if the new version 3.2.2 is the issue. It says it's a trial, I have the key code, but it won't open to let me enter it in. I deleted program about 3 times now. I found forum info and used mb-clean, mb-check and new link to install, still nothing? I'm getting ready to try another forum answer from Kenyan. Thank You, Michelle W mb-check-results.zip mb-clean-results.txt
  12. So I had been using the software from time to time since I haven't used my laptop lately. I recently had found that the svcvmx adware had planted itself back on my computer. When I went to launch Malwarebytes, it said it could not connect to the server. After looking online I decided to uninstall it. When I went to reinstall with the latest version I got a pesky note saying that it could not replace the old driver. Many places I went said to either delete the driver or rename it. Neither worked and the driver wouldn't even let me have access to changing it even though I am set as the administrator. After doing so reading I found that I could use the clean up tool. Once downloaded I went to launch it, it told me the resource is in use. I went to download the Anti-Rootkit which is giving me the same message. I know my way around some parts of a computer but I am now worried that maybe a malware is preventing me from using it all together. I'm a collage freshmen who needs to have a secure computer when I use community school Wi-Fi. I have also had to uninstall chrome because of this adware and it has become very aggressive. I am hoping to get around this hiccup and remove whatever malware is causing this forever.
  13. Starting today Firefox and IE11 will not open on my laptop. They worked fine when I last shut down the laptop a couple of days ago. If I try to launch Firefox or IE11 I get the spinning circle for a few seconds then nothing, not even the usual pop up from MBAE that precedes opening of the browsers. I checked the task bar notification window and the icon for MBAE is not there. If I try to launch MBAE from the Start Menu it does not open and I get no error message. At this point if I go to Task Manager I see in Processes that Firefox and IE are listed once each, MBAE is listed twice, once using 128k of memory and again using 4108k of memory. I run the latest MBAM and the latest ESET NOD 32 antivirus, both successfully update their signature files, both are listed in Task Manager. I have Rhapsody, it is able to connect and stream music. However some software that has built in check for updates is not able to complete the check when I try that. Hard restart does not change any of the above. I had not installed any software or updates during the session before this behavior started. I’m running: Win7 Home Premium SP1 with Windows Updates current to what Windows Secrets recommends; MBAE Premium, MBAM Premium latest version, Firefox 45.0.1, IE11 11.0.9600.18230, ESET NOD32 9.0.375.0. Any ideas what is blocking the browsers and MBAE from opening? Thanks!
  14. Dear Malwarebytes Anti-Malware team, Im having problem running Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. After installation the app won't start. Double click then nothing happen. Please help to solve this problem. Thank You Regads Markus
  15. So this morning I went to run malwarebyes because I update and scan every day or so, and it started up fine, but then I got a blue screen which made my computer restart. (I'm on windows 8 by the way.) After looking the blue screen up, and finding out it was a memory error, I re-started my scan, but it wouldn't open, no matter how many times I tried. So I finally tried chameleon, and I tried all 13 and none of them worked. So I thought I'd try uninstalling and re-installing. However after all of that, it still wouldn't open. So I uninstalled again and tried installing using chameleon, and again it didn't work. I'm not sure if this is something new that is harder to work around of if I'm doing something wrong. Please help, I'd like to upgrade to premium next paycheck, but I'm not sure if this doesn't get fixed. Thank you.
  16. Hi, I've had Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on my computer for years. Since last week, I tried to open the program and it won't open. So I reinstalled the program but during the setup I kept getting Runtime Errors. I think I have a malware then, so how do I fix this and get Malwarebytes to work again. Attached are the error messages. Internal error: Expression error 'Runtime Error (at 79:177): External exception E06D7363' Internal error: Expression error 'Runtime Error (at 69:252): External exception E06D7363' Internal error: Expression error 'Runtime Error (at 45:89): External exception E06D7363' Thanks for your help. Chryst Runtime Errors.pdf
  17. my isp website wont open and instead i get a page with this on it what does it mean (wont let me paste the info im getting says i must enter a post when i try and paste it here so heres a document instead
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