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Found 11 results

  1. My virus is pretty much exactly the same as the one experienced by another user in this thread. I've attached my fixlog to this post, thanks in advance for the help! Fixlog.txt
  2. I have been lurking on this forum for a while to try and solve the issue myself, but have failed all of my attempts. I see there are multiple topics on the same infection but I was hoping someone could guide me through the steps. Thanks!
  3. I recently started seeing this process on my task manager use a huge amount of resources (RAM, CPU, and GPU). I've tried using MBAM/Chameleon scans, MBAR scans, ADWcleaner, RKill, Hitman Pro, Zemata, and ESET but it reappears after every reboot. It will also not end the task from inside task manager and I cannot access the file location. Im the only user on this machine, and an admin by default.
  4. I'll keep it short and sweet. I have obvious malware, specifically 'Windows Process Manager', six instances running in Task Manager. Pretty sure the guilty files are 'nikrhdx.exe' of which I see multiple instances in Details tab of Task Manager. I've ran Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, as well as the Anti-Rootkit beta. The anti-malware came backclean, but MBAR comes back dirty each time, even after reboot. I am currently running RogueKiller, and when it finishes I'm going to run FRST then run FRST again in RE. I've gathered that those things and their logs will be needed for you guys to help me. Please help, I use this computer for not only running videogames, but also creating games in Unity and I can't even run 7DTD more or less properly create with Unity with the drain to my already old system.
  5. Hi, Recently ended up with a solid amount of malware (worst was programs called anonymizergadget, emigrates, and uninitiated) which took control of my chrome and created popup ads, etc. etc. Cleaned it up and all looked good until I noticed Windows Process Manager (32 Bit) was using anywhere from 10-40% of my CPU at any time. When I go to the path it takes me to \Appdata\Local\avaorlt and denies access, unable to interact at all. Properties in task manager names it as wmnteal.exe. Did a scan with FRST, the two files are attached, along with a screenshot of the process in task manager. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. Hello, I have had a pretty nasty virus installed on my computer for a few weeks now. I've managed to sniff out and get rid of a lot of it, but this Windows Process Manager (32 bit) program keeps running in the background on my device. I have tried to find the location of the virus in my computer, but I am blocked from accessing the folders that contain the files for the virus. If anyone could give any help or tips on how to tackle this that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks P.S.: I have attached the FRST and Addition .txt files in this post if anyone finds them helpful for tackling this problem FRST.txt Addition.txt
  7. Hello friends of the internet. I have a virus on my computer how fun xDD. I tried using multiple anti-virus softwares to fix the problem but it didn't work. I located the source of the virus, which is in the AppData folder but it says that I don't have permission to delete it. I tried using unlocker to allow me to get access to it but that didn't work either. I tried going into safe mode to delete the file located in App Data but it still says I don't have permission to delete the file. The three files that I think are causing this are rtnsok, igfxmtc, and tikuocb. It makes my CPU go up to 100% so everything I do runs pretty slowly :'( In the task manager when I right click on "Windows Process Manager" and click on "Go to Details," it shows me multiple files of this thing called wirhmbs - Copy.exe. I try to end the process but it always says "Access is Denied." Someone, please help me because I have no idea how to fix this problem. I can provide more information if needed!
  8. Hi there, I'm new here but this virus has been irritating me for the last few days. I've downloaded HitmanPro, Emsisoft, and MalwareBytes and none have managed to remove this damn thing. It adds Windows Resource Manager and is taking up way too many resources. I also get redirected to bing despite my default search engine being google with some times clicking pages im already on leads me to something called Reimage. There's 2 process that are random letters that I've seen before when I've gotten viruses before. The iaetcvlsvc.exe is an interesting one as I can't seem to find any record of it online but igfxmtc.exe seems to be a common one. Can someone please help me? I've also included all the logs I've gotten so far on mbar. mbar-log-2017-12-22 (00-31-02).txt mbar-log-2017-12-22 (11-42-54).txt mbar-log-2017-12-22 (12-56-42).txt mbar-log-2017-12-22 (13-00-48).txt
  9. I have downloaded and tried so many scans that I have seen other people say to try. Nothing is helping. I noticed while playing any game online that every few seconds everything would drag and freeze up. Then I noticed my browser redirecting to Bing when I would search from the address bar, it would briefly show "extensions.citypage.today". Finally I discovered igfxmtc.exe in the task manager, and when the computer would drag there would be multiple processes running called "Windows Process Manager" (in details it is showing reihkdp.exe). I can not end the processes, I can not open or delete the folder for the the file location... NOTHING is working... I'm freaking out, because I just got this new computer a few days ago as a gift for Christmas, so me and my boyfriend could finally game together smoothly... and now I have this stupid virus!! Please, is there anything I can do to remove this? Btw, several anti-malware programs that some websites have said to use to get rid of this will not install or even open. It's like it is blocking the things designed to remove it.
  10. For the past 2 weeks I've been looking for help on removing this virus that I've obtained due to my stupidity. What this virus does is that an exe that has different names after resetting my computer every time will appear in task manager and in the system32 folder, at the moment, it's called wdesziusvc.exe; when i hover my cursor over it it, it says TOSHIBA CORPORATION. After that appears, I won't be able to make restore points, download certain anti-viruses, and go into a recovery environment the normal way (I'd have to tap Shift + F8 upon start up). if wdesziusvc has internet access, it'll use my computer's resources to bring forth another exe called igfxmtc, which will run in task manager and have it's own folder in Appdata/Local folder which i cannot access nor delete. In the task manager, igfxmtc doesn't seem to do anything; idk what it's for but after a few after that, wdesziusvc will use resources again to bring forth this thing called Windows Process Manager (32-bit) with multiple clients, which slows down my computer by A LOT and also has it's own folder, wibxtrg. If i reset my computer to factory settings, you know, wipe everything, They all just come back with with different names except for igfxmtc. I know all this stuff because of the 2 weeks i've had with this problem. Here are some pictures and a FRST and Addition txt attatched. If there's anyone willing to help me out it'll mean a lot to me. 1.) I do have a flash drive that's bigger than 4GB 2.) I do have access to a clean PC Addition.txt FRST.txt
  11. i have the same virus and issues ive tried everything in all the threads and i cant get rid of it their is another one for me to and i cant get rid of it either my avast picks up one called serxovp
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