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Found 4 results

  1. I recently uninstalled a free AV program (ClamAV) that was misbehaving on my old Win 7 laptop. (For the record, my new — primary — laptop runs Win 10.) Am now running Windows Defender and Malwarebytes Premium on both computers. Is there any reason to supplement these two with additional AV software, or am I good to go? My browsing habits, for what it's worth, are pretty dull! Thanks.
  2. MalwareBytes crashes my laptop frequently - more than five times in 3 hours; this has been happening over the past 5 days. New computer, install BitDefender Total Security for anti-virus protection and MalwareBytes Premium for Malware protection. My laptop keeps on crashing. Windows dump files suggest that Malwarebytes is the problem. Disabling MalwareBytes seems to fix the problem. I've attached the zip file generated by MBST for help in reviewing what the problem might be. I've also attached the latest windows mini-dump file in the event that its useful in determining what's going wrong. Clemens mbst-grab-results.zip WindowsMiniDump_091719-11968-01.zip
  3. FRST.txtAddition.txt My daughter downloaded this Minecraft texture pack: https://www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/kawaii-world-3365736/ My default browser was then changed from Chrome to Microsoft Internet Explorer. I was signed out of Chrome and syncing was disabled. It also changed my default search engine to yahoo. I'm a Malwarebytes Premium subscriber and used it to remove over 140 threats but around 10 keep returning after I restart. The icon for Internet Explorer keeps getting pinned to my taskbar after every restart even though I delete it and Chrome won't restore my last pages automatically anymore. I don't know what else to do and would appreciate anyone's help on this. I have attached the Malwarebytes Threat Scan Log and the two files after running Farbar. Malwarebytes Threat Scan log.txt
  4. Hi, I've been having ongoing issues with my PCs and network. Despite me having an active Internet connection my ISPs Tech's are unable to connect using LMIR. This problem has been ongoing now since approximately the middle of last year. I'm running Windows 10 x64 (should be fully updated,) however, I'm using a Linux Shell (ESET SysRescue) disc to make this post. I'm relatively familiar with malware removal, having assisted others many times on forums. I need fresh eyes to look at my problem please. I've run AdwCleaner. I have also run: JRT, FRST64, MBAR 10, TDSSKiller, ESET Online Scan, ESET SysRescue, SVRT, plus quite a few more tools, all to no avail. I have a fully licensed version of Malwarebytes Installed & up to date. I am unable to have GMER or ASWMbr complete a scan without ending up at a BSOD. Error is: IRQ Less than or not equal. FRST64 scans show ADS coming from zipped tools on my Desktop. FRST64 will not update despite it advising that an update has been found. The Desktop is Shared to Public. The first warning I received that something was amiss was a mass (hundreds) of WMI or WMIC warnings over a few seconds courtesy of Kaspersky Total Security. I have re-partitioned and reformatted my drives (SSD+HDD) multiple times along with multiple re-installs of Windows. Windows Defender updates show as downloading and installing, however, as you will see from The FRST logs they do not actually seem to be being applied. Malwarebytes Active Protection intermittently disables itself and I am unable to restart it without a reboot. I have also re-flashed the BIOS and updated the Firmware. The initial Spectre/Meltdown Patches have been applied. Still waiting for the latest patches. I strongly suspect a Rootkit\Backdoor of some description, especially given the inability to scan fully with GMER and ASWMbr. (Note: The initial "Quick Scan on startup of GMER does complete.) Other symptoms include: Cursor movement with no local user interaction. Documents closing for no reason. The HDD has vanished on several occasions, requiring me to re-partition and re-format it via Linux Shell. Inability to obtain and maintain a VPN connection. Several "Unknown User" accounts on some files when viewing the Security Tab in Windows. What seem to be intermittent DDoS attacks. Changes in Router Settings without any action by me (or any other local user.) Evidence of an Apparent work around for DEP (possibly ASLR) by utilizing Compatibility Mode. DLL Files located in various folders with the text reading Right to Left rather than Left to Right. Presence of an inordinate number of Windows XP and Vista files. On booting to Windows a text file opens from C:\Programdata\Startup called errorlog.txt which has always been blank. Incredibly slow Internet connections on a very fast network. Despite deliberately disabling OneDrive, connections being established to multiple OneDrive and SkyDrive accounts which are not known. Files disappearing for no valid reason. Anti-Virus appears to be working, however, on checking with Kaspersky following submitting diagnostics & receiving emails stating no problem was found, they tell me the submitted data was "Unreadable." Complete loss of Internet functionality at times, for no apparent reason. I have also found what appears to be a Ransomware Demand embedded in Fontcache when using Adlice PE Viewer. The payment amount was 0.37 Bitcoin. Also found in this file was the text string "This Dynasty." When using TCPView, upon starting there may be many tens of connections that rapidly drop off after a few seconds. Autoruns shows an IE Image Hijack. The version of IE reported by most diagnostic software shows as 5.0. Changes in location of the cursor whilst typing without palm interaction with the touchpad. There are probably more pointers that I've forgotten. I did locate the Malwarebytes reports, however, I am unable to attach them in their native *.json format. I've converted a JSON to TXT and attached that. I also noted that in C:\programdata I have the subdirectories "Malwarebytes" and "Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (Portable)" Thanks in advance for your time. It's much appreciated! Thanks, Mal FRST.txt Addition.txt Last_MWB_Scan_JSON_Renamed_TXT.txt
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