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Found 6 results

  1. I have a desktop (Dell XPS 8930 SE, purchased last October) and a brand new Dell XPS 15 7590 laptop that I received Friday past. The 2004 version update has not yet been offered for the desktop, but it appeared on Saturday for the new laptop, so I let it update to 2004. There were immediate stability issues after the install and Bitdefender was having difficulties loading after reboots, but would eventually get itself, and its services, going after about five minutes. I should note that I did not do any cloning or restores to dissimilar hardware; all of the programs on the laptop, including Bitdefender and Malwarebytes Premium, were cleanly installed from scratch, after I had removed all of the Dell bloatware. Thanks to the information here in this Forum, I suspected that Malwarebytes Premium might be the issue, so I did enable beta updates, and the laptop updated to the beta version. There were still issues with Bitdefender loading (all exemptions added to both MBAM and BDTS as recommended here) but the stability issues were mostly resolved, so I went into the MBAM settings and disabled self-protection, and set a 120-second delay to start MBAM, which I thought would be enough time to allow Bitdefender to load normally, ahead of MBAM starting. All is now working fine on the new laptop, including Bitdefender and Malwarebytes. I just wanted to share my experience in case it might help others, since the posts here greatly assisted me to rectify the issues, without going down into many "rabbit holes" in the process of trying to identify what was causing problems for the new laptop. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil PS: Forgot to add that Fast Startup is ALWAYS disabled on my computers.
  2. I have same issue... trying everything that was mentioned before, but no results. When I turn off Malwarebytes computer start to work.
  3. I had/have this too. It was totally pain. I had to e.g. revert back to Windows 1909 because I didn't know that it is Malwarebytes that after some time, halt almost everything - some applications that I started first run quite alright for sometime (after a few hours the system was unusable) but cannot start any new application). Then yesterday I tried to 2004 update again because WU offer it as first time I used MediaCreationTool. Luckily I found this thread after some one pointed that this kind problems are always security programs based. Malwarebytes should definitely offer update or some notification to user, if Malwarebytes detects Windows 10 with 2004 and old Malwarebytes Component package version and so on. If is not possible, Malwarebytes should send email to all paid user just in case. Updating to package version 1.0.25785/Component package version 1.0.961 help much, there was still some odd thing. Yesterday I tried to start command line I use (ConEmu) and it did not start. I thought that could not be true, again 😞 But then I exiting Malwarebytes and all ConEmu processes started, totally 3 ConEmu-window at once. So now on I know that, if something not start, I shutdown Malwarebytes. That ConEmu-problem is still only problem so far, and today it works with Malwarebytes on without any proplem. Setting have already like recommended in post #6 This is for information only, I do not request any help.
  4. I recently updated my instance of Windows 10 from version 1909 to version 2004. After the update, Windows began acting very, very slowly and almost to the point of being unresponsive. Then, I saw a post somewhere that said that MalwareBytes 4.1 was causing a problem with this new version of Windows 10. On the chance that this was also my problem, I quit MalwareBytes from the Taskbar Tray area. Upon doing this, Windows amazingly began operating as it should. I've since disabled the automatic start of MalwareBytes at Windows Start-Up. I've no doubt that you've heard of this conflict of Windows 10 and MalwareBytes 4,1 from other users. The reason I'm writing this is to ask that I be notified when a fix has been published (MalwareBytes is currently disabled).
  5. I am having this same problem on my wifes Dell PC, before the Windows 10 update (2004) everything worked fine with MalwareBytes and the PC, but after I did the update the PC was unusable and I had to uninstall the 2004 update. Has Malware bytes addressed this problem (I don't know who's problem it is MS or Malwarebytes) but I would sure like to upgrade my wife's PC and know I am not going to run into the same problem again.
  6. Help. I've spent several hours trying to figure this out. I had (more on this in a bit) Malwarebytes Premium installed. It notified me that there was a new version through a window that popped up. I accepted the install... then nothing happened. So I opened the app and there was an orange button saying there was an update. I clicked it. I accepted or whetever... then nothing happened. Malwarebytes would keep running. I ran a scan, no issues found. Tried to update again... nothing. I downloaded the online installer and just tried to update that way. Ran MBSetup.exe as Administrator... I got the hour glass for a second... then nothing. I downloaded an offline installer (a suggestion from one of the many posts I found through Googling)... ran mb4-setup-consumer- nothing. I booted into Safe Mode but I couldn't do anything. I have closed as many running apps as I can, disabled things from startup, but NO installer/uninstaller/updater runs. I found a support tool, mb-support- ... I get an error that it couldn't run successfully and to please try again later. So I ran the Malwarebytes clean-up utility. Ran mb-clean- after a few minutes it asked me to restart to finish setup. Now Malwarebytes seems to be gone but I STILL can't re-install it. H E L P. Thoughts?
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