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Found 20 results

  1. my plan is to do a cleanses out all of my USB flash sticks and to emptied them by moving all file to a safe place and then to formatting all of them .and I almost thinking to make an multi-boot windows into one of USB drive but how to make a multi-boot windows into USB drive ? is there any free tool or utility for it ? and I would like to know exactly how many GB needed to makes one windows 7 -32-bit and one windows 7-64-bit and one windows xp-32-bit and one windows 10-64-bit ! and also I want to make a back-up for the system into a 4 GB flash drive which is for recovery if it needed ! I
  2. October 7, 2018 Hello, I am doing some disk clean up and need some help with UNINSTALLING an older version on Malwarebytes. My system is WIN7 PRO, desktop, up to date with all updates. The program has an install date to my computer of September – October 2015 and I believe the program release number is 2_2_0_1024. The program is not listed in Control panel and I get an error when I try to run the mbam.exe or the unins000.exe. Is there an “universal” type of installer available I can use to remove the program and all registery entries? Thanks for any help, krazykat
  3. [reposting from Malwarebytes 3 Support Forum, summary below followed by the info you requested] I had issues with my WIn7 Pro SP1 64-bit laptop (an HP Envy 15 Notebook, i7-4720HQ) suddenly having the network stop working and the entries in DeviceMgr seem corrupt, so ... 1. Booted into Safe Mode (no networking) 2. Tried to run MWB (last version I had on this older laptop), it failed with Couldn't open proc 406:120 3. Tried MWB uninstall, also failed with similar error 4. Copied mbam 3.5 install, and various clean/support/check utils from a USB s
  4. I'm not sure I'm infected. BleepingComputer looked at my MisToolBox logs and moved my post to AM I infected ? I have been waiting for almost 3 days for BleepingComputer To look at my FAR logs with no response. I have the Malawarebytes Premiuim Edition. Below is what I've done please help and direct me if I'm infected or if this is a Win 7 Admin User Prob. Please help Thanks Win7, 32 Bit Days ago my computer booted up and my desktop was rearranged. Then I was booted up as Default User. I reboot w/F8 and was back in my Admin Profile. Again today booted into Default Profile. I re
  5. I have a Raspberry Pi set up to act as my DNS server on my network to block advertisements (Pi-Hole). It also tracks all DNS searches and has revealed that two domains are being accessed every 2 minutes by my Win7 PC - primewire.ag and 123netflix.com This happens even when the browsers on my PC are closed. I previously visited these domains using Chrome incognito mode so I thought they infected my PC. Malwarebytes and Avira find nothing. There are no suspicious add-ons to my browsers. I kept track of exactly when the Pi-Hole showed access to the two domains from my PC (ever
  6. Hello, I am facing a problem similar to some other users from what i have read until now. I have done the steps that i have read in another thread regarding this issue. Downloaded and run farbar recovery scan tool x64 with the following results. Thank you for your time and looking foward to your reply. FRST.txt
  7. Hi, this is the second system (my main Desktop PC) with what seems to be an identical issue, at least from what I can gather from "Who Crashed". It has Malwarebytes and Microsoft Security Essentials running at the same time, and I've attempted to add the exclusions after I started getting the BSOD's. It seems to have started around the time that I upgraded to Malwarebytes 3.0, but I was never really sure because it was around that time that I did a Security Only windows update. Who Crashed is telling me it's the IRST driver iastora.sys (iaStorA+0x877B8). I hav
  8. Hi, I've been getting BSOD's on two of my Win7 machines since about July. It seems to have started around the time that I upgraded to Malwarebytes 3.0, but I was never really sure because it was around that time that I did a Security Only windows update. Both systems of mine that are getting these sporadic BSOD's have Malwarebytes 3.+ and Microsoft Security Essentials. The BSOD's almost always happen around 7:30am - 8:00am. Which is the same time Malwarbytes does it's daily scan. The only thing I have been able to find out through "Who Crashed" is that it's a driver that is triggering
  9. exploit protection is making YouTube / bbc Iplayer so choppy it is unwatchable I have an i7 4790 - 3.60Ghz and 8GB of ram 64bit op sys everything was fine until I got your latest version please help
  10. Hello and thanks to answer me. i have a big problem I need help. Malwaytes Anti-Malware deleted these (and also others of similar name) files from temp folder but they came back. i try mani antivirus, trojan remover, combofix, malwarebytes, hiijack but the problem not resolve. file name: g6CD5.tmp.exe c:\windows\temp\g6CD5.tmp.exe thank you very much! chris Addition_11-10-2017 07.09.13.txt combofix.txt FRST_11-10-2017 07.09.13.txt hijackthis.log
  11. This just started today with, what I suspect, was an update for Firefox. All of the Malwarebytes protections turned off. Running Windows 7 - 64bit on a Dell laptop. Also running Windows defender. While Malwarebytes appears to be running in the tray when I click check for updates or open Malwarebytes, nothing happens. Closing Malwarebytes does indeed remove the icon from the tray. When I try to run Malwarebytes, nothing happens. I downloaded and executed ADWCleaner. Nothing happens. I downloaded and executed FRST64. Nothing happens. Everything else on the computer appears to be
  12. Yo guys I'm in serious trouble but I'm not sure if this is the right place to do a thread but I'm struggling with some kind of BIOS/UEFI rootkit. I have for a while been getting weird entries in the Rootkit/Malware tab in Gmer. I have also noticed some strange executables running among processes. All described as Windows services but you could easily see that those executables didn't belong to a clean Windows 7 install. I have been using DBAN to wipe all disks, formatted them and reinstalled but I keep getting infected. All above mentioned returns. To ensure that I'm infected I ha
  13. Maybe I'm the only one facing this issue. I keep my PC very clean (IT Manager). I run SAS, CCLEANER, AVG, and MBAM regularly. Haven't been infected in years. (Note: I use the free version of MBAM so I'm not expecting help from tech support. I used to use the reg version at work and think the free version is adequate for my needs). So I run the aforementioned without issue and then MBAM which wants to update to the latest version. Sure no problem in 7 years. Now it does not work. Symptoms: Starts nice new interface. Hit update,,,, nice status bar rolling,,, closes. Try running a sca
  14. Hi,my malwarebytes has detected something(s) - which I can't remember; & has sent a report Somewhere onto my computers hdd - But I don't know H-o-w to get to this information - can U help me,please ? I run win7,32 bit. Thanks... - I couldn't see anything in the malwarebytes 'box',afterwards.
  15. Hi Using Win7 IE11 and Chrome Attached are Fabar txt files x 2 Ran MB fast scan and full scan yesterday. One file of interest in Chrome Extensions = UTuobeAdBluock 2.2, but it will not allow to be disable or deleted (no trash can) Have checked program files, seems to be nothing there. Malware for 'OnlineBrowserAdvertising' remains. Your advice appreciated. Regards Charles Harris Addition.txt FRST.txt
  16. Someone using my computer accidentally happened to run an .exe file yesterday and installed a ton of malware software onto the computer. I removed them individually via Program Uninstall ("cleaning software,etc") however, they probably imbedded deeper roots within the system files. While trying to run a complete custom scan with MalwareBytes 2.0 last night, the computer crashed with a BSOD. The same happened when I did a custom scan a while ago so the problem repeated itself. The scan does find malware on the system while the scan is running, but due to the BSOD, it is unable to remove it. I r
  17. We're using Win7 64x and cannot get the icon to show in the system tray. Is this possible or is the desktop icon the only choice? Thanks, Cory
  18. rogue ads playing on win7 laptop - have run malware bytes, spybot s&d, kaspersky tdsskill, zone alarm scans, ad aware, superantispyware.... can't run windows updates. slow. ads do not need an internet connection to play. scans came up fairly clean but did detect some items that were cleaned or quarantined.
  19. Hello, thanks for having such a forum available. Recently, my antivirus caught a trojan virus labeled Trojan.Genome!iDuy3k4rqEY and 4 suspicious sequences along with it and quarantined all 5 files. All seemed fine and dandy. However, my boot-up sequence has gotten terribly out of whack, so to speak. My computer first hangs or completely freezes. Next, Firefox attempts to open, but fails and I get dialogue boxes indicating that it cannot find any directory leading to Firefox.exe and asks if I'd like to delete it. I push "No". Lastly, it hangs once again and a dialogue box indicating that IAStor
  20. I've managed to pick up some new Malware which isint being picked up by any of the scanners. I have some experience with malware removal in a sandbox; but as this is on my core system, and seems relatively new, I decided not to fiddle. I'll be awaiting instructions... Sorry about all the junk programs.... maybe its about time I re-install lol. I have the both DDS.txt and Attach.txt scans (in safe more), should I upload these?
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