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Found 10 results

  1. Windows Defender detected: Used software which did not remove the threat so far: Malwarebytes Kaspersky Free Trial Windows Defender - Windows Defender REMOVE/Quarantine actions do not have any effect if pressed Comments: It changed my proxy setting before and I manually disabled that proxy so far, but kept the configurations for this screenshot. Shortcut.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt Malwarebytes Scan Report.txt
  2. here is the name of the file Vysor-win32-ia32.exe and tried to load the zip but the file was 62.1MB is was to big to load please any input would be a great help
  3. I have recently been infected with a virus called "Win32\Unwaders.C!ml" and windows defender KEEPS ON REMOVING IT. But it keeps coming back as it sucks at quarantining . But for some reason, but for some reason, malwarebytes isn't detecting this virus. Which is very frustrating as it actually quarantines items completely. I am using the premium trial of malwarebytes
  4. It appears I've acquired an unwanted guest. Is there any hope for avoiding reformat? Thank you in advance for any and all assistance. Farbar reports attached. -k Addition.txt FRST.txt
  5. Hi members. New member here. I used Malwarebytes and/or the forum on a prior computer malware problem but that was >10 yrs ago. So, Malwarebytes actually didn't come back to mind until just now, prior to me becoming a new member. I have Comodo on my laptop, a Toshiba with i7 and running Windows 10. This is the 2nd time in a week I have performed a full Comodo scan for it to find "Application.Win32.CompuTrace.B@353709542." I don't know what that is, and it appears there is limited info on Google when I searched it. The computer activity that has appeared odd over the last 2+ weeks has been continuous Comodo HIPS alerts telling me "such and such application" wants to "make a change" for example. I really don't know what those alerts are, just that they have quite often. Usually I have just been hitting allow. The 1st time Comodo found this CompuTrace last week, I hit clean, then ran Spybot, and that did not find anything. But, then I had a black screen for about 10 minutes after where I had to keep turning my computer on/off. A screen popped up stating something like restoring my personal settings, and another screen about autocheck not found. I did not know what those screens were just that eventually my computer came back on and I thought stuff has been relatively normal since, besides the occasional Comodo HIPS alert. It was just about 1 hr ago that Comodo found this CompuTrace again. I have not hit clean yet. I am not really sure what to do, if hitting clean will rid this from my system, or what exactly this is. Could anyone more experienced with this please chime in and shed some light here? Thanks in advance for all your help. Edit: Since this all has occurred, I have not created any restore points, returned to any previous restore points. My calculator application won't run.
  6. I feel like I've been living with either fileless malware or paralyzed AVs for a year now. Similar symptoms on another machine on the same network. Driving me so crazy that I feel like I'm seeing it on all devices, regardless of platform whenever I'm at my house. I hope someone here can put this to rest. A part of me doesn't even think I'm posting on a real network by posting on this forum. But we'll give it a whirl (again). FRST.txt Addition.txt well.txt DxDiag.txt
  7. Hi, I recently have been getting constant notifications from my Windows Defender. It keeps saying that it has detected malware and it is removing it. The problem is that it is constant, about every 15 minutes or so and it is the same malware that keeps reappearing. It is Backdoor.Win32.Fynloski. I have scanned multiple times with Malwarebytes and I have also tried HitManPro to remove it. Nothing seems to catch it and it really doesn't bother me if the program is there because it seems to be doing me no harm. It is just I keep having my Windows Defender bugging me about and I can't do much about it. Any help would be gladly appreciated! Thank you in advance! -RedSynth
  8. Hi there, good MBAM folk :-) I am directed by one of the kind MBAM moderators to open a new thread after initially posting under the incorrect catregory. Here goes: Computer: PC, Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit. Malwarebytes Free, Avira Pro. Note: I have chosen NOT to install the Windows Updates - this may/may not be relevant. I first noticed there might be a problem when I was attempting to download regular definition Updates for Malwarebytes. The download could never quite complete - it froze up 3/4 of the way through. Same result after several attempts. I then uninstalled Malwarebytes using Control Panel. I also downloaded the mbam-cleaner file from the MBAM site. BUT I was then unable to open this mbam-cleaner file beyond the Run window (which I clicked), getting instead the error message "mbam-cleaner.exe is not a valid Win32 application". Having uninstalled MBAM, I then re-downloaded MBAM, but, when running the .exe file to re-install it, upon hitting Run, the system would not go any further than coming up with the error message, once again, "not a valid Win32 application". So I was unable to run mbam-cleaner OR re-install MBAM. Not good. Same exact result when I tried to run rkill - same equivalent error message: "rkill.exe is not a valid Win32 application". Definitly something is awry. These are very likely to be good .exe files, and something is choosing to block their opening. I've never seen this error message before. I have made no changes whatsoever to my registry or startup - nothing at all. Additional info: As per the malware instructions, I have since downloaded FRST (FRST64.exe) and attempted to run it, and, again, as soon as I click Run, up comes the same error message, this time saying "FRST64.exe is not a valid Win 32 application" and it doesn't go any further than that. This bad stuff is stopping everything dead in its tracks, so I can't even diagnose/cure the problem with FRST! I am posting from the 'infected' computer, so the unit still has considerable functionality, despite whatever bad stuff is going on. Any wisdom very much appreciated indeed. All warmest wishes, Ralph
  9. Apologize in advance because I'm Vietnamese so I do not know much English.I had to use google translate to write this article.What if there are errors would sympathize Since yesterday morning.when I download one file package.Avast!Web Shield Alert file is infected with Win32: Delft-SQI [Trj].But I thought it was the wrong message.So I took off and download files.Then I opened the package file and installed it .... I have been infected with a virus.it set up the boot lock and turn off all warnings about anti-virus programs.But I have discovered and deleted it.But I think it is still not clear.Should've Seen Avast!to ask for help.but could not.I would Malware Antibytes help me this problem.And this is one of the items AdwCleanerR2.txt aswMBR.txt Extras.Txt OTL.Txt RKreport1_S_12212012_02d1158.txt RKreport2_S_12212012_02d1159.txt RKreport3_D_12212012_02d1159.txt RKreport3_S_12212012_02d1200.txt RKreport4_S_12212012_02d1203.txt RKreport5_D_12212012_02d1204.txt RKreport6_D_12212012_02d1204.txt RKreport7_S_12212012_02d1211.txt RKreport8_S_12212012_02d1213.txt
  10. Hello, I am currently infected with the Win32/Conficker.B virus on my work machine. A little background on it, someone here at work downloaded the virus on one of our network drives which has spread to many machines I assume. Our MIS department has recently swapped servers so it won't spread anymore, but several machines are still infected by this virus. I have run several different scans in and out of safe mode only to have it return. As of today, Malwarebytes no longer recognizes the virus for some reason, but Microsoft Security Essentials is still finding instances of it. I've been dealing with this for over a week now and have had no success removing. It will be greatly appreciated if you can help rid my machine of this nasty virus. Much obliged, Jeff D attach.txt dds.txt
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