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Found 12 results

  1. When I deleted Malwarebytes it removed my wifi and my sounds and I can't enter in my settings. I'm reseting my pc now. I will never use Malwerbytes ever again.
  2. Hey! My PC was running normally but after i restarted my computer on the same day when the computer was fine i actually got a WiFi Limited Access Error! These days it was running correctly but i don't know how it has a Limited Access Error! I googled a lot but found nothing helpful i tried everything i could but still i am facing this error please help me! If you need more specific information Please reply me and help me!
  3. Having problems gettind rid of viruses with malwarebytes and other programs, also i cannot connect to internet, but i have a established connection. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. Hi, My MacBook Pro makes backups via wifi to my TimeCapsule. And ik make backups to an external diskdrive which is normally unattached. If I get ransomeware, can encrypt the malicious software my TimeCapsule via wifi? I am aware of the fact that TimeMachine can make a backup to the TimeCapsule of encrypted files in the early stage of encrypting. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi My gmail account has been hacked. I believe that this was either by the use of a keylogger or by hacking my wifi and sniffing it from there. I have since used an anti virus program as well as Malwarebytes anti-malware, but I wasn't able to find anything related to keylogging or wifi hacking. Could you please take a look at my log files and let me know if you can see anything supicious? First follows the FRST log: Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version: 27-07-2016 Ran by troels (administrator) on TROELSPC (27-07-2016 23:37:21) Running from
  6. So over the last few days I've noticed that my internet connection would drop for every device in the house when my PC was turned on. I tried changing to a wireless connection but unfortunately I would have the same problem. I think that it could be some sort of malware causing this and my suspicion of malware is only strengthened because I can't open Malware bytes. I've tried using Malwarebytes chameleon but that seems launch and scan, but always fails. I've tried other free malware/virus removers and they haven't found anything but my experience with malwarebytes in the past tells me the oth
  7. This is posted from my phone as malware has disabled my networking wired and wireless. MB finds nothing but something is disabling my networking and firewall. it selectively prevents my MB. and Webroot from starting. my settings get changed and it moves my place in documents I work on. I get a message saying wifi does not work because a service notification service is disabled or missing.
  8. Hi. I'm Sturm. I just joined and have been using Malwarebytes for years now. I have been having this issue with a cmd.exe window appearing a few minutes after booting. The window actually appears twice on startup, around 15 seconds after the first one, and does not contain any text. It is simply a blank window, and the text on top just says "Cmd.exe". I have no idea what this is, and it only appeared four weeks ago. With the help of a friend, I discovered it had something to do with my IP being renewed and released upon startup, and even doing it hours after that. I cannot find the root source
  9. Good evening, I've been having a problem for the passed two days and was hoping that someone else has experienced this and solved it. I have malwarebytes installed but it hasn't fixed the problem. The internet on my desktop does not work. The network centre simply says "Connected with limited access" - I am sure the password is right My desktop has a wireless network adapter (D-Link DWA-125 Wireless N 150 USB) The computer can see all the available networks but does not connect to any, not even my mobile hotspot. I tried using a completely different network adapter and that one does no
  10. Hello! After doing a scan with Malwarebytes and deleting over 200 found problems and after restart I couldn't connect to wifi anymore. Got the same problems on 2 computers , one running windows 7 and other windows 8. When I try to connect to Wifi it just says "Windows was unable to connect to ..." When I click troubleshoot problems then it says Resolving Problems and when I click "check if problem is resolved" then it shows this.
  11. Hi! Around a week ago, all my Windows computers suddenly couldn't connect to the Internet. Here are the details: Desktop - connected to LAN. Error: LAN connection / Ethernet Adaptor may have a problem Laptop - connected via WiFi Error: "Limited Access" Laptop - connected via WiFi Error: "Limited Access" The service team from my Internet Service Provider tried to connect their laptop to our LAN and WiFi, and both worked fine for them - so they assume that our problem is caused by a virus. The weird thing is, my Macbook, iPhone, iPad, and Nexus 7 can all connect to the Internet with no problems
  12. Hi I have run the MAMB and it seems that it has cleaned my computer from a virus I picked up on facebook. But then when I restarted my wifi has changed because I can't even connect to it from my iPhone. Also the computer picked up a wifi connection that I am using at the moment but not sure if it is mine but with out security code in it. Confused. I don't know what that DDS run is so I am attaching the log from MAMB Malwarebytes Anti-Malware www.malwarebytes.org Database version: v2012.02.28.05 Windows 7 Service Pack 1 x86 NTFS Internet Explorer 9.0.8112.16421 Monika :: MONIKA-PC [
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