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  1. {"@timestamp": "2022-04-16T18:33:02.477Z", "session": "1650133982469", "message": "CN: Succesfully connected to Native App", "level": "INFO"} {"@timestamp": "2022-04-16T18:33:02.534Z", "session": "1650133982469", "message": "INI: Cached databases detected", "level": "INFO"} {"@timestamp": "2022-04-16T18:33:02.610Z", "session": "1650133982469", "message": "RCD: 26/26 databases loaded from Cache", "level": "INFO"} {"@timestamp": "2022-04-16T18:33:02.614Z", "session": "1650133982469", "message": "HFO: Protection layers are active", "level": "INFO"} {"@timestamp": "2022-04-16T18:33:02.666Z", "session": "1650133982469", "message": "ANY: Just matched 'app.podium.com' in database: mbgc.db.whitelist.scams.2", "level": "INFO"} {"@timestamp": "2022-04-16T18:33:02.667Z", "session": "1650133982469", "message": "IWL: Scams wl domain matches https://app.podium.com/inbox/335214031?assignedUser=c4ee5337-7bbd-545d-b452-1e9bcb21b927&conversationUid=483dc0ee-bc28-452e-85b5-0cedd0e31a82&filter=open&locationUid=77ef0969-3dfe-565f-beaf-35579e8d2e4b. Entry is whitelisted. Domains checked: ,app.podium.com,podium.com,com", "level": "INFO"} {"@timestamp": "2022-04-16T18:33:02.693Z", "session": "1650133982469", "message": "ANY: Just matched 'app1.doorcounts.com' in database: mbgc.db.whitelist.scams.2", "level": "INFO"} {"@timestamp": "2022-04-16T18:33:02.693Z", "session": "1650133982469", "message": "IWL: Scams wl domain matches https://app1.doorcounts.com/ords/f?p=201:16:5435949540321:::::. Entry is whitelisted. Domains checked: ,app1.doorcounts.com,doorcounts.com,com", "level": "INFO"} {"@timestamp": "2022-04-16T18:33:04.870Z", "session": "1650133982469", "message": "ANY: Just matched 'www.googletagmanager.com' in database: mbgc.db.ads.2", "level": "INFO"} {"@timestamp": "2022-04-16T18:33:04.871Z", "session": "1650133982469", "message": "OA: (NETWORK_BLOCK) ad match found for https://www.googletagmanager.com/gtm.js?id=GTM-KV8272Q on https://app1.doorcounts.com/ords/f?p=201:16:5435949540321:::::", "level": "INFO"} {"@timestamp": "2022-04-16T18:33:09.327Z", "session": "1650133982469", "message": "SF: Pop doc ready. Onboarding.", "level": "INFO"} {"@timestamp": "2022-04-16T18:33:09.350Z", "session": "1650133982469", "message": "SF: Is onboarding complete: ,{'result':true,'group':'GROUP_A'}", "level": "INFO"} {"@timestamp": "2022-04-16T18:33:09.351Z", "session": "1650133982469", "message": "SF: Pop redirecting to Dashboard", "level": "INFO"} {"@timestamp": "2022-04-16T18:34:03.639Z", "session": "1650133982469", "message": "UPD: 2/26 databases updated,{'mbgc.db.reputation.2':'2.0.202204161829','mbgc.db.malware.urls.2':'2.0.202204161829'}", "level": "INFO"} {"@timestamp": "2022-04-16T18:34:14.995Z", "session": "1650133982469", "message": "RDB: 26 databases loaded", "level": "INFO"} {"@timestamp": "2022-04-16T18:34:15.063Z", "session": "1650133982469", "message": "SDTC: Databases cached", "level": "INFO"} {"@timestamp": "2022-04-16T18:36:19.120Z", "session": "1650133982469", "message": "UPD: 0/26 databases updated,{}", "level": "INFO"} {"@timestamp": "2022-04-16T18:36:30.202Z", "session": "1650133982469", "message": "{'dbVerInfo':[{'mbgc.db.ads.2':'2.0.202204160723'},{'mbgc.db.adware.2':'2.0.202204160723'},{'mbgc.db.compromised.2':'2.0.202204160723'},{'mbgc.db.exploit.2':'2.0.202204160723'},{'mbgc.db.fraud.2':'2.0.202204160723'},{'mbgc.db.hijack.2':'2.0.202204160723'},{'mbgc.db.malvertising.2':'2.0.202204160723'},{'mbgc.db.malware.2':'2.0.202204161500'},{'mbgc.db.malware.partial.urls.2':'2.0.202204121356'},{'mbgc.db.malware.patterns.2':'2.0.202204121442'},{'mbgc.db.malware.urls.2':'2.0.202204161829'},{'mbgc.db.pharma.2':'2.0.202204160723'},{'mbgc.db.phishing.2':'2.0.202204161313'},{'mbgc.db.pup.2':'2.0.202204160723'},{'mbgc.db.ransomware.2':'2.0.202204160723'},{'mbgc.db.reputation.2':'2.0.202204161829'},{'mbgc.db.riskware.2':'2.0.202204161530'},{'mbgc.db.spam.2':'2.0.202204160723'},{'mbgc.db.spyware.2':'2.0.202204160723'},{'mbgc.db.trojan.2':'2.0.202204160824'},{'mbgc.db.whitelist.ads.2':'2.0.202204100722'},{'mbgc.db.whitelist.malware.2':'2.0.202204051927'},{'mbgc.db.whitelist.scams.2':'2.0.202204161313'},{'mbgc.db.whitelist.scams.patterns.2':'2.0.202203011826'},{'mbgc.db.whitelist.tracker.2':'2.0.202203240144'},{'mbgc.db.worm.2':'2.0.202204160723'}],'cachedDatabases':true,'enableNativeMessaging':true,'enableProtection':true,'enableProtectionGtld':true,'last_fetch_failure':'4/10/2022, 4:27:40 PM','last_start_update':'4/16/2022, 1:36:18 PM','last_successful_fetch':'4/16/2022, 1:36:19 PM','last_successful_unpack':'4/16/2022, 1:34:14 PM','machineId':'6f4b8ddf3ab44e94801a08cdaf0a72b621422141','telemetry':{'client':{'lastSendTime':1650067089968}},'uuid':'802c7558-653b-4b52-96af-2998054c92c4'}", "level": "INFO"}
  2. Hello, Whould you whitelist my domain name lejanki.bg? Regards, NM
  3. Hello! Please whitelist and remove the website https://automotivedefense.com/ as it is a false positive. Thank you!
  4. Hello, developers. I am Eric Renfro, a member of many technical communities, primarily for Linux and macOS. I decided this year to check out Malwarebytes Premium instead of renewing the product I was originally going to do. The price was great, but after just 1 week of using it, more so specifically, the recommended Browser Guard extension that was pushed by it, I was incredibly thrown back by some unacceptable policies you at this company have chosen to do. What I am talking about is literal blanket blocking of entire Top-Level Domains (TLDs), such as just the few I initially ran into: .info, .biz, .zyx, and .im! I get you're out "to protect everyone, including those less tech savvy.", but whoah there! This literally was blocking informational websites, businesses, and communication oriented websites, just blindly, and completely. Yes, people can check the box to allow it through, and everything, but by throwing a big banner up before even allowing the page to load, is a setting a huge precedent to ESPECIALLY those less knowledgeable, and needlessly. This, to me, is a serious stain on your credibility as a company that is supposed to be about security, but blanket banning so many TLDs with just a whitelist, guys, this is extremely bad practice, and everyone I've spoken to about this, and will continue to do so about it, agrees. This stains your reputation, and so far I've even insisted on a refund for my recent purchase of Malwarebytes Premium. I was suggested by your support staff to bring these concerns up here. While this is for Chrome, the problem exists for Firefox as well, because it's an extension for both browsers. So, here's the deal. Very quickly your whitelist for each individual site people complain about, will become vastly larger than your blacklist, and thus, will require more, and more, and more processing power to go through the filters. Second. You're literally blocking all sites in all the TLDs, by default. This is never OK. Third, you're setting a precedent that all TLDs not within the smaller select few domains, are "OK". Also NOT OK! Four, You're scaring non-tech-savvy people needlessly, and yes, I mean it, needlessly. Until I saw this, I was going to recommend Malwarebytes, and even Malwarebytes Premium, and the Browser Guard extensions based on some tests I was doing myself. Now, I won't recommend ANY of Malwarebytes' products because this reputation killer blacklist approach to "security", it extremely bad, and ruins your entire credibility as a security-minded company of which you /are/ supposed to be, making things to protect/enhance security. Please don't respond to this with blanket statements like "protecting everyone", or "you can simply remove it" (it is afterall, pushed onto people by the main app). I've been in the community and the industry, for 30 years. I started programming BASIC at age 5, I've been a cyber security specialist for many companies. I'm not really looking for excuses, but to hopefully give correction to these policies, and if not, let others know this is not acceptable. I know I've spoken about this issue to 3 different communities of varying different focuses, and 100% of several hundred people within each, agreed that these practices are very bad. Not just for themselves, but for everyone, even the non-tech-savvy. Eric Renfro
  5. Please whitelist our website www.pitax.pl in the Malwarebyte desktop program as well as the chrome and mozilla plugins. Our site does not have any trojans or malware and is verified and whitelisted in all antivirus and malware programs.
  6. Would you be able to whitelist our marketing agency website https://exceptional.agency please? Thank You! Dakota
  7. Had a customer report that malwarebytes is blocking our site temcoindustrial.com, IP I've checked internally as well as scanned with godaddy and viristotal.com, cant find any issue.
  8. Hello, we're writing from a venezuela fake news debunking forum. We've noticed that our website cazadoresdefakenews.info is currently blocked by MalwareBytes. Can you please whitelist us? It's actually a Wordpress-based blog. Thank you very much! Adrian Gonzalez. cazadoresdefakenews.info CEO
  9. Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) [SM-A530W] Android version 9 Phone is not rooted. No other security software running. I am unable to add any apps to the whitelist. I can view the whitelist, but that is it. I cannot figure out how to edit it in any way. As it is now, it is just blank. Nothing is in the whitelist. Long pressing apps in the, "App Manager" section does nothing other than go to that app's info within MBAM. From there I can go into Android's app info section where I can either uninstall or force stop. On the scanner page all I can do is remove things from the list by swiping left or right. Long pressing does nothing, just pressing does nothing. There is no option to modify the whitelist through settings. I have premium and the app is up-to-date. So, why can I not do anything with the whitelist other than look at it?
  10. The website in question is currently being reported of having malware. We checked and after a thorough security scan for all vulnerabilities, there are none found. We have taken upon ourselves just in case to add additional security to the website/blog to ensure nothing malicious will happen. http://cedutica.com/ https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/ebda765d36ed486af4aef0a4606f19c3b27ac6bbff132288fe0c63d7bcf881d2/detection Please can someone from support add this to a global white list. Thank you
  11. Hello, I distribute a freeware application called AlbumEasy I have recently released V3.8 for Windows and am now receiving complaints that Malwarebytes is not allowing users to run this version of the application. Best I can tell this has not been an issue for prior versions, how do I get my application whitelisted? The latest release of the installation program AlbumEasySetupV3.8.0.exe can be downloaded here https://sourceforge.net/projects/albumeasy/files/ The information I have been given is that the installation program AlbumEasySetupV3.8.0.exe is not flagged but after installation when trying to run the actual application this is the message they get: Malware: machinelearning/Anomalous.100% Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\AlbumEasy\AlbumEasy.exe Any help would be appreciated, Thanks, Clive
  12. Malwarebytes is blocking websites that I trust. This week Malwarebytes started blocking all safe sites that were allowed last week. Links in my email to other sites such as Meetup.com, Google Photos, Facebook, Flickr, USPS, and other safe sites are not accessible. I received https://block.malwarebytes.com/I should not need to manually whitelist the entire internet in Exclusions Settings section of Malwarebytes. Currently, the only option is to remove Malwarebytes. Please fix immediately. Malwarebytesblocked a suspected bad URL or an unwanted program.Learn More
  13. Hello, I'm a partner of efun.top and read your clarification about bulk blacklist of all .top websites in your post: I hope you could add https://www.efun.top/ and all the subdomains like https://it.efun.top/ as trusted website, since many customers are unable to browse the website and they give a really bad image, over loose money for every customer that have your good antimalware. Please consider my request, since I loose money for everyone who have malwarebytes and don't want to send a newsletter clarifiyng that the problem is malwarebytes... you could loose customers. Hope to have both benefits.
  14. since updating on 29 Jan 17 I seem not to be able to whitelist with the usual wildcard, for example the following websites: *.zippyshare.com *.solidfiles,com thanks for any advice in advance
  15. MWAB is not honoring whitelisted websites, and continues to block (business critical) java apps from running on those sites. If web protection is completely disabled, sites work fine. Version: Component Package: 1.0.96 Update Package: 1.0.1666 Windows 10 Enterprise
  16. All malware removed from Luke-Woods.com and site has been secured Please re-scan & remove from blacklist Thank you
  17. Hello. We are an app developer that have an Android app on Google Play. Recently our users are letting us know that malwarebytes has been flagging our app for PUP.Hacktool.Meta.ic The last update of the app was in October, but the warnings only started to appear within the past couple of days. Could you please work with us on either whitelisting the app or determining what the issues is and how it can be corrected? The app in question is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.icenta.sudoku.ui
  18. Hi, I am working for an link shortening service called Geniuslink (https://www.geni.us) which provides our clients with the ability to create shortened links that automatically send their customers to the best destination to purchase their products or view their content. One of our larger clients reached out to me the other day, saying that their links were being blocked by Malwarebytes, and that Geniuslink had been blacklisted as a malicious site. Our site is only used to shorten and add custom rules to links, and we strictly monitor the links that are built to ensure that no one is using the service to create spam links. I reached out and spoke with one of the members on your Support team (Jacob), who told me I needed to post on this forum in order to get this resolved. Is there anyway we can get our Geniuslink domain (geni.us/) removed from this Blacklist, and potentially Whitelisted with your service? Thanks! Joe White -Mktg / Ops Manager - Geniuslink
  19. Hello, I have a question about whitelisting. Our company develop specific security software(not related to antimalware or antivirus), and we need whitelist our binaries. What is the best way how to do it? Thank you very much for you answer. BR, Jan Bucek
  20. SimpleHelp from https://Simple-Help.com The makers of ADWcleaner were nice enough to whitelist the files below and was hoping JRT/MWB could do the same please. The ADW forum thread can be found here https://toolslib.net/forum/viewthread/8223-adwcleaner-whitelist-request-remote-access-tool-called/ The whitelisted files are: SimpleService.exe / RemoteAccess.exe http://i.imgur.com/8tEclHG.png SessionUI.exe http://i.imgur.com/5PiCM0H.png SimpleHelp Technician.exe <<<< Notice the space between SimpleHelp and Technician.exe http://i.imgur.com/j1HXxNg.png javaw.exe http://i.imgur.com/fQZOEqk.png Java Platform http://i.imgur.com/jxEh8vn.png Thank you for your time and consideration
  21. Hi As a company with a 1million plus user base we create a toolbar for all browsers. We would like to be able to submit these to you so they do not show as a false positive. Can you help with this please.
  22. My company is receiving complaints from users who are seeing issues with search results and content being blocked by Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, specifically the Real-Time Protection module in the Premium edition: Detection, 9/10/2015 2:26 PM, SYSTEM, W8E209013, Protection, Malicious Website Protection, Domain,, csr.inspsearchapi.com, 26933, Outbound, C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe, The IP addresses being blocked are part of the range used by our Amazon CloudFront CDN and so all of our hosted and partner sites that are being served content from the CDN are not returning results and/or have missing content and images. This can be reproduced by browsing to ​hxxp://search.pch.com and entering a search term (i.e. "Tigers"). The site appears to be blocked and no results are returned. Another example is hxxp://www.dogpile.com where images and content are not shown. Any assistance resolving this issue in a timely manner would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Lawrence Bates | Sr. DevOps Engineer – InfoSpace LLC lawrence.bates@infospace.com | +1.425.709.8122
  23. MB keeps blocking a site I visit. I tried right clicking the popup in the system tray area but it does nothing but close the popup. Where can I whitelist domains in MB?
  24. Hi, these questions both apply to the 1.75 version of Pro, and the 2.0 version of Premium (as we currently have both in use). If any of these answers to these questions, are different by version, please let me know! When adding a subfolder to the Ignore List: 1.) Is the ignoring, fully recursive? ie, if I list "C:\testfolder" as ignored, is c:\testfolder\subfolder and c:\testfolder\subfolder\subfolder2 - both also ignored? 2.) If the answer to #1 is yes for folders, does this ALSO apply to all files? ie, in the same scenario, would c:\testfolder\subfolder\subfolder2\yourfilename.exe - is that also ignored then? 3.) If the answer to #1 and #2 are yes, then, does this apply both to the active/real time scans, AND the scheduled scans? We have some web server software that runs on our systems that cannot have their files be "touched" by scanners or they go awry. It's imperative that we can whitelist certain folders on our systems and have them completly ignored. Thank you in advance.
  25. Is there a way to whitelist a particular web site/domain/IP from being consider malicious?
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