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  1. I have installed the latest Malwarebytes Premium on a laptop that was badly infected. I ran Malwarebytes - it stripped all bad stuff. I ran the adwcleaner with no detections. Here's the issue: If I run Malwarebytes with "Web Protection" ON, it blocks most websites -- including Adobe.com, CNN.com and many others for ALL browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Edge. If I turn "Web Protection" off, but leave all other protections ON, everything works fine. Do I need to whitelist the sites I wish to connect to? I'm Running Windows 10 x64 Ver 1909. Thanks! Bill
  2. Hello, I recently upgraded to MWB premium and noticed with web protection enabled my preferred Chrome browser (on win 10/64) slows to being unusable. Microsoft Edge seems unaffected. Any ideas?
  3. I know it's not common but I use some applications written in .net that act as client/server on the same machine using socket connections. Disabling web protection the communication works very faster otherwise I have lags of 2-3 seconds in the beginning of the connection. Adding them in the exclusions as app that connect to internet does nothing. The only workaround I've found is to use an external machine i.e. a raspberry that acts as a "bridge" doing port forwarding. Excample: machine with client/server app -> ip server listens to <--> client calls from another process in the SAME machine --> I get lags workaround: raspberry on with iptables configured in this way: iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 821 -j DNAT --to-destination iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -p tcp -d --dport 821 -j SNAT --to-source the client on is configured to connect to but actually it is redirected to its ip using my iptables rule. --> in this way no lags even with web protection active. Mbam version is on windows 10
  4. I have a Malwarebytes Premium 3.7.1 account and am trying to turn on the "Web Protection" switch but it won't let me. How do I do this? Earlier I rebooted my computer and when it came back up Web Protection was off, and nothing I've tried will let me switch it on. I use Windows 10.
  5. Well, after installing the latest component package version 1.0.508, i noticed that for some unexpected reason the cpu usage went up to 75%. Looking at the taskmanger i found the Avira WebGuard Service causing this high cpu usage. Somehow it went away, and came back again and again (the highest cpu usage was 75%, sometimes is 50% and 25% ) I am using Avira Antivirus Pro, but because the problem occourred since the latest malwarebytes update, - switching off web protection immediately solves the problem. I allready uninstalled malwarebytes, but the issue came back again. I can not reproduce the problem, it just happens sometimes. here is the log: mbst-grab-results.zip for now, i just try the repair button in the malwarbytes support tool...
  6. Just an FYI that an update to MB Premium v3.2.2.2018 (CU 1.0.188) did not fix the issue described in my previous thread MB / Norton Exploit Protection Conflict with 32-bit Firefox Browser? where my Norton Security Automatic LiveUpdates (ALUs) fail if MB's Web Protection module is enabled. I performed an over-the-top update from v3.1.2 to v.3.2.2 on 27-Aug-2017 using the latest installer from https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3 (note that the Settings | Application | Application Update | Install Application Updates button reported that "No updates are available"). I ran MB v3.2.2 with Web Protection and Exploit Protection both disabled (Ransomware Protection is automatically disabled on my 32-bit vista machine) and confirmed that my background Norton ALUs were running correctly. I then enabled Web Protection 28-Aug-2017 @ 9:27 AM and re-booted, and the very first Norton ALU was cancelled after trying to run to completion for over 80 min. mb-check-results.zip FRST.txt Addition.txt ---------- 32-bit Vista Home Premium SP2 * Firefox ESR v52.3.0 * NS Premium v22.10.0.85 * MB Premium v3.2.2.2018-1.0.188 HP Pavilion dv6835ca, Intel Core2Duo T5550 @ 1.83 GHz, 3 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS
  7. Web protection and Malware protection can't be turned on after reboot on Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit, MalwareBytes When I reboot one of my systems, it boots up with Web protection and Malware protection turned off. When I try to turn them on from settings , in the MalwareBytes app UI, or from the service tray, they won't turn on. I tried to change them by restoring defaults but that seems to make no changes. I have rebooted this system a couple of times. I also tried updating the MalwareBytes app itself but I already have the latest. Also, before I rebooted, these were turned on and working. What can be done to fix this? Do I need to uninstall/reinstall or is there a shorter/safer way to fix this issue?
  8. I've read the 3-page thread with the same title, but since it was locked a while ago "to reduce confusion" I'm asking the question again. Is there a final summary answer to what to do when web protection will not stay turned on? I can go through all the steps recommended in the previous topic about this, but figured, it may be time to ask afresh.
  9. Updated Malwarebytes Free to new version - and it went into free trial period for Malwarebytes Premium. Soon afterwards Firefox began to fail - it would freeze, and using task manager to kill it would remove all but one process that became unkillable without rebooting machine. That process would also prevent Firefox from restarting. Switched to Opera - same result Switched to Chrome - same result Switched to Internet Explorer - same result. Resolved problem by ending the Malwarebytes trial and reverting to the Malwarebytes free without Web Protection.
  10. The program had bugs when I bought it and wouldn't install. Finally figured it out for myself and now another bug. I feel the "free" malwarebytes was an excellent program to find issues but this program is a real headache, now I'm not protected yet again. I feel it is not a good value for money. These issues cost time and money for the buyer with no easy way to contact company for help except email, which in this case is slower than snail male. Will not purchase again and probably will have to buy another program since I'm losing faith in this one fast. mb-check-results.zip
  11. Hi there any update on this issue its just caused us a HUGE amount of wasted time and troubleshooting with our VPN provider Sonicwall. even involving Microsoft.. finally narrowed it down to Malwarebytes. Whats the status on a fix for this? We are also sitting on a purchase PO of the product this is the 2nd issue we have had in our trial of it and not feeling good about deploying this to our enterprise without a clear path to a fix. Why also is this not more widely advertised as a bug with contact made to your clients of an issue?
  12. The first thing under real-time protection is off, but no matter where I click it, it remains off, it will not turn on. I am currently on the premium free trial, yet it says I should have access to it.
  13. I have the same problem: Real-Time Protection will not turn on. I followed the suggestion above and attached the zip file. I am running Windows 10 64bit on my desktop. What do I need to do? Thanks- mb-check-results.zip
  14. I have Malwarebytes Premium 3.3.1. My Malwarebytes’ Web Protection is off, and it can’t be turned on. On Malwarebytes’ webpage “Malwarebytes for Windows Real-Time Protection turns off” Malwarebytes offers two workarounds for this: 1. Upgrade to the latest version of Malwarebytes. 2. Add Malwarebytes to your anti-virus’ exceptions. #1 is of no help to me, since I’ve already got the latest version. So I tried to implement #2. To declare exceptions in my anti-virus app, I can select processes from a list, or manually enter them. The only Malwarebytes process that appears in the list is C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\mbamtray.exe I selected this process and saved the configuration, and even rebooted, but Malwarebytes Web Protection still won’t turn on. So can anyone tell me what additional Malwarebytes processes I need to enter manually, in order to rectify the problem? Thanks for any help.
  15. Hi Sir/Madam, How are you??hope doing well.. I am a Malwarebytes Premium customer,i have installed Malwarebytes Premium 3.3.1 ,My antivirus is Avast Free Program Version 18.1.2326 (buid 18.1.3800.0) Virus definitions version 180304-0 Number of definitios 4.373.856 ,but its showing not fully protected ,i cant enable Web protection ON,i tried many ways, on the protection tab,tried to OFF to ON that come back to OFF,tried to click Restore Default but that's also come back to OFF.. Will you please try to help me.. Thank you,
  16. I was having the same issue a lot of people have had lately with web protection turning itself off and refusing to turn it back on. I followed instructions to run the clean but when I hit yes to reinstall, it popped up that the install had failed and that I should contact Malwarebytes and include the results. I'm a safe browser in terms of the websites I usually end up on, but I have been using Malwarebytes for years and I'm quite anxious to be sitting here using my PC with only the Windows Defender doing anything. mb-clean-results.txt
  17. The Web Protection isn't turning on and the scan is stuck on pre-scan operations. I've tried to use a malwarebytes cleaner and it failed can someone help. mb-clean-results.txt
  18. Hi, I've been having this issue for the last year. Web Protection does not start. I have uninstalled / reinstalled many times, I have used uninstall tools, including the native one, and others... I've spent hours and hours trying every little trick on youtube, and on this forum. I actually let me account expire last year as I had had enough of the notification popping up, but then today I though 'surely they've sorted this out by now...' and so I purchased 5-seats, only to discover it's still busted! I've also just tried the beta version 3.4.2 - still no no good. Please fix this... or I think a refund is in order. Regards, Blister
  19. Malware bytes 'hangs' saying 'Web Protection' is turned off. Will not stay on mb-check-results.zip
  20. Today is Feb. 21, 2018 and my Malwarebytes Premium web protection is once again not on. if I restart the computer it's not on, if I close MB and restart MB it works for about 10 seconds. Now what?
  21. I'm having similar problems, Real Time Protection keeps turning off, and also Exploit Protection. Pls see attached file Thanks for your help! mb-check-results.zip
  22. Web protection is off after booting up. Malware program keeps sending notifications that it it's off. When I turn on in program, immediately turns back off. Just started about 30 days ago.
  23. I have tried literally everything from restarting my computer to running it as admin and it still won't turn on
  24. Hi, I recently installed malwarebytes back in October. I had someone help me clean up my laptop and was good to go up to now. My computer turns on, it is slow to load. However, when I try to open up any documents, it completely freezes. Ctrl+Alt+Delete doesn't work to pull up task manager. When this started happening, I went to malwarebytes to start a scan. It got stuck in "scanning" in the middle and just stayed in that one spot "scanning". I force closed my laptop, turned it back on and opened Malwarebytes first this time. The dashboard showed that web protection was off. When I went to turn it back on, it switched back off immediately. Then I got a pop up that I wasn't protected. I then tried to do another scan and Malwarebytes was frozen. It wouldn't even close. I had to force close the laptop again. The only thing that works to a degree is my internet and I am afraid to use it for anything because I know my laptop is not protected. How can we fix this?
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