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Found 13 results

  1. No a computer guy, but i think there is something wrong here. Now the are unknown apps on my iphone too killing the battery please! PLEEEAAASE HELP! somethingelsereallywrong.txt somethingelsewrong.txt..txt somethingelsereallywrong.txt
  2. Ive been synced up to mine and my husbands gmail on seperate laptops, and now it looks like some one or something is spying on us with google lens, translate and text input.
  3. Hello i couldn't open malwarebytes and i had to delete it and reinstall it. I am scared for some virus cause strange things happened on the pc. But after i reinstall it i did a full scan with all boxes checked for everything and it found no virus or threats on the pc. Is this enough for me ? should i do something else?
  4. I am having difficulty getting the Windows 10 update below to download and install on my laptop. 2020-03 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1909 for x64-based Systems (KB4551762) I have tried running “Troubleshooter” to no avail. I am using a DELL Inspiron 5579 x64 based Windows 10 Home I am wondering if my laptop might have a virus causing this difficulty. Could someone kindly advise me as to what a cure to this pesky issue might be? Thank you Thank you
  5. Hi Everyone, I am a new Malwarebytes member and this has to do to a message I keep getting from my other Anti-Virus program that runs my Fire-Wall, this is the message I keep getting and I got this message way before I ever installed Malwarebytes to my PC "WE BLOCKED AN INTRUSION ATTEMPT FROM A COMPUTER ON A DIFFERENT NETWORK INTRUSION DETECTION SYSTEM (IDS) THE CATEGORY OF INTRUSION IS ATTEMPTED-dos, the intrusion level is Medium and it follows rule ID 177. The description is: DOS mstream client to handler." Now I have scanned my complete computer with Malwarebytes scanner and it found nothing, but I have a feeling that someone has installed a Trojan in my pc from an accidental webpage view, I contacted my anti-virus company and they said they believed it was just a web ad trying to get through and that's why it gave me this message. but to be honest I think they are wrong. Anyone's help with this would be much appreciated. Thanks IN Advance Phantom4
  6. Good afternoon. Tell me whether this is a false antivirus operation or is it a virus that they assure me that this is a false operation but I think it was a virus that they wanted to download to me
  7. Hello all, I have been having issues with my computer recently with a window that pops open, usually looks like two windows simultaneously, and then closes suddenly. Its very disturbing especially while watching movies, series or playing games, the window will just open and close killing the experience, I have also notice a drop in general computer perfomance, I'm using windodws 10, I have looked on the internet for common culprits but no the officetaskhandler.exe application doesn't seem to be the problem as firstly I don't even have Microsoft office installed, but also I checked for the task Task Scheduler and it doesnt exist, I don't know if I have a virus or what, please help.
  8. Hello there, So last Thursday, I got a virus on my computer and swiftly brought it to Geek Squad to help clean up and fix, since I have protection with them. When I got it back the problems seemed resolved, but now a new one has appeared, that was not an issue before. Every now and then Microsoft Powershell will randomly appear on my task bar, causing me to have any full screen things minimized, but I won't be able to open Powershell in a larger window to see what it is doing. However if I close it through right clicking close on my taskbar, it goes away. But when I see things like powershell or system32 in the top bar on the minimized version of powershell, I get worried, and since this is right at the end of recovering from a virus, I'm feeling extra cautious and paranoid. Upon google searching, seems this has been a problem with some pcs, but all the ways to resolve the situation are different, and then I found this forum and a similar answer, but the staff member cautioned the solution might only be applicable to the original topic poster. Seeing Malwarebytes frequently mentioned in the google searches as a good way to remove malware, I downloaded it and cleaned my computer up a bit, however I did not touch or quarantine files that said "Potentially Unwanted Product." I quarantined the files labeled as "Malware", but when the problem of Powershell opening randomly on my taskbar again came today, I then made sure to delete the quarantined "Malware" files a few minutes ago. I haven't touched or quarantined the "Potentially Unwanted Products" in case they might break something on my laptop. I know that with Spybot Search and Destroy if you removed 'n-case files', it would cause problems to your computer, why I'm airing on the side of caution here. Is the problem perhaps in these "Potentially Unwanted Products" that I have 69 of? Or could the problem perhaps be something else entirely? Thanks.
  9. Hello. My problem is the following: I have an internet connection of 10 mb. It always shows as connected in my Dell Notebook, but sometimes it doesn't work, even though it says it's connected and without any errors. For around 15 minutes my internet works fine. But after 15 minutes, it stops working (it still says it's connected and without any errors!). Sites don't load, Skype doesn't work, internet in a whole stops working for a while (around 15 minutes as well). I'm using Google Chrome, and whenever sites don't load because of this stupid problem I get an error from it. Most of the time, the error is dns_probe something. The point is: nobody did anything to my router/internet connection for it to be like mentioned above. So, I started to think that it may be a virus or a malware that's causing it. I ran Avast, McAfee, MalwareBytes and CCleaner, and nothing changed. Then I opened the programs list thing that Windows have and started searching for programs I don't know. The only program I found was 'The Desktop Weather 1.2' by ShenZhen Enode Technology co,.Ltd. Then, I uninstalled it. I'm pretty sure that whenever you uninstall a program, mainly malwares or virus, they don't get completely extinct from your PC. It didn't change a single thing. Should I post a log here so that you can see if there's anything wrong with my PC? If so, how do I get one? Please help! Additional notes: sometimes a random cmd opens and closes almost instantly in my PC. I saw that the cmd has the name of a file, but it's so fast that I can't see what the file is; I'm using a Windows 8.1; my router is a Belkin Surf N300.
  10. Today, I was just minding my own business trying to get on my computer and when I started my PC my monitor wouldn't display. I turned my monitor off and on for a bout 15 minutes and then it finally worked! A few minutes of windows 7 loading, it brought me to my desktop which looked a lot different than when I had turned my PC off. The Start bar was purely white and all my shortcuts were either A) Not there or B) Moved to a different location. My antivirus was freaking out as well, and I couldn't close the vulnerability scanner update window, it was also INCREDIABLY laggy. So I tried to keep my head clear and I turned my PC off counted to 10 and turned it back on, this time it's booted up perfectly with no issues. I'm not exactly sure what's happening but I'm scared if I turn my PC off it's going to happen again! I scanned with MBAM and it found absolutely nothing. Can someone tell me if this was a harmless error or if there's something horribly wrong with my computer?
  11. This java script file keeps popping un my screen asking me to install it. Anybody knows what it is? And how come MWB doesn't stop it? I can't seem to get rid of it.....
  12. Today I went on my PC and went on Google chrome to check my xbox, on the website I got a popup saying you must have verification, then I realised tumbler opened. Is this a virus? (It has happened on a few websites)
  13. Hello. I was using Google chrome as my default web browser and a couple of days ago I loaded up chrome and instead of getting Google I got isearch.whitesmoke.com/?isid=9860/. I have gone in and deleted in as my default search browser, but it keeps installing itself back on there. I have done virus scans, quick and full using Microsoft Security Essentials and same with malwarebytes. All of them don't find anything and was wondering if you could do anything to get rid of it? Any help will be appreciated Cheers Jared
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