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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! Need help asap, riskware slowing down my PC. - Bitdefender alert keeps popping up every few seconds (Backdoor.Generic item blocked in windows temp) - Constantly replicates tmp files in Windows Temp folder - Productivity loss. Windows Antimalware Service Executable takes up to 90% RAM. - Malwarebytes detected Hacktool.Agent threat, deleted in Safe Mode but keeps coming back TFC didn't work. ReasonCore didn't work. Please help! Attaching logs and screenshots. Hacktool.Agent.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  2. Malwarebytes found a critical issue in my phone. I run a full scan and the result was that a malware was issued in the application known as VivaVideo. I appreciate the help. I tried to research this through the web but basically no information was found. What is this malware about?
  3. This pop-up keeps happening. Domain and IP say the same but the Port number changes. Research seems to show storage.googleapis.com is a virus but MWBP scan comes up clean. Ran ADWcleaner, Avast Browser Cleaner, HerdProtector, and ESET. Still getting this message. Avast BC had a pop-up saying "Istartsurf" (browser hijacker?) was detected, suggests removing it and offers to do so. Click Yes, then Avast says it's clean but when I rerun the program, the same message regarding Istartsurf comes up. I'm not tech savvy and feel I'm in over my head. Sorry, the pictures are out of order and that the one is so big. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. Okay so, in my school (im a 7th grader student) we've been having alot of malware problems. So, there is an virus that almost the whole school has which is named autorun.inf virus. So, i am currently the only tech savy person within the 7th grade. all of the other students doesnt know bits about malware. Heres a short story, my friend had a flash disk infected with the same virus. So he wanted to throw the flash disk from the 4th floor. so i said i could remove it easily. and he refused and threw it. so the problem is, the last generation of 7th graders (now 8th graders) had someone infected with the virus on 1 flash disk. What this virus would do is it would : Get installed from some malicious programs on the internet, then it would copy to all of the drives and flash disks plugged (by copy i mean delete all the files on the flashdisk and copy the virus). So, someone got the virus on his flash disk. and, my school has a connected network of computer in the computer labotarium for us to practice to write word documents and other stuff (its pretty easy.) so when the person plugged in the drive, the whole computer (40ish) was infected. Every computer lesson, we bring flash drives to backup our files cause 1 computer is used by different people at different times. My teachers are not tech savy at all too. Even my computer teacher doesnt know anything about hardware, malware and stuff. He only knows how to code html, and other languages. So there is a place where we buy laptops here. It is basically like a place where we buy laptops, and it will get fitted with bloatware and other stuff. So, one of the bloatware is basically a troll version of Smadav antivirus thing. It would say it if there was a virus, but it is kinda not working so when it is being put in quarantine, basically what it is doing is basically doing nothing to the files at all. So guess what, the whole last generation of 7th graders got infected. What even worse is when they plugged in the virus to their laptops at home, their laptops got infected. Now, the 6 graders (me) turned into 7th graders. Our first computer lesson, we plugged in our flash disks. Guess what, we got infected too. The whole 7th grade (the laptops, the school pc's, all of the flashdisks) all got infected. Except me cause i am apparently the only one using antivirus programs. So my problem is when I plug in my flash disk to my friends laptop, it is deleted and replaced with the virus. And when they plug in to mine, my laptop gets the virus which i could remove easily. This ruined alot of presentations and stuff. My teacher had already tried to counter this by deleting the viruses on the school computers. The bad thing about the teacher is, when we dont bring to flash disks to school at computer lessons, the teacher will be angry. For tech savy students like me, its basically saying "that if you dont want get malware on your computer, flashdisks and spread it even more, we will be mad at you" Oh yea, i forgot to mention that the 7th, 8th and 9th graders share the same computers. so if we successfully cleaned up the whole 7th graders then if an infected 8th grader plugs in his flash disk, were doomed again. but guess what, tommorrow, someone plugged one flashdisk with a virus into school network computer, then it spread to the whole class and then spread to everyones flashdisks then spread to everyones laptops. and my teacher had already cleaned up the school pc once but when someone plugged in their usb, the whole network was infected again. I feel bad for my friends that are probably being keylogged right now. Is there any solution to clean up the whole school?
  5. For the past couple of days my Malwarebyte Anti-malware [Premium] keeps popping up a message indicating that I am have something called: zl1.quebec-bin.com redirect How can I confirm if I am infected or not and if so, how may I remove this pesky infection? Thank you
  6. Some times i have the website block notification, the domain is Liveadexchanger.I have scanned my pc with a lot of things and there isnt anything thats coming up. It sometimes comes up on different programs aswell.
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