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Found 19 results

  1. running an Malwarebytes antirootkit scan today and the scanner is stuck at "scanning Registry and Directory data ...." for a long time . any help or what should do I do now ? I use the latest version of the Malwarebytes anti-rootkit tool which is
  2. a security tool being blocked as of today I thinks , however the developer is also from Kaspersky company . I will post an screenshot of the block .
  3. Something missing that was in the On-Prem platform , database version. We need the ability to see what version each endpoint is using. Give us the ability if they endpoint is actually talking to the outside world.
  4. a software called a check disk gui is being blocked already by Malwarebytes Browser Guard version2.2.4 . the software last update is on 2014 so it possible to be a false positive .
  5. I have version / 1.0.867 installed. When I ran "check for updates" it didn't find anything. From what I can figure out looking at release history at https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/articles/360045570313-Malwarebytes-for-Windows-update-April-2020 I'm ok. However, when I visited https://fileforum.betanews.com/ it listed version This, I assume is beta. I am not interested in testing beta so I didn't download and install. However, I went to the main MB site https://www.malwarebytes.com/premium/ and downloaded the MBSetup.exe file for the heck of it. I checked properties / details for the file and it showed me So now I wonder do I have the latest stable version installed ( and the update simply hasn't been released (which might be yet so I can't update my system or do I have a beta version ( Thanks.
  6. Hiya there it is just this error occur again and over again and it still occurring at different time , so even thorough older version of the MALWAREBTES of version3 are still has the same "networking errors" and I not sure what the cause of it . but can the MALWARBYTES’s team to have a look at this old problem ? network error Unable to connect to update server . please check your Internet connection the error above is has more then one causes to be occurring and however . I still not have a clue why!
  7. Exploit version not updating on Management Console, I am currently on I need to get it up to: My Management Console appears to need an update as well. Version I need to get it up to:
  8. I get popups to download a new version of MWB several times each hour. I Do Not like to download brand new versions of Any software and prefer to wait several weeks or even a month or two before download. 1. How can I find out what the version# MWB is trying to download and what is the Date it first came out in it's current form? 2. Why is there no user option to postpone the installation at the customer's discretion and to stop the annoying popups for say 7-14 days? 3 . Are there other easy ways to stop the MWB update popups? Most responsible vendors are more sensitive to their customer's needs, do not try to force feed their downloads and provide a check-off box to delay the installation. 4. All other forums I belong to have a one-time default option to "Notify me of replies" so users do not have to check off such a box each time. Does MWB have such an option? Thanks
  9. I noticed on the Malwarebytes release history page(https://www.malwarebytes.com/support/releasehistory/) that Malwarebytes for Mac has a new 3.2 version since 2/15/18. I have Malwarebytes for Mac on a home iMac that is using the free version as the free premium trial ran out. I opened Malwarebytes for Mac and checked for updates but it indicated that the latest version was already installed. The version my iMac is using is for Malwarebytes for Mac but the version history shows that 3.2 is the latest version. Is there a way to get the 3.2 version of Malwarebytes for Mac installed or do i have the current released version of the non-premium Malwarebytes for Mac?
  10. I installed version 2.0 or 2.2 way back in 2014. I never got any reminder to update. Is version 3.0 the latest and where do I get it please? I routinely get my computer (Windows 10 desktop PC) scanned and yet I keep getting daily pestered when online by a Malwarebytes pop-up that say a malicious site has been blocked. So I am hoping the latest version 3.0 would help. Will be most grateful for your advice. Eddie
  11. According to the MalwareBytes UI, my version information is: Malwarebytes version: Component package version: 1.0.141 Update package version: 1.0.2241 However, the report that I generated from an IE exploit is: -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.50 Update Package Version: 1.0.1493 Why is this different? The reason I'm asking is because whenever I launch IE, I keep getting an IE exploit is blocked, but Malwarebytes shows everything is fine. Please help. Thanks.
  12. We frequently have to deploy chameleon on many machines at a time, but it installs MBAM 2 not 3. This is a PITA because customers now expect the latest version and upgrading everything manually is not an option. Chameleon doesn't like a renamed MBAM3 setup and goes on to download and install MBAM2. Is there a command line option or something to make it install MBAM3? Pleeease, think about guys deploying on many machines!
  13. Due to some unforseen circumstances, the server hosting our Malwarebytes Enterprise console and data has been removed. I ran the Management Server Data Backup and Restoration application to create a backup. I had to create a new server (Running the same Server 2008R2 install image). I cannot use the same IP address, however. It's just not possible. When I go to restore the data, it says "The backup file version does not match your server installation". I tried changing the MEEBackupConfig file to match the new IP and new server HostName. No luck. What am I missing here? I used the same MEESetup.exe.
  14. Hi, A new version of JRT was released today -- 8.0.0 The tool was rebuilt from scratch but remained a command line tool. Changelog: We've update the tool to be a bit smarter (by not running certain scans unless it's necessary) New icon! Added new heuristics Updated database Updated report Updated console output Updated Services whitelist (lots of Win 10 Services added) Updated Process whitelist Removed heuristics Bug fixes: Tool crashed when usernames had special character(s) Tool crashed when it could not gather Firefox profile name Tool ignored Ctrl+C command Thanks everyone for being patient. We'd like to hear your feedback! Regards, Filipos
  15. Hello. Is it me or is MBAM v1.75.0.1300 getting less updates per day these days? I currently have 11/2/2015 12:56 PM v2015.11.02.06 as of 5:12 PM PST. Thank you in advance.
  16. I purchase a full OEM version of Anti-Malware 6 months ago and have not installed it. Will it upgrade free when I install? Are there any recurring (annual) payments to be made? Thanks.
  17. Hello everyone! I'm really happy about my experiences with Malwarebytes trial. Even if I can easily unnistal and install the program again, I want to support Malwarebytes. I was looking for a PRO version of the program, and I found a lifetime version of it. Is that real? Or it's a fake one? And if that's real, I would like to know if I can get it by using the official website than buying it from another website. Thank you guys for the help, and keep it up, Malwarebytes!
  18. I've noticed a large amount of the client machines have become out of date and after rescanning the domain I get the following message on the majority of the machines: "Client software installed on the remote machine was an older version, you can perform an upgrade installation." Does the Malwarebytes server not push out client updates (software client, not database) to the managed machines connected? If not, is there an automated way to keep the clients updated? This is a problem for me as I manage over 3,000+ machines.
  19. About two weeks ago, in response to a trojan attack, I installed MalwareBytes and seemed to eradicate a number of viruses. Yesterday, in response to the alert that my trial was about up I purchased 7 licenses and activated the software on 7 machines. After each activation I got an acknowledgement that the activation was accepted. This morning I installed the new version (1.75) on one machine this morning because of the alert that arose from my system tray. The application title bar now says trial instead of Pro. Now the Malwarebytes icons on my desktop and in the start menu have the Windows security shield attached to them. I can't open the program without giving permission to make changes to my computer. In the protection tab, both malicious website blocking and file system protection were turned off. I cannot turn malicious website blocking on. The checkbox will not check. Now, when I check processes in the task manager there are several incidences of iexplore running. In the applications tab one or two incidences of IE are running. The URLs appear to be shopping sites or other sites, some using strange symbols. It seems clear I have become infected. I believe this all started when I responded to the notification that a new version of MalwareBytes is available. Was that alert legitimate? Is any of the above described behavior intended? Thanks, John
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