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Found 21 results

  1. Hi, I was asked by Exile360 to open a new Topic for the problem that I had exposed at length in detail on the first Topic: Its name: "A malware prevented me from going on the internet (chrome and edge)" So I kept the same tags for this topic, I used the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool. I send you the results: 2 files But as I said in my first post I can not reinstall Malwarebytes Premium that I had, and therefore I can not send you a result of its action. Do I have to watch only this new topic? AND should the first one be closed? Thanks again for your help FRST.txt Addition.
  2. Hi, Sorry I am French speaking. I wrote my explanations in French and asked Google for an automatic translation which follows ... (French text at the end if needed) I am forced to write to you because I can not reinstall Malwarebytes Premium on my computer and for which I have a license which is renewed every year. Number XXXXX My computer is a Windows 10 64bit desktop update 1903 How did this happen? 1 Brutally about three weeks ago I could no longer connect to the internet via Chrome or Edge. It was stated that the proxy address was erratic. But
  3. I am very careful when downloading programs, but got a virus anyway (I don't know what hit me, but I accepted a program I really thought isn't a virus), virus deleted malwarebytes and I couldn't use Windows Defender. First thing I did was downloading malwarebytes again, of course virus blocked it, I found a way to install it, but I can't start it. When I launch Malwarebytes, I get "Unable to start. Unable to connect the Service." message (this also happens when I launch it as an administrator). Does anybody know how to solve this problem?
  4. Hello, I am having similar problems. Older versions of Malwarebytes open as well as Chameleon, but as soon as I install the latest version it won't open at all (Connect to services) I have attached the mb-check-results.zip please help me solve this. I have a two year account with Malwarebytes so I'm not sure what keeps the new version from opening in windows 10. mb-check-results.zip
  5. Hey, sice i updated MWB to Version 3.0 (or higher) MWB is not able to start. I always get the message as you can see attached. Reinstalling(de- and install) MWB did not help. Installing the latest Version over the existing Version did not help. If i call up Microsoft service and restart the MWB-Service manually it works perfectly fine until i reboot. Then i get the same Message again. Can you please help? Kind regards mb-check-results.zip Addition.txt FRST.txt
  6. My Malwarebytes was working great. It showed a message this morning stating there was a new version and would I like to install it. I put yes. Then it put a new shortcut on my computer. It will not open and just shows a little box with 'Unable to Start' and a red X next to 'Unable to Connect to Service'. I tried restarting and rebooting the computer and it did not help. I put Run as Administrator and that made no difference either. I sent in ticket 2017525 and so far have gotten no resolution. I had already paid for a 2 year subscription for premium that does not expire until Oct 2018.
  7. After Windows 10 Creators latest update KB4025342 Malwarebytes does not start with Windows and cannot start it from desktop icon, I get the "Unable to connect the services" message. Other security apps I have running are Windows Defender, which I cannot turn off when I try it immediately turns Real-time Protection back on again and McAfee Security Centre which works fine. I have looked at Windows Services and Malwarebytes Service is stuck on Starting!
  8. I have done all the above but I still get the "Unable to connect the Source". Here is my log file : mb-clean-results.txt
  9. suddenly today Malwarebytes 3 won't start, says "Unable to connect to the service". Running Windows 10, have been using Malwarebytes premium for several years. Can't find any help searching online. I think Win 10 did at least some updates overnight: No specific evidence, but delay with circle of stars during boot-up "looks like" what I see when Microsoft has pushed an update.
  10. I am having problems getting my new license key to activate .. cant connect to license server.. I attached the mb check results mb-check-results.zip
  11. My Antivirus is, Security Suite 16.5 Computer Security 14.176 build 101 DeepGuard 5.0 build 593 E-mail Filtering 1.02 build 22223 Management Agent 8.30 build 43258 User Interface 19.10 build 270 Virus Protection 11.00 build 22424 Portions: Copyright (c) 1994-2010 Lua.org, PUC-Rio. Copyright (c) Reuben Thomas 2000-2010. For full license information please see licenses-fsewin.txt in the product installation folder. Portions: Copyright (c) 2000-2006 Reuben Thomas Copyright (c) 1994-2007 Lua.org, PUC-Rio mb-check-results.zip
  12. I get the following error message after i’ve installed the new version of Malwarebytes 3. “unable to connect the service.” I’ve already seen the posts of other users who experienced similar problems. I followed the instructions on those links that is I reinstalled Malwarebytes. And it did work. But after a while it started again showing the same error message. I don’t know what should I do now? I have a windows 10 pc
  13. I'm having the same issue here with the same massage. All the years I have been using MB I have never seen this issue, it always ran great. Running Windows XP 64 bit. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks GTJohn
  14. Hello, I tried to Update my Malwarebytes from version 3.0.6 to 3.1.xx today but encountered an error message that one folder can't be edited during the installation, after that Malwarebytes won't start and only shows me following error screen. Restarting the Computer didn't help either. Please note that Malwarebytes is also not listet in my services.msc after the update. mb-check-results.zip FRST.txt Addition.txt
  15. Hi, I keep getting the "unable to connect the service" message when attempting to access Malwarebytes software. This happened after I clicked the Malwarebytes link to upgrade the software. My OS is windows 8.1 pro. mb-check-results.zip
  16. Newly installed. Unable to start. Unable to connect the service. Nothing else happens. I'm on the windows insider program build 16199. Steve
  17. After updating today and delaying the reboot, I get this error once the reboot completed. Please advise.
  18. I purchased Malwarebytes 3.0 on Feb 15th. It worked the day I got it [2/15] and yesterday.[2/16] Today [2/17] I get the error window "Unable to start" with content text "Unable to connect the service" and the program will not start up beyond that. Details on how you encountered the bug and any steps that can be taken to reproduce it Encountered Bug / Issue - As computer was starting up [after logging into Windows] Steps taken to reproduce - Starting the program manually from Start Menu. Do you get the same result more than once if you follow the same steps? Y/N Ye
  19. Hello, I had D/L the Beta of MBAR, and it was working fine. After about a month, I noticed in my tray that it got a message that said..... "Anti Ransomware Protection is Disabled". So I clicked on "Fix Now" AND Start Protection. Neither one worked and MBAR Software sits, disabled on my computer. I am running version (BETA) I am running Windows 10 on a new HP Pavilion Computer. Any help, Tips ect would be appreciated.
  20. When I reboot from avast software program and anvirus definition update it gets an error "The application was unable to start properly (0xc0000906). Click OK to close the application.", same goes to Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Many pop-ups from windows defender appears that malware is blocked, later then I found out I'm being infected by Trojan:Win32/Patched.AP (quarantined then removed) from a simple scan thanks to the only remaining antimalware that still can open during this time, Windows Defender, when another antimalware that I can open fail to do so (Iobit Malware-fighter). But that has n
  21. Hello, I have had malwarebytes premium for a few years now and recently I found that I am unable to run it, or uninstall it so that I could reinstall. It says the application was unable to start correctly (0cx0000279). I have attached the FRST files referenced in the pinned topic. Before I found this post I already ran adwarecleaner, securitycheck, rkill, and SUPERAnti spyware. Please advise? Cesar Addition.txt FRST.txt
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