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Found 14 results

  1. I'm getting an "Unable to Connect to Server" error from Malwarebytes after a clean Win10 boot. I've attached diagnostic files as recommended. Jeff mb-check-results.zip
  2. Hi, whenever I want to open Malwarebytes, it gives me the "Unable to connect to service" error. Already tried un- and reinstalling the program, but I'm still getting the same error. I've even used the mb-cleanup program and it didn't work either. I downloaded and ran the mb-check program which created a zip-file, which I'll attach in this post. Hoping to get this issue resolved Sincerely Lambda EDIT: added FRST and Addition.txt files mb-check-results.zip mb-clean-results.txt Addition_22-02-2018 13.49.55.txt FRST_22-02-2018 13.49.55.txt
  3. Staf Malwarebytes, I just bought the license, however when assigning the key I get the following message: "the identification of the installation is not found" / "can not contact the license server" I will appreciate your help, mb-check-results.zip
  4. Tried all the fixes in this thread and still no result. Help. Haven't had functioning sofware for months. Attched required files. Thanks for any help FRST.txt Addition.txt mb-check-results.txt
  5. Hi! When I try to open the program displays the message: "Unable to connect to service" Attach file. I run FSRT and then MB-Check. How fix my problem? Thank you. mb-check-results.zip
  6. I ran mb clean,i nstalled a bew copy and I still get the same results! Attached are the recommended files. Thank you! Chris mb-clean-results.txt mb-check-results.zip
  7. Same problem but following above steps unsuccessful. But uninstalling and reinstalling worked OK. This problem may be connected with end of trial for premium which I did not take up. So unable to connect to service after end of trial.
  8. My Malwarebytes was working great. It showed a message this morning stating there was a new version and would I like to install it. I put yes. Then it put a new shortcut on my computer. It will not open and just shows a little box with 'Unable to Start' and a red X next to 'Unable to Connect to Service'. I tried restarting and rebooting the computer and it did not help. I put Run as Administrator and that made no difference either. I sent in ticket 2017525 and so far have gotten no resolution. I had already paid for a 2 year subscription for premium that does not expire until Oct 2018. How do I get what I had before back or get this new version to work?
  9. HI Win 10, Intel I3 PC, has issue. Internet is very slow, if connects at all, most programs running slow, if running at all. Tried to run MBAM, got error 'Malwarebytes unable to connect to service'. Opened Windows services, MBAM shows stopped, tried to restart the service got error, 'could not start the MBAM service on local computer'. Uninstalled MBAM and reinstalled, same message. Any help is appreciated. Let me know if I can provide any other info. Thanks Matt
  10. Hi... Received this Message, this Morning. Tried to Uninstall/Reinstall, but System, just Hung. I, can't 'Open', Program, either. I, haven't changed, anything, although, Yesterday, I received, a Couple times, a Message: 'Real-Time Protection Turned OFF'. I, clicked 'Turn On', and everything seemed, Fine. Operating System: Windows 10 Home Version 1703 Build 15063.138 Thank You, ahead of Time, Lars MB-CheckResult.txt
  11. Adding the C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService 'object' to F-Secure's antivirus scanning exclusions did not work for me. My issue is the same as bLOCKbOYgAMES's. Having done this addition I closed win7, then started it again. On trying to open the Malwarebytes GUI the old error message was thrown again. See below. At Task Manager's Services Malwarebyte's Service had status "started" as before. I also rechecked the F-Secure Antivirus scanning exclusion. Next I tried closing win7 with Service stopped from Task Manager but with no change (also Service's status returned to "started"). Here is the report I had prepared earlier, following the guidelines for Malwarebytes 3.0: 1., 5. Having updated Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium to V.3.0.5, next day win7 displays a window showing Unable to start / Unable to connect Service. The day after the same window was found on the taskbar. 2. Malwarebytes GUI does not open. 4. Under Task Manager Services I found Service showing "started" on the Malwarebytes line, tried "restart" with unchanged result, then "stop" which succeeded, again "start" with the result that Service again had Status "started", but with unchanged error message. MS repair was run to no avail. 6., 7.Below four log-files are attached. FRST.txt Addition.txt MB-CheckResult.txt logs.zip
  12. Hi guys. I recently tried updating malwarebytes, (Don't know what version, but it was a very new update, in the last few days.) I have included a zip file of C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\logs\. I would also have included a zip file of C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware\., but this folder did not seem to be present. Any help appreciated. Thanks so much. logs.7z
  13. Downloaded Malwarebytes 3 Free version to my Windows 10 64bit Pro PC, now when I try to run program all I get is Can't connect to Service! After failing to find a fix that worked, having tried to Re down load the program and in install Free version again all I get is a Run Time Error ( at 44:134): Could Not Call Proc. Support have not come back to me and so far I have not found anyone with this problem that has a fix/work round! Any ideas Please
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