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Found 11 results

  1. I recently torrented software from a trusted uploaded on THAT website, and now something has access to my PC that shouldn’t possess it. Malware bytes and other anti malware software like adw and far are are being closed automatically. My free antivirus Avira is still working normally, and I’ve launched at least a dozen scans. It’s not reporting any further malware but I know it’s there. Notepad is among the software that auto closes as well. please advise, I do have a laptop nearby if that will help any. I’m ready at my phone to provide any necessary information.
  2. It will leak your actual IP address: Test:
  3. Hello, I'm trying to add in the ignore list the site: rarbg.to, which the system recognizes as potentially dangerous. but in this section I don't have the possibility to add sites, but only programs, files and folders. how can I do? thank you.
  4. i have windows 7 dual installed with linux working just fine, and then i downloaded a torrent file with a codec pack exe file, and the video would'nt still work, so i uninstalled software from the uninstaller in windows, and i ran a adaware from malwarebytes, and then it cleaned it all up and then it restart, and wont boot up again, grub boot menu comes up and when i choose linux it starts, but when i choose windows it comes only blackscreen with this _/- its "-" or "_" just blinking, nothing happends after that been on for hours nothing, when control alt delete it reboots. no sign of windows boot logo or anything else. how can i fix this asap? thx in advance for everybit of information that might help :)) im currently logged into my linux.
  5. I have downloaded a torrent of sims 4 game it was 16 GB so I lefted 2 days downloading after the torrent finished the popups websites on google chrome keep opening and cmd saying it is transfering files and there was written simstransfer.info and many process then navigate to copied successfully of two files but when I tried to capture the process so I can put it here it goes away fast to another in cmd and then cmd stay opened and doesn't go by itself .. I then close it by myself... I have tried many antimalwares but they did nothing although I saw the reports and removed malwares but the problem still exist, tried Hitman and tried them in safe mode with networking but still the same what I have noticed is that cmd starts poping up and so for the websites pop ups when startup and then repeats in different times through the day. I uninstalled utorrent and any of the recent programs.In cmd says that is from system 32. If I can capture the cmd proccess I will put here... and thank you.
  6. I get a popup from Malwarebytes every 3 minutes telling me it blocked a malicious website that was inbound. First it said it was from uTorrent, then svchost. I have since uninstalled uTorrent and removed all data from uTorrent. I just ran RKill and am doing a Threat Scan now. RKill said it found no issues or malicious services. Am I getting false positives or is there something else I need to remove?
  7. Last try... your system told me I couldn't post when I hit the submit button...Grrrrr! I've been trying for over two hours to get someone at MalwareBytes to look it this thing. I have a very large video file with an embedded Trojan in it. It was received on 04/04/16 during a torrent download. On 04/08/16 Panda Security examined the file, determined that it has Malware in it and added it to their next re-synch. I have it stored on MediaFire as a 67.45 Mb zipped, psswd encrypted file. Is anyone interested or do I let it continue in the wild? Anyone?
  8. Hello, my comp info: Windows 8.1 Pro / 64bit / google chrome Version 32.0.1700.102 m I've read many forums dealing with this problem. I am trying to use my normal google browser but this " http://search.yahoo.com/?type=599486&fr=spigot-yhp-ch " comes up instead EVERY time... I have uninstalled google chrome many times and reinstalled. It does not work..! I notice an issue with this "spigot" thing that people are mentioning. I downloaded anti malware softwares and what not but I can't seem to get rid of the problem (don't understand either). I don't see the spigot name anywhere any more but my browser keeps changing. I would like the help of one of you professionals PLEASE. Let me know all of the info you need. I have: Malwarebytes, adwcleaner, ccleaner, roguekiller, and security check downloaded...
  9. www.sceneaccess.eu is a private tracker. I have no idea why it is blocked automatically when sites like thepiratebay.se are not blocked. Could you please whitelist the site? I have no idea why it is blocked. There is absolutely nothing malicious on the website at all. Thanks
  10. I was running Utorrent last night and MB blocked over 12 dns address's. I did a whois of those addresses and only 1 was known for many different acts. The rest (on google) were identical basically. All they had were some unknowns where others are full disclosure. I accidently didn't save the address's, but it seems will keep growing. But I'm sure if I start the torrent client again Malwarebytes will be catching them within minutes. Here's the problem. 1 site was a known true perpetrator of exploits and other things, most of the others just didn't disclose as much self information as the others, or because of the similarities were running through proxy servers. No browsers were running (as a process either). This blockage of many only happens when running a torrent client such as Utorrent. Anything bad that I ever picked up and had to purge was picked up via browser or of my own carelessness. Because of the 1 truly known block I really don't want to turn off malicious website blocking... Why is this? Can these sites access a pc through a torrent client?
  11. It would be handy if MBAM aplication exlusion list, as it blocks a lot of IPs of µTorrent, even do they are perfectly safe for that aplication. I had to turn of the baloon warnings because it drived me greazy, even do i prevered to be warned about real treads.
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