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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, developers. I am Eric Renfro, a member of many technical communities, primarily for Linux and macOS. I decided this year to check out Malwarebytes Premium instead of renewing the product I was originally going to do. The price was great, but after just 1 week of using it, more so specifically, the recommended Browser Guard extension that was pushed by it, I was incredibly thrown back by some unacceptable policies you at this company have chosen to do. What I am talking about is literal blanket blocking of entire Top-Level Domains (TLDs), such as just the few I initially ran into: .info, .biz, .zyx, and .im! I get you're out "to protect everyone, including those less tech savvy.", but whoah there! This literally was blocking informational websites, businesses, and communication oriented websites, just blindly, and completely. Yes, people can check the box to allow it through, and everything, but by throwing a big banner up before even allowing the page to load, is a setting a huge precedent to ESPECIALLY those less knowledgeable, and needlessly. This, to me, is a serious stain on your credibility as a company that is supposed to be about security, but blanket banning so many TLDs with just a whitelist, guys, this is extremely bad practice, and everyone I've spoken to about this, and will continue to do so about it, agrees. This stains your reputation, and so far I've even insisted on a refund for my recent purchase of Malwarebytes Premium. I was suggested by your support staff to bring these concerns up here. While this is for Chrome, the problem exists for Firefox as well, because it's an extension for both browsers. So, here's the deal. Very quickly your whitelist for each individual site people complain about, will become vastly larger than your blacklist, and thus, will require more, and more, and more processing power to go through the filters. Second. You're literally blocking all sites in all the TLDs, by default. This is never OK. Third, you're setting a precedent that all TLDs not within the smaller select few domains, are "OK". Also NOT OK! Four, You're scaring non-tech-savvy people needlessly, and yes, I mean it, needlessly. Until I saw this, I was going to recommend Malwarebytes, and even Malwarebytes Premium, and the Browser Guard extensions based on some tests I was doing myself. Now, I won't recommend ANY of Malwarebytes' products because this reputation killer blacklist approach to "security", it extremely bad, and ruins your entire credibility as a security-minded company of which you /are/ supposed to be, making things to protect/enhance security. Please don't respond to this with blanket statements like "protecting everyone", or "you can simply remove it" (it is afterall, pushed onto people by the main app). I've been in the community and the industry, for 30 years. I started programming BASIC at age 5, I've been a cyber security specialist for many companies. I'm not really looking for excuses, but to hopefully give correction to these policies, and if not, let others know this is not acceptable. I know I've spoken about this issue to 3 different communities of varying different focuses, and 100% of several hundred people within each, agreed that these practices are very bad. Not just for themselves, but for everyone, even the non-tech-savvy. Eric Renfro
  2. To my horror I have found that you are blocking my clients website tandara.info with browser guard. I have long reccomended malwarebytes to my clients and with the recent updates often including browser guard installation some of my clients customers also found that the website tandara.info was blocked by browser guard and called my clients. This all happened in the lead up to an important spring bull sale, and due to covid my clients were especially reliant on the website to disseminate information on these high value bulls. The incident has badly damaged my repuation as well as that of my clients, and that it is the result of a poorly conceived blanket ban on a legitimate top level domain fills me with cold fury. I believe that your company will find itself the subject of legal proceedings for reputational damage and defamation in many jusridictions on account of this policy. For the moment I demand that you white list tandar.info IMMEDIATELY Johan Wehtje
  3. I use Firefox Monitor to determine if my email address has been involved in any known data breaches. Unfortunately, my email address has been involved in a few. I am trying to get my credentials updated for Leet, but when I attempted not navigate to Leet's website, leet.cc, Malwarebytes Browser Guard swooped in with the following: This is the website provided under the developer information for the LEET Servers for Minecraft app on the Google Play store. I am wondering if this website truly is suspicious, or if this is a false positive. If this is truly a suspicious site, I am curious as to how I should go about addressing my involvement in the breach. Firefox info: 79.0 (64-bit) Browser Guard info: Any help that can be provided is greatly appreciated.
  4. My website was blocked. www.lfe.tech forwards to www.lfetech.com and they are both clean. I am not sure why but they are being blocked with a TLD error. I have confirmed they are clean. Please help. How do I white list these issues?
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