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Found 14 results

  1. The virustotal.com website tool results in infection in an exe (my) file compiled using C # code to signal false/true if a notepad window is minimized, maximized or the file is not open. In addition to malwarebytes, another detector also pointed to the presence of viruses, was SecureAge APEX. I didn't take 2 minutes to report the same to them, I didn't have to create an account, I didn't have to activate an account, I didn't have to open a forum content, where I understand to be spontaneous and unintentional the result of this scanner. forcing to create an account, to solve it later, is unproductive, is a waste of time in the race against the real viruses... keep looking the error path to find error results... keep looking the error path to find error results... Status.zip
  2. I'd like to request that the date/time format reflect the system settings instead of the format shown in the attached image. Thanks!
  3. So, basically, I just noticed some site I usually visit was having some display issue on it and websites were taking a while to load suddenly, so I ran a scan with Malwarebytes and it now seems to take only a minute before it's finished scanning, I don't remember what this was like on my other computer, but I know it took longer on my PC than on my mac, is there any reason the scan would be taking much less time?
  4. Hey. I'm using free Malwarebytes (Windows 7 64bit) and I have a problem with the scan time. When I perform a full scan of the system disk it takes many hours. The main place that seems to affect dramatically on scanning time is Windows/Winsxs/* My winsxs folder is 14.9GB 72061 files 189444 folders You can not reduce this folder. And MB can scan up to 6 hours for the entire drive. Is there any way to do something about it?
  5. Attached *.zip as requested by the bot - see quoted the bot. This is somewhere at or about the 10th time over the past several years that I have been stuck with a ‘Real-Time Protection’ error that I have previously fixed via a clean install as noted in other forum posts. That is, until Malwarebytes inevitably and abruptly fails again. The error is always that same and identical to the first post in this forum. I am starting to feel like Malwarebytes may not know what they are doing - I am seriously losing confidence in Malware technical competence. Additionally - my Real-Time protection time-loop that has occurred several times; wherein, I have read previous forums and then executed the instructions for a clean install . . . . By which, every time, I always end up to the same general error - and yes, I know how google and similar search engines work. So, I really do not need the recommendation to perform a web search as I want a real and direct answer not a run of the mill and often ill-informed general rebuttal, which is not an answer. Basically, I hate forums and have found that asking for any reasonable answer via the internet to be as helpful as asking the local crackhead to help to repair my car. Useless . . . I expect from this post [AKA] shot in the dark, a stupid bot response or a response by some forum-monkey who thinks they are being useful by stating something obvious . . . . Malwarebytes, I am tired of your games! mb-check-results.zip
  6. There's a notice on my computer telling me that real time protections are turned off. I have gone to Manage Protection Settings and when I attempt to turn on the real time protections, it says starting then quits. I have done this several times with the same result. What do I do to correct this issue?
  7. Like others... Real time web protection will not stay on. I have had MB running with AVG Free for years and never a problem until AVG decided not to play nice with MB. Fine. I purchased WebRoot and ran that along with MB. This worked fine until a day or 2 ago. Now the protection will not stay on. The only thing different I have done lately is overclock my CPU. I can't imagine that would cause the problem. Help? Thank you. mb-check-results.zip
  8. Hi, I'm currently trying to enable my real time protection on my premium account, but everytime it doesn't want to activate and the button instantely jump back on 'disable'. I've seen on the web that the problem is frequent but i didn't fond any working solution. Thanks to you and have a nice day, Rattlesneak
  9. Yesterday I was supporting a user and when checking the Malwarebytes Management Console around 3:00 PM I found where the console in System Logs displayed the below: 103-PCNAME < None > D8-CB-8A-22-AA-D6 domain.com 3/22/2017 9:15:45 PM Anti-Malware Full scan result: No threat 203-PCNAME AD61306 D8-CB-8A-22-AA-D6 domain.com 3/22/2017 9:15:45 PM Anti-Malware Full scan result: No threat Notice the Time column shows 9:15 PM. I sent a command to do a full scan and while that completed without issue this morning I am back in the console with no new information. The client is now off-line. I will be calling the client later this morning to investigate further but I'm curious as to why the incorrect time showing up in System Logs. Where would that originate? Previous log entries appear to be correct.
  10. Sheduled scan time changes from 7:15pm to 2:28am I set to scan at my chosen time 7:15pm and MBAM changes back to 2:28am at every boot. So am not getting scanned for a few days at a time now. This issue was present in previous build, am now on MBAM, Comp 1.0.160, Update 1.0.2368 after install over top.
  11. This moring an automatic update started followed by a threat scan. This usually takes a couple of minutes to finish, but today the scan has been running for over 5 hours now and it still hasn't finished. It seems the scan is stuck on a .cab file (C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\{60D5EF2A-4E0C-2C30-38F6-59C26E134F4A}v8.59.25584\packages\Windows_SDK\58314d0646d7e1a25e97c902166c3155.cab) The .cab file is only 17MB so it shouldn't take this long to scan it. It seems something is keeping malwarebytes from correctly accessing or reading the file, but there also doesn't appear to be a timeout in malwarebytes, which makes it so it can't get stuck on a single file. A skip button would be nice as well, as all I can do now is pauze or cancel. Pauze is useless in this case, and cancel makes it so the rest of my computer doesn't get scanned. If you want I can add the file as an attachment so you can take a look at it.
  12. I use Windows 8.1 but with the classic desktop. My computer clock sets itself back to showing the wrong time at restart after I correct it, when I connect to my wifi network it says connecting to network takes longer than usual and then that connection is limited even though I have perfect connection, my computer is often slow and when I press Ctrl+Shift+Esc during a freeze it shows 99% disk usage, I have tried running Rkill and then Malwarebytes in Safe Mode but they detected nothing. Is it really a malware or am I just doing something wrong? Rkill.txt
  13. So, when I installed the free version of MBAM for the first time, it took like twenty minutes to do a full scan always, but since some time ago it takes around seventeen minutes or less. I don't know if the time it takes affects anything, but after I reinstalled it (I admit I didn't do a clean installation, I didn't disable the antivirus/firewall and all that) the first scan I did took twenty minutes once again, then the second took around seventeen minutes again and so on. I compared the number of items it scans and it's the same more or less on both times. Does the time it takes matter, or it doesn't affect the scan in anything? If you need more information or something specific to solve this, if it needs to get solved, tell me and I'll try to reply the fastest I can with the thing that is needed. Also, sorry if I wrote something wrong, English is not my principal lenguage, and thanks in advanced.
  14. Hello everyone, just created an account to try to solve some problems on my PC. I have been always paranoic about virus, malware, etc. And I think there's something strange on my PC. Security prograns on my PC: - Malwarebytes (trial version) - Avast (free version) - Spybot (free version) Before having the Avast antivirus, I had the ESET Internet Security trial. The trial is now over and I searched for a good (and free) antivirus. But, since the day that I installed the Avast antivirus, Malwarebytes stopped the real time protection (even if I turn it on Settings). Looks like that Avast caused some problens here, or is a problem with malware? (Will try now the clean install to see if it works now)
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