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Found 21 results

  1. Hey, yesterday I scanned my laptop with Malwarebytes and got some issues about Bitcoin miner files in my Files. So it asked me to restart my laptop to remove those files, so I pressed it immediately. While restarting it got stuck on restarting screen and froze for more than 20 minutes, so I made a hard restart. Now I am not sure if my laptop is clean and secured. Addition.txt FRST.txt first_Malwarebytes_Scan.txt
  2. Every day Malwarebytes scans my computer (Windows 10), and the same 206 threats are detected for quarantine. I quarantine them daily, but they are detected again the next day. I found a post in the forum with a similar problem, but it was in 2017 and Valinorum stated that the instructions should not be used for any other computer. I would appreciate an update to this fix.
  3. I have version with update 1.0.10486. Whenever I run it it returns 27 threats. Regardless of how often and even after restarting. What's wrong and how do I fix it? Thanks. Bob
  4. Hello, This is my first post here. I use Malwarebytes Premium on my computers home and very happy with it. I recently bought a used computer off eBay; its hard disk drive has Windows 7, some optimization tools from dell and apparently nothing else. The computer is a Dell 3620 workstation that was most likely used for business purposes. I installed and ran latest Malwarebytes premium and it didn't find anything bad. the Windows Defender also didn't find anything bad. However, I'm afraid that the computer might contain some malware in a hidden or encrypted state that could later activate and do bad things. My question is: are Malwarebytes capable of finding cryptic or hidden malware that might be inactive now? Thank you.
  5. Please see and read the attached word doc. Attach_18-01-2018.txt DDS_18-01-2018.txt Malwarebytes Zero Scan Results.docx
  6. When scanned my pc today I found 2 threats then I thought I removed them. However, after a quick restart, I scanned again and found the same 2 threats. I've done this 3 times and I am still finding the same ones. Anyone knows what to do? log2.txt log.txt
  7. Upgraded to newest version of MalwareBytes 3.3.1. Ever since that day, Malwarebytes has detected three potential threats. I would always have the threats quarantined. But the next morning the software detected the same three threats. I assumed I was surfing at a site that had malware. But one day, immediately after quarantining the detected threats, I ran a Malwarebytes Scan. It detected the same three threats even though I had just quarantined them and I had not been surfing. Either the threats are not real or Malwarebytes is not quarantining them. Just ran scan. It detected PUP.Optional.SweetIM PUP.Optional.SweetIM PUP.Optional.SweetPacks It detected these files in Google Chrome but if I quarantine them and run the scan again, they will be detected again.
  8. Ever since I signed up for a two year subscription last week, my daily scans produce exactly 47 (forty seven) PUPS all 47 of which I quarantine and remove daily. Same with the trial version of the same version on my laptop. Again, the magic number 47 with a different download on a different computer. If I scan manually in between my daily schedule on either computer...yep, you guessed it. 47 threats detected. Is it coincidence or are the scans designed to make me think Malwarebytes produces results? If that's the case, I wish- for variety sake - the malwarebytes czar would change up the number, at least monthly. Any thoughts about why 47?
  9. I would like to know, because it is not possible to understand it during the scan, how many are threats currently detected by MalwareBytes for macOS and among these how many are the ramsomware known? thanks
  10. I did a full scan and got to much threats (12,190) is it safe to quarantine and delete them? Will it cause any problems to my pc or to some apps on it? result text attached. Please help me. Malwarebytes thrests scan results.txt
  11. I do a daily scan and get a notices. Today there was a red warning. I opened the reports and there were over 55,000 malware noted. I tried to quarantine them, but could not move from reports to quarantine. Suggestions??
  12. I recently experience continual blocking by Malwarebytes of a file associated with Vscreenshot, no idea where Vscreenshot camefrom so I searched on-line for a solution to sort this out. Malwarebytes doesn't offer any. A number of sites recommended Plumbytes so I downloaded it, bought the license and sorted out the problem. Plumbytes did identify quite a few problems and 9 serious threats that Malwarebytes didn't. These have now been eliminated. The problem I now have is that Malwarebytes regularly reports files as potential threats but these are all associated with Plumbytes. How do I tag these files as safe? This is annoying; instead of getting a popup screen from Malwarebytes that all is Ok, I have to check the report.
  13. Whenever I have run Scan for threats on my Macbook Pro, i immediately see see it scanning and the bar with programs it checks filling up. Total scan takes maybe 5 minuts max. It's been at least 15 minutes, nothing is showing in the progress bar, it just keeps spinning. Nothing has changed on my computer. The last time I ran it it did find something, I took care of. But that still only took maybe 5 minutes. What's up and what do I do? I see I put this in the wrong spot. If a mod wants to move it thanks.
  14. In the Malwarebytes Management Console I have a good amount of clients highlighted in red. After performing quick scans, they remain red. I have checked the policy and it indicates that for PUP, PUM and P2P are all set to "show in results list and check for removal." Why aren't the threats being removed? Do I have to do a full scan? Do I have to go to each client and delete these manually?
  15. Hello All, I was wondering if there is a way to review the results of a previous scan, and remove the threats based on those results. The reason I ask this, is I work on computers for a living, and often run Malware Bytes to find threats. However, some times the scan takes several hours, to the point that it won't finish until I get back in the morning, and then Windows restarts for updates. Another example, which happened a little while ago, is that a scan finished, I went to document the results, and came back to find it started scanning again of its own volition. In these cases, is there any way to open the results of a scan, and decide how to process detected threats? Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi, Is there a way to view details of a quarantined threat? Malwarebytes detected and quarantined a Trojan threat this morning on one of our PCs. The name of the item is "30b4bd14.msi" and it was in C:\Windows\Installer on the PC. I don't know much more than that and would like to see more details about the item, such as the author, where it came from, etc. I went to Google, Yahoo, and Bing to search for that file name but nothing about it came up. Thanks!
  17. Hi there, We are testing out our new endpoint protection at my company and our first weekly scan was last night. When I came in this morning about 20 out of 75 of our computers had PUM and the Operation says 'no action taken' but when I look in our policy it says 'Show in results list and check for removal.' The only way I can get it to remove it, is if I manually scan each device and when the box comes up to confirm scan, there is a checkbox that says automatically remove threats and if that is checked, they will be quarantined, but that kind of defeats the purpose of the policy and we are going to push this out to 2000 users in the coming weeks, so I want to make sure I get this squared away before then
  18. I was removing the threats on Malwarebytes when it froze and stopped responding. I waited about 10 minutes for it to respond with no luck. I have attached the DDS and Attach files from the dds scanner. Malwarebytes had updated before I scanned. PC info: Dell Studio 1737 running Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit, Service Pack 1 Build 6001 Intel® Core 2 Duo CPU T6500 @ 2.10GHz, 2100 Mhz RAM 4gb Harddrive 300gb If any other info is needed, please ask. attach.txt dds.txt
  19. Title: "extension.mismatch.software distribution.edbtmp" I scanned my PC a couple weeks ago and during my normal routine scan malwarebytes detected a threat. Anyway i let it finish scanning and once it was finished i scanned with Bitdefender Total Security 2013 and the same file came up clean. I uploaded to a online virus checker and all the virus engines showed as clean. Can someone please confirm if the file above is a security threat?
  20. I constantly keep getting this message: I am not downloading any programs or cracks via uTorrent, I am downloading Pr0N I have Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 running alongside to MBAM (exceptions setup for compatibility) on Windows 7 64 bit I never had these warning before at the time I was using Kaspersky Internet Security with SUPERAntiSpyware. But now I am getting them..I have recently purchased a license for MBAM Pro so I'm a n00b!e to MBAM I know Kaspersky's firewayy is pretty good and my Windows is always updated and so is KIS... are these false positives or what? anything you would recommend me to do? I don't know how can these videos be trying to access malicious sites...hmmmm...they are still being downloaded
  21. I used malwarebytes to remove active infections on my laptop, it gave me a message to re-boot to re-move all the threats proporly. So after re-booting my system now flash's a blue screen for a split second then re-boots again. Unsure what went wrong during the process, plz help me clarify what could have gone wrong?
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