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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I had overheating problems in my windows 10 laptop for about a week. I updated my bios and upon restarting, a window popped-up, with a certain WINRMSRV asking for permission through my firewall. I got suspicious and i run a malware scan with malwarebytes, who found 31 menaces and currently 27 are quarantined. Windows firewall and windows security are not working right now (I didn't realize they had been disabled, I see a blank page when opening windows security) , as well as AdobeReader, which I now uninstalled. I would like to know if I can delete these files from quarantine and how can I restore the applications that are not working right now: what happens if I delete the quarantined menaces, given some of them are under system32 folder? I can upload the findings log if is needed Thank you to whomever helps.
  2. My headsets stopped working when i removed a malware from my PC. I clicked on restart via malwarebytes for the removal process to be finished and then my PC frose on the blue screen where it says restarting and then i turned the PC off and turned it on again. But once i did my PC had remove my headsets software drive and also out of nowhere my device driver was not working properly and the troubleshooter didn't detect anything. I need help pls someone help me and also this happend to my gaming headset directly after the restart and also now i have no malware left or any threat or virus but i watched YouTube and try to see solutions and not any solution worked. So pls I need someone in Support & Help to help me because no YouTube videos could help me and also pls contact me as fast as possible or comment if you know a solution. (i have checked for update drivers for my specific headsets if didn't even have any)
  3. it added a lot of random files and a fake Ea app (which is the virus) i cant delete them cause it says that its a system file it also deleted some of my system32 files . please help me!
  4. Hello! I'm having an issue with a malware that apparently is hiding in my system32. I'm not really good with this kind of thing, so i decided to ask for help here. This is my problem: So i woke up this morning,turned on my PC and the first thing i did was open Steam and try to play a game i installed last week.(Note:The game worked perfectly fine yesterday.) And the thing is:This game uses Battleye Anti-Cheat,and i can't open the game without it, so when battleye was starting, it did'nt want to open my game due to a problem with blocked files,(All of them from system32) so i searched the internet for a fix, and found out that this problem happens because i have a malware in my computer, so i installed MalwareBytes and tried to clean it up. But even after i did, My game still would'nt work and show the same problem, Because of that, i came to the conclusion that the malware affecting my computer was actually hidden in system32 because the blocked files that battleye could'nt load were all from Sys32. Notes:I have installed some stuff i did'nt completely trust recently,and i can talk about them if needed. Other than my game not working, my computer is still functional,and runs smoothly. The image below shows the issue on the game,the problems on the print are some of the files that got blocked(i'm not sure but i have an impression they're increasing over time,but i'm not really sure).
  5. Hi! I just did a scan with AdwCleaner 7,1,1and it found these two objects, what is it and what should i do? # ------------------------------- # Malwarebytes AdwCleaner # ------------------------------- # Build: 04-27-2018 # Database: 2018-04-30.1 # Support: https://www.malwarebytes.com/support # # ------------------------------- # Mode: Scan # ------------------------------- # Start: 05-01-2018 # Duration: 00:00:07 # OS: Windows 7 Professional # Scanned: 40814 # Detected: 2 ***** [ Services ] ***** No malicious services found. ***** [ Folders ] ***** No malicious folders found. ***** [ Files ] ***** No malicious files found. ***** [ DLL ] ***** No malicious DLLs found. ***** [ WMI ] ***** No malicious WMI found. ***** [ Shortcuts ] ***** No malicious shortcuts found. ***** [ Tasks ] ***** PUP.Adware.Heuristic C:\Windows\System32\Tasks\{ECC531EE-A054-4B19-B6A1-1FBC9166C659} ***** [ Registry ] ***** PUP.Adware.Heuristic HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Schedule\TaskCache\Tree\{ECC531EE-A054-4B19-B6A1-1FBC9166C659} ***** [ Chromium (and derivatives) ] ***** No malicious Chromium entries found. ***** [ Chromium URLs ] ***** No malicious Chromium URLs found. ***** [ Firefox (and derivatives) ] ***** No malicious Firefox entries found. ***** [ Firefox URLs ] ***** No malicious Firefox URLs found. ########## EOF - C:\AdwCleaner\Logs\AdwCleaner[S03].txt ##########
  6. I have lost everything this time. I have BSOD non stop since march. I can not take this anymore. I have already sent the computer back to HP and they sent it back and put a new Ethernet and network card in it. Now this computer that's new since March and has done it since I bought it, now my Dell that Iv had since 2013 is doing it. They all have one thing in common and the logs now show me that Its your protection that has been making me going in circles crying I have lost all my memories and documents now. PLEASE lets work on this right now and lets fix this. Then when I'm done with this were going to get my other laptop that wont go past a black screen at login after it BSOD with the same exact Critical Kernal System service exeption due to Tcpip.sys causing the BSOD. Microsoft and I have reinstalled windows 7 times now. HP AND Dell both now have done all they can. Everytime I get a new computer I have no choice but to install your service. I live in a church. We are targets constantly with attacks that your service blocks the malware all the time. I can not be without Malwarebytes. This is NOT an option. The only option is for someone here to start telling me what to do. The BSOD made it all the way from restore to the very last update that was MS windows 10 latest build update and it Crashed. Before that I clicked on a youtube video and got the BSOD . It always happens to me in the moments I am trying to browse safe and to update. It says its a Ip type issue and Malwarebytes is the blame I have learned. That explains why I have restarted and your service is not running and didn't start like it always does. Its not even running. When I first reinstalled it today the Realtime protection kept saying "Off" and I would say Fix and turn on from the right bottom right clicking. I restarted the service in Admin tools and it didn't work. I had to restart 3 times and run Fixdamage. I cant keep this up. Please help me!! I just want to play online again!! BSOD Tcpip.sys Kernal critical fail.docx
  7. After updating my AMD drivers to 16.9.1 it seems MBAM detected a folder as a Trojan.Agent (see attached screenshot). I believe it's a false-positive and I've attached the log as well. system32_P detected as trojan.txt P.zip
  8. Hi, (Please forgive me for my bad English, I hope the post will be understandable) I have made a big mistake and installed on my computer a version of microsoft toolkit final to correct my office that is apparently not microsoft toolkit... I tried to find some solution on the forum and this post is exactly describing my problem : When I launched the program, it installed itself with the comand-line interface in different registery (system32 and internet explorer), but never run like it should run. (Microsoft toolkit usually run without showing any sign of instalation). Since then Avast notified me, every now and then, that it is blocking attack that go through explorer, I never use explorer ... I followed the step on the post: - Run Defogger - Run adwcleaner - Run hijackthis - Run FRST - Installed and run Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes found 16 threats, all : Trojan.Miuref.Generic Each time it found something, an application error poped with : - WerFault.exe - Application Error "The instruction at 0x4c000000 referenced memory at 0x4c000000. The memory could not be written" (the code change everytime, could also be "0x25000000" among other) "Click on OK to terminate the program" OR - iexplorer.exe - Application Error "The instruction at 0xdc000000 referenced memory at 0xdc000000. The memory could not be written" "Click on OK to terminate the program" - I unstalled Utorrent Do my computer will go better now, or the virus is still there ? I didn't want to run ComboFix alone, because of the warning written in "Still infected with MS Office Toolkit" post. Thanks, to anyone that will take on his time to reply to me. defogger_disable.log AdwCleaner[C2].txt Malwarebytes.txt hijackthis.log FRST.txt Addition.txt
  9. Hi guys! So long story short, I tried downloading a program that would allow me to record my screen. It was freeware and ended up being a malware. I ran Malwarebytes twice so far and keep getting the same results. 5 threats detected, all being the same thing: Hijack.Host - Malware - File - C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts Hijack.Host - Malware - File - C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts Hijack.Host - Malware - File - C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts Hijack.Host - Malware - File - C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts Hijack.Host - Malware - File - C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts On top of that I keep receiving this error from Windows stating that "nine has stopped working." The pop up continuously keeps popping up and closing. I would like to state that I'm running Windows 10 if that helps. Please, someone help asap. I really need to get this fixed. Thank you!
  10. Hello, A while ago, my avast virusscanner started to give me notifications which stated that 'the file you are downloading seems to be very new or very rare'. I'm not sure about the file-name, but the origin is something like http://au.v4.download.windowsupdate.com/d/msdownload/update/software/defu/...(the rest i can't see), and it says 'Downloaded by: C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe'. Avast says I should abort the connection (and I always listen to avast ;p), but the notification shows up all the time. I saw some other user with the same problem as I have, with avast and these files, and he says he had Premium Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, but that program doesn't see any infections. So I downloaded Farbar Recovery Scan Tool en followed your steps, so i will attach the logs that came out of it. I am not really a huge computer noob (I can use Word and Powerpoint xD) but I know nothing about these kind of things. Also, I am not English or American so I may not express myself very accurate, especially when it comes to notifications (for me they are in Dutch, I can translate but it won't be very accurate). I have added a FRST.txt and an Addition.txt log. Addition_11-08-2015_21-46-05.txtFRST_11-08-2015_21-46-05.txtI really hope someone can help me. Love, Emma FRST_11-08-2015_21-46-05.txt Addition_11-08-2015_21-46-05.txt
  11. When I reboot from avast software program and anvirus definition update it gets an error "The application was unable to start properly (0xc0000906). Click OK to close the application.", same goes to Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Many pop-ups from windows defender appears that malware is blocked, later then I found out I'm being infected by Trojan:Win32/Patched.AP (quarantined then removed) from a simple scan thanks to the only remaining antimalware that still can open during this time, Windows Defender, when another antimalware that I can open fail to do so (Iobit Malware-fighter). But that has not solved the issue. Antivirus, Malwarebytes and other major programs and security software still cannot be opened due to dnsapi.dll: lsass.exe - Unable To Locate Component "This application has failed to start because DNSAPI.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem." even in Chameleon Malwarebytes also fail to start because it's not independent from dnsapi.dll (which for me, quite a flaw compared to Windows Defender and Iobit Malware-fighter that does not require dnsapi.dll to run) I need help to restore dnsapi.dll and clean all the malware without the need to recover to an earlier state since system restore and system protection also fails to start and I don't wish to reinstall windows all over again. I tried all combination possible of cmd commands (like: sfc /scannow), regedit, accidentally installing bloatware that happens to be fake "registry fixer", using AdWare cleaner, junkware removal tool, farbar, unlocker, none worked so far. Here I attached some files from FRST. I need urgent help. Thanks for the reply.​ Addition.txt FRST.txt
  12. Okay, so I scan my laptop with Malwarebytes daily. Now yesterday, I bought a Dimm of 4 GB of RAM yesterday from a friend and installed it on my laptop. It started slow and then I started a Malwarebytes scan and my PC's screen went off and it wouldn't respond. Then I restarted it and after 5 minutes, I got a BSOD. I opened up the cover and got the RAM out, then everything was fine again. So I ran another scan and found nothing. Great c:. Now, I turned it off and today, I put the Dimm back in cause I wanted to see why didn't it work and it was okay, but I found that the RAM must be faulty and it would probably cause more issues in the future, so I removed it. I turned my computer back on and ran a scan to find that a file called portcls.sys was an Unknown.Rootkit.Driver (located in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\drivers\portcls.sys). Scan finished, I removed it, everything okay. I also ran Malware-Bytes Anti-Rootkit and found nothing. Now I read that portcls.sys works with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO, so I want to know if this is just a false positive or if the file was corrupted and detected it as an Unknown.Rootkit.Driver or what was it. (Like I said before I run daily scans, I've never had any sort of serious infection on my computer, and I also have Avast! Free Antivirus since I don't have the PRO version of MBAM. I'm kind of paranoic with virus infections and I really hate them..).
  13. I recently started receiving a threat identified window from my anti-virus software that states "svchost.exe in c:\windows\system32.....Win32.User added." I've tried many times to remove the virus, but have failed everytime. I have done a scan with MBAR, frst, and adwcleaner and have all the logs for each. * I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit Operating System. Symptoms: I've noticed since this started is connection failure, troubleshooter for anything failure, slow startup, internet explorer doesn't work(page does not display)
  14. Sadly, I've picked up the system32/services.exe trojan. Win7 was stuck in an automatic reboot loop until I managed to uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials recently. Now, I'm running Malwarebytes, AVG, and SpyHunter at every startup. AVG detects the infection, but can't remove it. The original problem was that I picked up the Live Security Platinum infection. I used SpyHunter to try and remedy that. Based on what I read from other posts, I ran farbar, and I'm attaching the log here. Thank you to anyone who's reading this! I've been deadling with this for over a week. Quick question: Do I need to back-up my system before continuing? FRST.txt
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