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Found 15 results

  1. I have a Z87-g45 gaming motherboard and I can't get it to boot to usb. My computer completely crashed after I ran hitman and malewarbytes. I ran both scans and each told me a restart was needed so I waited for both to finish since they both required a restart. Prob was not good idea since now my computer won't boot at all. Once I was prompted of a failed startup I chose to restart from last known good configuration. It just got hung on the starting Windows screen for over 3 hours. So I tried changing the bios to ufei instead of legacy+ufei and tried to see if that helped. It didn't
  2. I just got on my computer today and did my daily startup scan, only to be greeted with pid.dll and its registry keys counted as an emotet trojan. I haven't been on any strange sites, and others are also having this issue, so it's safe to conclude that this may just be a false positive. I have successfully quarantined it by simply rebooting (although the computer didn't like it that much). It did come back after each scan like the emotet trojan, but that could just be because of how system files work sometimes.pid.dll False Positive.txt
  3. Hi guys. you can consider for the antimalware starts with the system in the free version , once you completed the 14 days off, and stay icon on the taskbar?
  4. In attempt to resolve the "Cannot "Allow" MalwareBytes system extension with 10.13 (High Sierra)" issue I disconnected my TeamViewer session and had the client click on Allow. Then took another remote session. The Security setting was allowed and the installer completed successfully. Then I restarted. The iMac no longer starts up. Apple Logo, progress bar slowly moves toward 100% but never completes. I tried having her boot into Safe Mode but that didn't work either. Even if it is Apple's fault. The computer was not having problems prior to installing Malwarebytes for Mac.
  5. Hello I am running Malwarebytes 3 v3.6.0 and when i run it on Windows 10 it uses a huge amount of memory like 1 gigabyte, I tried to find the option that appears in the usage guide to prevent this behaviour from happening because this is a machine of low resources but I didn't find any option on how scans affects my system. Even on safe mode, it stalls and when I try to open back Malwarebytes it says pagination file too little but it doesn't even run it and stalls. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. This is a weird one that I came across this morning. I have a client that runs Malwarebytes Pro and Advanced SystemCare 9.4. Both are paid versions. I'm well aware of the IOBit theft, but I can't convince this client to remove it since it was paid and annually renewed. They upgraded to version 9.4 yesterday, and have an automatic Malwarebytes scan scheduled daily for 3am. This morning, they called me in a panic because all of their systems shows malware scan results of 474 PUPs. When I reviewed, the log, the majority were PUP.Optional.AdvancedSystemCare and PUP.Optional.DriverBooster, but ther
  7. Hi Acronis and Disks Management says that the disks are healthy and a sfc scan revealed no corruption svchost.exe, "System", MsMpEng.exe, and ExpressCache.exe are the highest in the I/O read/write bytes columns in Task Manager (not sure what that means) Ran MWB but nothing turned up Appreciate any help, thanks
  8. I found a post "Android Installer Hijacking Vulnerability" and then installed an app 'Installer Hijacking Scanner' from Palo Alto Networks and tested my device for vulnerability. Well, there are many people tried this app. Some found their phone safe and some do not. there is one more post in this forum asked the same issue. What is this Android Installer Hijacking and how to fix phones infected with it. Please suggest a solution for all possible versions of android. i am on jelly bean right now. Thank you so much!~
  9. First, I have a problem with my desktop disappearance so I decided to try it one of the clamwin Anti-virus http://www.clamwin.com/So Here's what happened. ! I have downloaded this anti-virus and install it on my system, there are also pending Microsoft updates for installation! I did install the latest updates and i have run hijackthis tool to kill all startup item and i do restart the system and log in again, but there is no desktop? All I have is a blank desktop any idea ? and i had to do a mlware check with many malware scanner and they find nothing Except Norton Power Eraser it finded a Su
  10. I had to do a system restore on my computer because of some issues I had with another program. When the computer restarted, I got an error message in Malwarebytes. When I opened the dashboard, it says in large letters "Your system is not fully protected" and lower down, there is a red x which says "Malicious website protection disabled". Also on the top is the button that says "Fix Now". When I press Fix Now, nothing happens. When I go to settings, under Detection and Protection, I saw that Malicious Website protection was indeed disabled, so I checked off the Enabled button. The message on th
  11. Okay this morning I had a popup from Malware telling me my system was not fully protected. I click on the popup and see what is in the image below I click on the Fix Now button and nothing happens. I went to settings and saw this So I put the little dot in Enabled. After going back to the dashboard I still see what is in the first image. I have restarted my computer and tried again. Nothing changed. So what have I done wrong?
  12. Program version: Under Vista 32 bit. 1 GB RAM Hi. Malwarebytes seems to use a lot of memory resources, Can I make it use less without compromising efficiency? Thanks
  13. Hi, i need help with this issue im having im having. I have installed Malaware bytes and ran a scan, once it finished it deleted a bunch of files that were infected. Now iam having a pop up system error saying that a miner.dll program is missing and i must install it now to fix the problem. It pops up every 5 minutes. I went through a few different other topics with the same problem and downloaded DDS and ran it, saved the two notepads to my desktop and ill post the DDS.txt in this topic and ill attach the Attach.txt to this as well. DDS.txt contents: DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_AMD64
  14. Pro version. In an office of 10+ computers, several with XP SP3, I find myself as the only one dealing with this recent update problem. Icon remains grayed out, cannot enable services even with clicking on them directly. Starts grayed out with windows. Have tried multiple restarts, have done uninstall (with clean tool) and reinstall. Termincal services is automatic. Attached info that seems necessary. Only have 2 protection logs present. Looking for immediate assistance. Thanks. ------------- mbam-check result log version: Malwarebytes Version: REG_SZ Date Log Cr
  15. Hey all, I was infected with the system check virus and I was able to remove it. For a day my computer seemed fine, but then the next day my google searches started redirecting me to random sites and my computer was noticeably slower. Malwarebytes found an infection and then my computer was fine for a night. But then again the next day google searches started redirecting and computer was slow. I ran many scans on Malwarebytes, but all of them come out with 0 infections found. Thanks in advance for your help. Attached below is the quick scan that found the infection. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1
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