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Found 18 results

  1. Hello, I had already made an account when initially downloading Malwarebytes, so when I paid for the premium subscription I used the same email address. When singing in to my account it says I have no payments/subscriptions. I checked all of the folders in my email (including spam and trash etc.) and have yet to find a subscription key. If anyone could tell me if I'm missing something or could help me with this, that would be great. I already have seen the transition of -$21.09 (with the summer discount) on my online bank statement.
  2. Are they charging an extra $59.99 a year for this VPN on top of what I'm already paying for the anti-virus program itself? If so, then the price needs to be dropped considerably because that would be awfully expensive. A free trial would help as well.
  3. Can I purchase a 1-year premium subscription for 2 devices and use one key to install Malwarebyes on my NEW computer now... BUT WAIT until my OLD computer's subscription expires in 20 months to install the 2nd key?
  4. I'm trying to install MB3 onto a 4th PC but it's saying "The usage level has exceeded the maximum installations allowed". When I check I can see "0 of 4" Available Devices but when I list them it is only showing three devices.
  5. Hi All, This could be a simple answer to my question. I use to run Malwarebytes on 2 devices and now I have replaced my laptop device running Windows 10 and I went to deactivate my old laptop. This caused an error, what I have noticed however is that after adding my new laptop it says I have "Available devices - 3 of 6", when it should say I have "2 of 6". I appear to have lost the use of one license because I may have done the deactivation wrong. How can this please be fixed? Thanks and Regards, Rob
  6. Hi My current subscription expires in two days. I do not wish to automatically renew it as I'm going to be buying a new computer soon (current one is five years old and too frustrating to use). How do I do this? i couldn't see anything after clicking on My Account. I tried to log in to Support but can't get in - the username and password for this forum don't work, and nor does the password for my account. It asks for a username, but I've never had one for that and my real name and email addresses don't work either. The yearly charge is not much, but I don't want to pay it twice. Thanks.
  7. I'm not sure who to sent this to, so I hope whoever reads this will forward it to the proper person/department. I have tried several times to get someone to respond to me regarding transferring my current Malwarebytes to my new computers. Do I have to buy a new plan to cover my new computers or can I transfer the one I already have to my new computers. I just recently renewed my subscription on my 2 computers ($50). Would someone please get back to me as soon as possible and help me with this. I'd really like to use my new computers, but am concerned about getting a virus on them. PLEASE HELP! I appreciate your attention to this. Thanks! Teri Bisbee cinmonrol@hotmail.com
  8. I have a "lifetime" subscription with an ID & KEY on this computer. I was notified a new version was available so i installed it. [Version 3.2.2] When I attempt to "Activate License" I get a message: "The usage level has exceeded the max volume allowed. There is a problem with your license key and we are unable to activate your license. Please check your license details and try entering your key again." This is the same computer that had the Lifetime subscription working for years. ??? How to correct this error???
  9. My Account Tells Me I Have No Subscriptions Yesterday I purchased and installed Malwarebytes Premium (windows), and installed it on one of my 3 licensed PCs. The install was successful and I was able to activate, update and scan. My problem is that when I setup MyAccount (from the email link) I received an error but continued. I can login to my.malwarebytes.com but it shows "YOU DON'T HAVE ANY SUBSCRIPTIONS RIGHT NOW". But, mbam.exe clearly shows I have a License expiring in 1 year. I opened a ticket today; no response yet of course. Can anyone help? I only find one old posting with the same problem; this person was ping-ponged between Malwarebytes and their billing agent.
  10. ID: 5AJ64-S36HP is invalid since I added GFX card and reinstalled Win10. Thanks for support.
  11. Hi, I use the above mentioned version of MBAE since I am not yet convinced with the newer Malwarebytes 3 version enough to trust that it has ironed out all it's issues as an all in one suite to run without conflicts and problems and prefer to still run Malwarebytes Anti-malware and Anti-exploit separately whilst I use WinAntiRanson as part of WIn Patrol for my Ransomware protection. My MBAE subscription had expired and I was sure I had renewed my subscription. Having been busy around the time of renewal I thought nothing more of it till I wondered recently if mine was still valid as I noticed the latest version was and yet mine seems not to have upgraded automatically and still shows as How do i ascertain it's validity from the Application short of checking any receipt of payment or/and my bank statement to verify this?
  12. I currently have an annual subscription of Malwarebytes 3 Premium Personal Edition which expires and automatically renews in December but can anyone please tell me if that will be for the same price I paid before or will it be different. Thanks.
  13. Due to the recent ransomware attack and general public insecurity, I am heavily set on the idea of purchasing the full version on MBAM. I plan on paying for 2 years for two PCs. One will be for my computer, and the other my parents. I do not have a very good track record when it comes to HDDs lasting very long and the longest I've had one is only about 6 months, before its passed on to the Big Server in the Sky. With the fear of my HDD failing me I would like to know how exactly the full MBAM marks a PC as using the key before I purchase. Is it hard drive based or is it hardware based? If my HDD dies will I be able to use the computers license on a newly installed HDD? Thank you.
  14. Is MBAE Premium yearly subscription manual or automatic using a credit card? I encountered the message below before making a purchase. I prefer manual, letting myself decide before the expiration date when to renew, depending on current monthly cash flow. Though I currently use MBAE latest beta and happy with it, my decision whether or when to upgrade is dependent on this. If automatic, have to wait until I have a credit card that expires less than a year from now. Too many problems with automatic billing (not MB) with other prodcuts and services in the past. 'I confirm that I am signing up for a subscription product that will be billed in regular intervals. Continued use of the purchased product is contingent upon my payment of the subscription. Details about the price and frequency of the billing were shown to me in the shopping cart above.'
  15. It would be much appreciated for there to have an option to pay ONCE for a lifetime plan. i do not know if i can pay on a scheduled plan
  16. Hello everyone, I purchased today the Malware-Bytes Anti-Malware Premium and I saw that it's not a normal buy but it's more like a subscription.. So I bought it to try it for only 1 year and after buying the product I got with all the informations and stuff and at the end there is a link that gives me the option to cancel the subscription so that it's not going the purchase the license in 1 year again, but I got an error by doing that.. and after I get this error message: Just look at the screenshots.. If someone could help me just give me a solution, Thanks, Zumo
  17. I have just recently brought a new replacement laptop running Windows 10 / 64 bit and subscribed to Norton 360. I then installed the free trial Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. I now get the prompt that the trial is about to expire. I am considering upgrading to the Pro version, but it appears you need to pay for a yearly subscription. I thought there was a lifetime subscription? I also need to know if there is any issue with my Windows 10 and Norton 360 that I need to know about before I upgrade. I use MailWasher, MS Outlook with Office suite, Chrome and Firefox browser. Thanks in advance
  18. I am a computer support person. I recommended MBAM realtime (Pro) to a client, and she wants it for her (single, only) Win7 machine. I'll be doing her installation, and if she has trouble, I will be contacting Malwarebytes on her behalf. I'm running MBAM Pro Trial version. Should I buy the license for my two Windows machines (Win7 and XP Pro) and use the "third machine" for my client's machine? Is this considered legitimate? Are there guidelines about the relationship between the three covered machines?
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