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  1. So as i was using MalwareBytes my device found 43 detections as it was sending them to quarantine it was stuck on removing 4 out of 43 it has been 4 hours since and it still hasn't been removed , i have 4 gigabytes of ram and no background applications were running . So can anyone help me?
  2. I just recently tried using Malwarebytes again (after using it several times before on different computers) and it has detected only 3 threats. As of this post, it has been working on removing these three files for over 20 minutes. I'm aware that lots more files means that the program will work harder and longer to remove them but 3 isn't a big number. Is the program stuck? Why is it taking so long to remove the threats?
  3. I’ve had this problem for a while and nothing is helping! I go on my task manager and see 2 types of apps running in the background. Both called vmxclient. It won’t go to process if clicked and it won’t kill process....nothing. I notice that sometimes it appears and disappears from the apps tab. When it appears I hear my desktop fan going off the roof! When it’s gone it’s very silent. I also notice in my process tab a IGFXMTC.exe and a dwioaem.exe (4 processes). Nothing happens when I click on them. They just appear and disappear on their own. Please help!!!
  4. Hello. I'm definitely looking forward to using your program but the "0 of 383 threats quarantined" stage got stuck in the Threat removal process. Please help. my computer is acting up and I want to get it fixed ASAP so I don't have to get my dad a new one. Thanks mate!
  5. My PC was recently stricken down whilst watching youtube videos, resulting in my PC (windows 7) becoming trapped in a never ending nor successful boot or repair loop. After trying the automatic repair, system restore (no restore points) and booting in safe mode all unsuccessfully, my PC then simply started showing me a "windows failed to load" screen with mbamswissarmy.sys being the alleged perpetrator. I've been looking into this a lot the last couple of days, so I went ahead and used FRST on my broken pc via flash drive. Literally any morsel of help would be YUGELY appreciated, and my frst log is attached. FRST.txt
  6. The Web Protection isn't turning on and the scan is stuck on pre-scan operations. I've tried to use a malwarebytes cleaner and it failed can someone help. mb-clean-results.txt
  7. During "Scan File System" scan gets stuck on "HVSIMGR.EXE" After approximately 30 min the scan stops Mbam version- 3.3.1 Scan type- Custom scan, All options selected
  8. In attempt to resolve the "Cannot "Allow" MalwareBytes system extension with 10.13 (High Sierra)" issue I disconnected my TeamViewer session and had the client click on Allow. Then took another remote session. The Security setting was allowed and the installer completed successfully. Then I restarted. The iMac no longer starts up. Apple Logo, progress bar slowly moves toward 100% but never completes. I tried having her boot into Safe Mode but that didn't work either. Even if it is Apple's fault. The computer was not having problems prior to installing Malwarebytes for Mac. This is terrible behavior for Malwarebytes and makes me look bad. I mean I'm a Malwarebytes partner and I recommended installing this application. Now I cannot charge for the hours of support. This client is also a friend and she is 265 miles from my office. So I either have to walk this 80 years-of-age woman through booting the iMac into Recovery mode and restoring her computer from her Time Machine backup, or I have to drive up there to fix this. This is the last time I install Malwarebytes remotely. I am hoping someone has seen this and has a simple fix, fingers crossed!
  9. When trying to run malwarebytes it just spins on "checking for updates. have read forums and have downloaded FRST64, what now? Thank you in advance for any help......Russ A. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  10. Ransomeware switch. I never turned it off. Yet it is off. Has been starting now for over 50 minutes. How do I get it back on??
  11. It shouldn't take 10 minutes to get past Browsers, I've done everything to make it faster, scanning my computer for errors didn't work either, why is JRT suddenly having this problem? Even after Browsers, once it gets to Shortcuts just won't complete.
  12. downloaded some cracks: *avid-media-composer-703-650[aRb]Cracked.zip and Avid_Media_Composer_7_0_keygen_by_Inferno.zip one of them @#$%^ my system. The computer is sluggish, the browsers don't run, unless in SafeMode - and Malwarebytes is STUCK AT CHECKING FOR UPDATES stage I know - I'm STUPID for downloading those. It's so not like me - usually I'm extra careful. got cocky and was under pressure from work to finish some video editing at home Addition.txt FRST.txt
  13. It's getting stuck on mimefilt.dll.mui. I have already ran the Malwarebyte's clean uninstall process and it's still happening. edit: I had scan for rootkits checked. I just tried unchecking it (suggested on someone else's post) and the scan finished normally. Is it an issue that I can't 100% scan for rootkits?
  14. I have the same problem - Trojan.Agent.E.Generic is stuck in C:\WINDOWS\HOSTS, even after multiple quarantines. Each time I run the Malwarebytes scan, it shows up in the scan report, but when I check the hosts file, I can't see it (hidden files and operating system files are set to show). I ask Malwarebytes to remove the quarantined file, it tells me it's removed and need to restart. After restart, Malwarebytes reports removal failure. I am attaching a scanlog and files from Farbar. Thank you. mbscan3.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  15. Hello! First time posting here, so I'm sorry for the long post. I transitioned from Mac to Windows a while back & I use Windows Defender in conjunction with Malwarebytes All is running well, until one night after I full scanned my laptop using Windows Defender. After that, every time I try scanning with Malwarebytes, it seems to hang in two places: Startup Items(once) & Scan File System(many times). The last scan I did was this. I tried killing it by cancelling the scan, right-clicking MB's taskbar icon & selecting 'Quit Malwarebytes'(killing it in Taskbar & just closing the window still makes the scan continuing when I re-open it), but that will result in an 'Unable to connect to server' & Malwarebytes closing if I re-open it. I tried uninstalling using CCleaner's Uninstall section, Control Panel, mb-clean.exe & Malwarebytes' own uninstaller, but most of the time, the uninstaller will be stuck too, forcing me to kill it. I don't know what to do now. The only virus I got was Win32/Gamarue.gen!A, which is already quarantined & banished by Windows Defender. Yet, Malwarebytes still has this problem. Please help me, thanks in advance! Addition.txt FRST.txt MB-CheckResults.txt
  16. It used to work beautifully until the latest update...now, it gets stuck on BROWSERS
  17. I scanned the computer and malwarebytes found some threats, but when I try to quarantine, It says 0 of (blank) threats quarantined and stays like that with the loading symbol. Not freezing, but it seems to be stuck. Any thoughts on what I should do?
  18. Hello, Several of our PCs have been infected with malware. So far, all seem to have been removed successfully except on one PC. This is a Windows 7 PC.. Each time I run Malwarebytes, it finds trojan.agent.e.generic in the windows hosts file; we quarantine it, Malwarebytes says successful, restart to finish the deletion. Restart to finish deletion results in failure. I'm attaching one of the Malwarebytes scans and files from Farbar. mbscan3.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  19. I went through this guide: forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/9573-im-infected-what-do-i-do-now/ and it told me to post here, so I'm doing so. I have attached the files that Farbar gave me. Thanks Addition.txt FRST.txt Edit: I also just added the scan log from Malwarebytes. scanlog.txt
  20. Hello once again. I haven't really had any problems with malewarebytes since the last the last post about being stuck at a file. However, I once again got stuck at a file for a very long period of time and decided that it would be good to give you guys the info, as I've been keeping on enhanced logs just in case it occurred again. To be clear thought, this time the scan did actually complete on it's own; ironically a few minutes after I started gathering info to add to this post. Thus, this is more of a "here's some stuff that may interest you" post that a "I need a problem solved right now" post. Sorry If I put this in the wrong place or if this is seen as an unnecessary post. In either case, I understand if this gets deleted. In the case you want to see the info I gathered, here is the content of the folder: 1. Enhanced Malewarebyte logs from C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\logs a. One set before the scan completed b. one set after the scan completed (I don't know if that matters, but I did it just in case) 2. FRST Scan stuff 3. mbam-check.exe reports 4. A picture of the non-progressing scan Like last time I did not retest this, as it took 4 hours to get to the file that it stopped at. Once more, I am willing to try both a quick scan and custom scan to retest for this if needed (thought it may be a while since I need to do things for a bit). Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k9g6ou1343aor3l/Malwarebytes Help stuff.rar?dl=0 (In case the site's up-loader doesn't work) P.S. Sorry if I forgot anything you guys may have needed Malwarebytes Help stuff.rar
  21. Hi, Since morning today (20 May 2017), my real-time web protection turned off and can't be turned on. I noticed some of the other PCs in our office started to experience this as well. Malwarebytes has been uninstalled and the latest version from your website was installed (3.1.2) but the problem is still there. I'm using latest version of Windows 10 Home edition. The other PCs mainly use Professional edition. Pls advise. Thanks!
  22. I have this suspicious popups in my PC: asking for upgrading/downloading and install yahoo stuff and chromium. so, I decided to scan all of my drive while i'm away. so I start a custom scan, selecting all internal storage drives, and start. It was stuck at scanning for rootkits. for four hours. In reports tab, there's no scan report related for it. Probably because I forced terminate the app to stop the scan. It was stuck. MB-CheckResult.txt
  23. Premium 3.0 Real Time Protection Stuck at Starting I have read other posts and I'm still not able to fix my problem. In previous post a new version 3.0.6 is referenced as a download and fix but when I go to find it it says that it is no longer available. screenshots attached... -Have wasted too much time trying to fix this with no resolve. Please help!
  24. Program stuck trying to remove 3 found threats. killed after looped through 87 times and no sign of stopping. Using all resources on pc. Just downloaded the most recent version. never happened before
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