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Found 2 results

  1. Hello , I have a very persisting spreading screen virus on my asus windows 10 laptop ( and others) By my knowledge it only messes with my screen ( makes it reddish gloomy and seems to slightly pulsate) but it doesn’t freeze your computer or such or searches for information, to my knowledge. I have the same issue on multiple pc’s and 2 macs ... they have AlL anti virus protections Malwarebytes , clamxav on macs and also malwarebytes free version and f-secure on pc , the latest windows updates , And standard and administrative accounts... tried with several anti virus programs but none seem to recognize this.... the virus spreads from even connecting an external device without opening anything. From Mac to windows ???? it presumably originated from a malicious torrent file Downloaded years ago. And has gotten on every computer in my house via usb connection. I know from trying On the macs that erasing your drive and reinstalling the operating system Doesn’t solve the alterations . Even booting to an other drive with a clean system gives no good result. The infection on my latest windows pc comes from the ext. ssd connected to that infected Mac ..,, I have tried on the windows to go to a restoration point . But that doesn’t do anything. I am going to try to restore my laptop to original factory settings . But I hoped that I could find a Different thoroughly solution from my malwarebytes antivirus here at the help forum? I have posted on the forum before but then Mac related. And have been told that a virus doesn’t work like this on a Mac . I do not really know if it would be categorized as one . But I know these screen alterations spread so that must be some kind of coding or such. are there any steps I can take before trying to reStore my pc to factory settings ? I didn’t make a backup yet as the pc is a month old . I do have a recovery drive from my windows fully updated. And have enabled the windows restore at start of boot. with kind regards jonas
  2. I APOLOGIZE: THIS IS A LONG WINDED SYNOPSIS, but I need some kind of advice before I absolutely lose it! Everything I seem to do is somehow blocked, hidden, corrupted, etc (INCLUDING MBAM Premium and MBAE Premium & MBAR!) by this - virus? /malware? /identity theft?/ CYBER TERRORISM?? I don't know. THANK YOU to ANYONE who can steer me in the right direction. I have always been careful online and never thought Cyber Terrorism could ever happen to me, but the past few months have been a living hell and the stress level in my family is absolutely overwhelming all due to this hidden digital horror and I NEED my life back! Sorry for the introduction, but I am desperate here. Anyway, a little over two months ago I discovered some kind of virus on my computer, a very visible, lost administrative access, etc. At that time I was only secured by my ISP "Comcasts Norton 360." I contacted them immediately and they remotely went into my computer and just deleted a bunch of files and God knows what else they did (apparently Symantec has a special "department" for Comcast Norton customers?!?). Not less than a day after I'm noticing all kinds of stuff again. So, I called the local "PC Repair Man" whom I've now come to believe is a joke, and he did his thing installing some Spyware Program from a USB stick, claimed everything was all fixed and left me with the $120 bill. I went on vacation for 2 weeks and came back to ALL KINDS of problems and on my Laptop AND my desktop!.. Programs I didn't install, updates from Microsoft that were years old, revoked administrative access, webpage redirecting, running in 32bit instead of my 8.1 64bit, EVERYTHING! So, in a panic I did the Windows 8.1 "Refresh" of both desktop and laptop. Called Comcast Norton again, they come on my Laptop this time and see I "wiped" (refreshed) everything, so they just run Norton Power Eraser for good measure, of course it comes up clean. BUT, just to be sure I was totally in the clear I had doofus "reapair" guy over again and there goes another $120 just to say I fixed it myself.... Things seemed fine for a week or so and I started doing lots of research on the hacking culture. I bought MBAM Premium and MBAE Premium and decided to change my ISP to Verizon Fios. THE DAY AFTER Verizon internet was installed I again became locked out of key features and some even simple ones of my computer. I kept being redirected, kicked out of my accounts out of nowhere, my Microsoft account was stolen and I had to jump through hoops to recover it by phone. But what is REALLY weird, as well as beyond frustrating is that this thing starts spreading across EVERY device in my name. Two tablets, my two computers and MY PHONE! I had an LG and it was showing it connecting with other LG's and turning on and off, battery draining, and ALL my devices are constantly working their butt off at something! CPU and RAM usage so high, it was rendering them useless. So, here I stand. I can no longer try to keep chasing this down and self diagnosing. My $3K Laptop lies without it's battery attached for 2 weeks, I broke down and got a brand new phone and my Nook HD tablets have been wiped twice and still CM Security continues to list virus after virus attached to them, so they're permanently off for now. So, all I have am using now is my desktop. I did a system restore on it (although I was only allowed to go a few weeks back), about a week ago - this then activated a free trial of Norton Antivirus, NOT the Comcast one. I run MBAM Premium and Norton scans daily. MBAE Premium is always on screen, yet my computer is STILL as slow as molasses and I get warnings and crash reports from Google Chrome and IE 11 every time I use them. I can't even run a few small computer games for my 5 year old, they just slow to a freeze. I am terrified to even put the battery back in my laptop. Before this whole nightmare, my desktop was running heavy photo software along with large 'Minecraft" worlds (all closed games, just my son and I) at lighting speed! So, I believe there are some serious lingering Rootkits and/or Backdoors somewhere deep in the system. And clearly all my attempts at wiping them with "refreshes" does nothing but leave them undetectable by antivirus and anti malware software so they are just patiently waiting again for that one accidental click to open the flood gates once again. I'm sorry I wrote an essay and if you got this far you are awesome! I need some kind of sound advice, anything from anyone with true knowledge on how to see into the depths of my computer and clean it up and keep it that way. Thanks again. Everyone at Malwarebytes is a true hero. I will be checking for any responses continuously throughout the night and days. Sincerely, Stephen
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