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Found 11 results

  1. When a scheduled scan is running it is VERY slow and I UNDERSTAND that this intended by design to not interfere with other tasks. However, there is no method to tell the scan to speed up as if I had manually started the scan. Today on a SSD, it had taken 4 hours to scan 200,000+ files. Ultimately, I gave up, started the scan over and it finished quickly. That said, it had to re-scan the 200,000+ files that it had just finished. Please allow a scan that is already running to be commanded to speed up to the manual scan speed. Thank you.
  2. Since the new update my computer have come slower than usual. Before update and restart. I programmed in Visual Studio Version 16.5.0 Preview 2.0. Now when I start the tool it take like 1 minute, then later when I code everything freeze and crash. This wasn't before this new update.
  3. This may need to be forwarded to Malwarebytes' engineers, as there's nothing about it anywhere on the internet. I'm currently running a virus scan after getting a disturbingly accurate spam email, conclusively proving that someone put a keylogger on my computer. At this moment, Malwarebytes has scanned 1,876,069 files, over the past 186:22:04 hours. The scan managed to complete the first 400,000 files in the first 5 or so hours, but was only up to 750,000 files by 23 hours. Currently, the scan is managing a little better than one file per second, scanning speed. If I pause the scanner for a while, when I resume, it goes back to the full 1000 files/second scanning speed, but only manages to maintain that for a few seconds, with the number of seconds dependent on how many minutes I paused the scanner. I'm curious to know what causes the slowdown, and why the sudden boost in speed when a scan is unpaused. I wonder if this information would help Malwarebytes' engineers design a faster scan, or if this is simply a limitation of the hardware "caching" on my system's processor, etc. My processor is currently only using about 16%, and my hard drive is seeing widely fluctuating usage (and that's with a lot of browser tabs open). I'm wondering why, since the scanner is set to use "maximum system resources", it slows down and leaves so many system resources unused. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity. :)
  4. Good afternoon, lately my internet connection started being really slow so I thought it could be caused by a malware, then I decided to install and run Malwarebytes on my PC since Windows Defender didn't help me at all. This problem only occurs temporally, then my connection works normally for a few hours, so I don't think it's about hardware. Malwarebytes found many threats which I've already deleted, but I'll post its scan log anyway. It solved an issue that made the Google website be slow, but my internet is still failing a lot. Of course, I've been talking to my internet provider company, but they found no issues, and my speed should be 300 Mb/s as it's shown by the speed tests but it's clearly not. Furthermore this is not happening to any other devices connected via Wi-Fi. At this point I'm totally lost, so I'd be grateful if you could help me. Thank you very much. (FRST, Addition and Malwarebytes logs are attached) FRST.txt Addition.txt malwarebytesLog.txt
  5. I ran the 14 days consumer trial on our virtual Multipoint 2016 server and I noticed some performance degradation when multiple users were logged in and multiple instances of malwarebytes were running. The processor and the memory were doing fine but I think the I/O speed with the virtual disk was severely degraded. For instance some process needed to launch another process and without malwarebytes this might take 30 seconds but when malwarebytes was installed it took 2 minutes instead, therefore 4 times longer. My questions are: - is any way to alleviate this behavior with consumer license (premium)? - would malwarebytes endpoint protection/security be in any way different such as running maybe a single instance or have better I/O performance? - can I get a new trial with the business version if I had installed (and removed now) the consumer version?
  6. Hi, not sure if I'm rehashing an old issue, but I just downloaded Malwarebytes 3.0.6 (first day of premium trial) and have received the same false positive for both Auslogics BoostSpeed as well as Auslogics Disk Defrag. I believe I am running the latest versions of both AusLogic programs. I would think these are clean programs? Perhaps I should dig deeper on google and see if other users have reported malicious activity from Auslogics software? Thanks
  7. Running Auslogics BoostSpeed v6.4.1.0 Anti-Ransomware Beta While performing "Disk Space" cleaning, ARbeta quarantined Boostspeed.exe Program is known clean, genuine.
  8. Infected with Fix Speedy Optimizer I Have an HP Laptop with Windows 8 that i recently bought of someone. It was infected with many viruses, in which i removed, but this Fix Speedy Optimizer will not go away. I have ran MBAM, JRT, RKILL, RougeKiller, Revo Uninstall, ADWCleaner, Spybot S&D. And nothing is working for this. Please help!!!. I also attached a picture of the Fix Speedy Optimizer
  9. I have had great success on here before, and now am doing the same thing with my partner's laptop, as it has been acting very funnily lately (very slow processing times, and DVD's no longer play). I've installed Malwarebytes free version, and it did quarantine one file. Also, just FYI, the battery on this laptop is on its last legs - we are waiting for a new one to be delivered. Here are the FRST logs (they will not paste so I'm attaching). Thank you so much! Krista Addition.txt FRST_18-04-2014_13-01-29.txt
  10. MBAM PRO VERSION MBAM Pro is limited my internet speed. When I enable Website Blocking, my internet bandwidth (download speed) was limited to 3 or 4 Mbps. When I disable my Website Blocking, my internet bandwidth (download speed) was back to its 40+ Mbps. I am a paid user. Is this a bug or what? If there any fix on that?
  11. So I had the free version of Malwarebytes previously and when I would do a full scan it would take several minutes. Now since I have upgraded to the PRO version, my full scan takes literally 25 seconds. What the heck is going on???
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