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Found 16 results

  1. PC running windows 7 will not shut down with Malwarebytes Ransomware enabled. I also have Norton 360 which plays nicely with Malwarebytes. Premium. I have worked with support and sent replies and logs as requested without a fix. The last email requested I submit this information to Engineering which I highly doubt exists since the has been no fixes either for myself or others reporting the same problem as far back as 2018.
  2. Is there a way or an option to shut down the PC if the scan finds no problems? I would like to run a scan every night before I go to bed. I currently have a scan scheduled for 3 am, but I don't like leaving my computer on 24x7. If I don't leave it on all night, it takes 20-30 minutes to run a threat scan when I boot it up in the morning, which is a pain. If there IS no way to do this currently, I would like to suggest that such an option be added in some future release. Thanks!
  3. Malwarebytes (MWB) threat scan is driving my PC into 100% utilisation and shutdown, often when I'm away from my desk. It's affecting my work and general computer use big time. There may have been external manipulation of my machine as I've been hacked numerous times, and MWB's settings have been hacked and manipulated numerous times, mainly involving turning off layers of security. I've set a user password in MWB now which has helped me get control of MWB, and now this overheating overutilisation of CPU has started. Even with my fan settings changed to Turbo, my CPU's are overheating and shutt
  4. Why do my “Real Time Protective Layers” keep shutting off from my Premium Malwarebytes 3.2.2? For a whole week now I am getting 5 or 6 daily warnings that they are “shut off” and that I must manually put them on again.
  5. Lately my PC has been acting suspiciously; performing simple tasks such opening an image very slowly and freezing my games minutes after opening them. Although they would eventually unfreeze, it makes playing games almost impossible. Additionally, sometimes, when I attempt to shutdown my PC, an unnamed program or a program named 'G' will prevent my PC from shutting down, although when I reenter my PC no such my program is running in the task manager. My PC specs are listed below. CPU: Intel i5 4460 GPU: Radeon R9 270 Motherboard: Gigabyte B85M-D3H PSU: Corsair 500M RAM
  6. Hi. Since the new 3.x version i've been experiencing this issue. It does not happen everytime but it does most of the time, whenever i need to reboot or shutdown my computer, with windows 10, i see the screen with the rolling balls saying shuting down or rebooting and then it just freezes and stays like that forever. I need to reset or keep the power button pressed. I assume this is because malwarebytes, i already tried to unninstall it multiple times and when i do that, those freezes no longer happen. I really like malwarebytes but i cant have my computer cra
  7. If I leave my laptop (hpprobook, Windows 7) idle for a while, it shuts down and I have to reboot it. Also, AVAST somtimes notifies me that a potencially malicious code is preventing the scanning of my browser (Mozilla Firefox).
  8. About 2 months ago we started having problems with our Windows 7 machines getting stuck on shutting down during a shutdown or reboot process. We've narrowed the problem down to Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware. If we uninstall and reinstall it the problem goes away but it seems whenever we get windows updates it breaks it again. Anyone else see this problem and have a more permanent fix? We are running Anti-Ransomware for business
  9. After having installed Windows Security Update KB3197868 which is the Windows 7, Nov, 2016 Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 7 64 bit, my shutdown time went from 15 seconds to 5 minutes. After fiddling with MSCONFIG, I determined the hangup was due to service MB3Service . If I click on "Stop Protection", in the Anti-Ransomeware Dashboard, the problem goes away.This started to happen immediately after installing KB3197868.
  10. hi, I have the same problem, running windows 7 x64 and MBAR beta 8. To be able to shut down or restart successfully I need to first manually stop the MB3service service. I have followed the instructions above for a clean install, again with beta 8, but the problem persists. I have attached the files from c:\programdata MalwarebytesARW.zip
  11. Getting the Shutdown slowdown and two other issues which seem related. Built a new windows 7 pro sp1 machine and installed ARW. The batch of 100+ updates which usually takes 24-48hrs to appear ready for install never shows (200 + hrs). Also, preset backups using Windows 7 Task Scheduler on another machine stopped working immediately after ARW install.
  12. So last night I left my PC on and went away for about 4 hours. No, I was not browsing porn at the time I went AFK. I came back and my laptop wouldn't boot up. I had to plugin my power cord to start it up. battery was at 16%, though. Then pops up a failure to start and pc repair window (the kind that doesn't load windows fully) It looks like win 98. I restored windows to a "previously working point in time" and went on. Then I ran MBAM out of curiosity. I found trovi and other malware. Obviously i attempted to remove them all. I was prompted to restart for full removal so I did, BUT after 30
  13. hi there, My windows 7 shuts down automatically without any reason. It isn`t a sudden shutdown, closes immediately everything then turns off windows. I think it is more likely a software problem, but I dont know where to look. Sometimes it is working for a while (few minutes), then does this. Sometimes you can`t even reach the sign in window. There isn`t any automatic shut down task set up. First it turned on itself as well. I charged the batteries and I couldn`t use my laptop on the train, because on the way there (4 hours) it slowly used its battery. Where should I look for the problem? Did
  14. Hello, I would really appreciate any help I can get. My computer obviously has a virus and I am trying to get rid of it by using Malwarebytes. The problem is that my laptop shuts down when I attempt to run Malwarebytes. I also attempted to run another malware program and yet again, my laptop shut down during the scan. I downloaded the Farbar tool and attached are my log files for review. I appreciate any help you can offer! Thanks you! Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST.txt) (x64) Version: 30-05-2014 Ran by Vicky (administrator) on VICKY-PC on 30-05-2014 19:46:19 R
  15. I have a scheduled daily full scan and, within the last two days, came home to find that my pc has rebooted. Nothing appears in the log and MSE doesn't reflect anything either. Windows displays a message: "Your PC has recovered from a serious error" A Quick Scan runs fine and when rebooting in Safe Mode, a full MWB scan runs fine - with no issues found. Thanks in advance for any guidance. jk
  16. Help! I have ran a ton of different anti-virus programs trying to kill this infestation: AVG, Avast, Avira, Kaspersky, DRWeb, ESET, F-Prot... to name a few... main issue is the computer turns off while scanning or blocks scanning... it has also stolen my network password and added it to some key ring... changed password.. anyway here's some found virus' in the infecting file: Trojan.Click2 - AVG, Arcavir Crypt.AJZT (64 bit, infected registry keys) - AVG W32/Backdoor2.HJZG -- Use Commtouch, F-Prot, Authentium Troj/Keygen-GV - Sophos HackTool.Keygen!O9+5af6Bu28 - VirusBuster Trojan/Win32.Genome
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