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Found 4 results

  1. @treed I think it would be useful to be able to protect, as in the Windows version, the program settings (in particular the MY ACCOUNT tab where there is the license key) in general with a Pin so that they are not visible / modifiable by anyone accessing the Mac; being able to choose which tabs to protect would be ideal.
  2. When I am in Malwarebytes (v Settings Tab ->Exclusions, currently when I Remove an Exclusion (while checked) the exclusion does not disappear from my exclusions tab. This leads me to believe the exclusion has not actually been removed. I still am not sure which is true. Windows 10 Professional x64 Malwarebytes version: Component package version: 1.0.262 Update package version: 1.0.3545 Current DT: 12/22/2017 CST (Partially obscured "Exclusions" tab: when I remove an exclusion it should disappear from the exclusions tab if it is indeed being removed from malwarebytes "Exclusions".) Thank you!
  3. Hello everyone i have few questions + little issue here with web exclusions so i want to whitelist few url that blocked by malwarebytes do i need to add www. before domain name to whitelist? or with or without www. it will cover all .... can i make rule something like *.whitelisteddomain.* ? so anything in front and either .com/.net/.org etc. whitelisted the issue i am getting with web exlusions is that, even i add domain name to whitelist, it still not letting view the sites... i need to add server IP also to whitelist.... is that they way web-exclusions work ? or they more better way for whitelisting domain thanks in advance
  4. A team member recently tried to help me with a problem on my machine. This caused two problems in itself. First, the fix routines make MANY changes to a computer’s configuration, if only to establish a base starting point to work. However, users change their preferences over years of time, starting with the install process. There doesn’t seem to be a user-readable log of changes made – essentially an ‘I changed this setting from this to this’ and ‘I deleted this’ so that the user could restore individual settings if desired when done. I now have folders that I expect to show that aren’t showing and discovered a month after the fix that System Restore was off. While most things operate as expected, some program’s options are changed within those folders that no longer show even by using the Search function. Since the fix there are things that happen that never have before. When Saving documents, I often get a message in the Save window something like ‘Generating List of Root Folders’ for 5 to 10 seconds before a save location appears. IE generates messages, and while there’s an option to not show the message again, I don’t know if it’s a new message or if I turned it off years ago. In my case, the attempt at a fix did not completely solve the problem I was having. Since many configuration settings can be changed from different places within Windows and many of them have similar names, being able to see exactly what was changed would be beneficial. Settings could then be individually restored correctly and avoid conflict. I also don’t know what I don’t know. Second, after the fix, I had many files saved to the Desktop (and elsewhere?) as instructed, and no instructions on what could / should be deleted, and if so, whether to Uninstall or simply delete them. Few programs do a perfect job with their housecleaning, but the user should be able to finish it up easily. Some programs are typically used for a quick clean before or during analysis that may not be desired to be resident under normal use. I’ve found nothing about their removal afterward. I’ve PM’ed the team member for instructions, and his time spent on my messages could be better utilized helping others. Suggestions: Have the fix routines generate a log readable by the user showing what was changed to include the as-found and the as-left settings using the same names that Windows uses. Create an easily findable forum Sticky / Permalink describing exactly which files downloaded or generated during the fix process can be removed, the proper method of doing so, and the order if it makes a difference. Create an easily findable forum Sticky / Permalink with common 'You may see these unexpected changes from your normal operation after a fix' and their solutions. My thanks go to all involved for their time and efforts.
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