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  1. I'm writing to request unblocking of my website - [code]revshells.com[/code] It's being classified as "Riskware", this website was created as a reference directory for payloads intended for CTF's (Capture the Flag) challenges. This could also be used in a pentesting environment. The source code is public, with CI/CD via Netlify. See repo below. This has caused a lot of the visitors to lose the ability to utilize this tool. Repo: https://github.com/0dayCTF/reverse-shell-generator I appreciate your time! Ryan
  2. For security features, Quad9 and CleanBrowsing are certainly the best DNS servers. OpenDNS is more about parental control on its free version. I've been using Quad9 on my router for quite some time, but recently discovered CleanBrowsing, which one do you prefer?
  3. Hello, developers. I am Eric Renfro, a member of many technical communities, primarily for Linux and macOS. I decided this year to check out Malwarebytes Premium instead of renewing the product I was originally going to do. The price was great, but after just 1 week of using it, more so specifically, the recommended Browser Guard extension that was pushed by it, I was incredibly thrown back by some unacceptable policies you at this company have chosen to do. What I am talking about is literal blanket blocking of entire Top-Level Domains (TLDs), such as just the few I initially ran into: .info, .biz, .zyx, and .im! I get you're out "to protect everyone, including those less tech savvy.", but whoah there! This literally was blocking informational websites, businesses, and communication oriented websites, just blindly, and completely. Yes, people can check the box to allow it through, and everything, but by throwing a big banner up before even allowing the page to load, is a setting a huge precedent to ESPECIALLY those less knowledgeable, and needlessly. This, to me, is a serious stain on your credibility as a company that is supposed to be about security, but blanket banning so many TLDs with just a whitelist, guys, this is extremely bad practice, and everyone I've spoken to about this, and will continue to do so about it, agrees. This stains your reputation, and so far I've even insisted on a refund for my recent purchase of Malwarebytes Premium. I was suggested by your support staff to bring these concerns up here. While this is for Chrome, the problem exists for Firefox as well, because it's an extension for both browsers. So, here's the deal. Very quickly your whitelist for each individual site people complain about, will become vastly larger than your blacklist, and thus, will require more, and more, and more processing power to go through the filters. Second. You're literally blocking all sites in all the TLDs, by default. This is never OK. Third, you're setting a precedent that all TLDs not within the smaller select few domains, are "OK". Also NOT OK! Four, You're scaring non-tech-savvy people needlessly, and yes, I mean it, needlessly. Until I saw this, I was going to recommend Malwarebytes, and even Malwarebytes Premium, and the Browser Guard extensions based on some tests I was doing myself. Now, I won't recommend ANY of Malwarebytes' products because this reputation killer blacklist approach to "security", it extremely bad, and ruins your entire credibility as a security-minded company of which you /are/ supposed to be, making things to protect/enhance security. Please don't respond to this with blanket statements like "protecting everyone", or "you can simply remove it" (it is afterall, pushed onto people by the main app). I've been in the community and the industry, for 30 years. I started programming BASIC at age 5, I've been a cyber security specialist for many companies. I'm not really looking for excuses, but to hopefully give correction to these policies, and if not, let others know this is not acceptable. I know I've spoken about this issue to 3 different communities of varying different focuses, and 100% of several hundred people within each, agreed that these practices are very bad. Not just for themselves, but for everyone, even the non-tech-savvy. Eric Renfro
  4. Hello I saw my malwarebytes forums profile from a friend's profile and it showed that my last visited had been on Friday at 3:15pm but I didn't log at that time. I checked my recent devices and my last device was my computer and it said "last logged: Friday at 10:12 am" and there's no other device after that. Am I hacked or why doesn't it display a time I didn't log? Thanks in advance
  5. Hello.. Can anyone tell me if my El Capitian OX 10.11.6 has vulnerbilities, security issues because it is an outdated version of my iMac? Will/is Malwarebytes Premium enough protection without using additional security ...such as Anti Virus Programs? I am running Webroot (with MBP) and I have just heard that the development teams are not really protecting the older Mac versions right now because they are concentrating on Catalina and Big Sur... Also Does Malwarebytes conflict with Webroot. I have freezing up on my system along with the spinning beach balls when opening browsers and certain programs. I have to disable one of these AV's it seems? Any advise? Any help appreciated. Thank you!
  6. My computer is being dogged by a trojan - which Malwarebytes is blocking. Problem is, Malwarebytes is not removing the trojan but instead every few seconds when the trojan wants to spread, the malwarebytes protection shield also pops up. This means every few second this battle ensues. The trojan is using the windows power shell. I found I could pause the battle when going into task bar and ending the power shell task. When reporting a support ticket or otherwise to solve this issue, Malwarebytes wants me to download the security tool and run it to get a log. I have done this repeatedly and the log fails everytime. I cannot get a log and therefore cannot get help. When I send emails I don't think a human looks at it and it just tells me to download the tool that won't download. I'm at my wits end. Is it safe to uninstall the windows power shell or am I just delaying the problem. Why doesn't Malwarebytes GET RID OF IT? Thanks for listening. The trojan is an outbound (why?) trojan that changes ips.
  7. I'm a particular living in Europe. Smartphones with 128 Go Memory are very expensive in the shops. Buying them by Wish for an example from China is a lot cheaper. The information about risks are confuses. Are they dus to commercial war between US and China or are they a real risk is unclar. Especially if we don't go in holidays in China, where it would be possible that the malware could be installed by the custom. If it is really a risk of installed malwares in smartphones bought in China, will Malwarebytes for Android find and destroy them? Do have somebody experience with this malware, knowing that a lot of people have Huawei smartphone bought in shop or direct in China? Thank a lot
  8. An Unknown computer named TERRY-PC appeared on our Mbam device list. Neither my partner nor myself have given access to a third party. After searching the name it would appear to be in some way connected with Microsoft Win 10 admin operations. But how could it appear on my Mbam device list without being registered and obtaining access by password? Or are devices operating on the computer simply reflected in the Mbam device list? Unclear about that. Next question concerns security. Can a user on a shared Mbam account hack the online data of other users? Ty in advance.
  9. It's great that we have password security, however: Please provide a checkbox for active session, to stay signed in, so we don't have to enter a password ten or twenty times to change the settings.
  10. On my phone I can only use stock ROM which is horrible and does not update, or LineageOS 14.1 which I am using. The problem is that the guy who made the port is not interested in providing any updates, not even security ones. So, my phone is stuck with security patches from 8. November 2018. I have a paid version of Malwarebytes AntiMalware on the phone, with all security options turned on. What I am wondering about is whether Malwarebytes will protect me against being spied on with the camera and/or microphone when I am online? I know that apps like browsers and so on require permission to use camera and microphone, and I have the permission turned off, but if malicious app or website can bypass that, will Malwarebytes detect that and prevent it?
  11. As the Tweet and title says, I'm trying to re-enable 2FA for my forums account after getting a new phone. I went to the Settings > Account Security page and tried to change my Google Authenticator settings, but the "Enable" link on the page just re-directs back to the same place. I can't be the first person who needs to change their 2FA settings after their old device dies, and can get into their account through alternate (i.e. email) means, but then gets stuck.
  12. Dear Forum, does Malwarebytes Premium 3.0 function as a firewall? For example, in the same way that Windows Defender is a firewall? Or do people suggest that I configure the Windows Defender Firewall, or will Windows Defender firewall conflict with Malwarebytes? Thanks!
  13. Hello everyone, I just read this article and got a little worried: https://www.howtogeek.com/fyi/bing-is-pushing-malware-when-you-search-for-chrome/ I have three quick questions that I hope someone could help me with: 1. If you actually run that phony installer, will it still act as the official installer? As in everything will act normally but you actually have a hidden malware in your Chrome? 2. If I installed Chrome a while ago, how can I check that my installation is genuine and not a fake Google Chrome? I don' have the installer anymore. 3. Would a Malwarebytes scan detect a bad installation? I ran a scan and it didn't find anything. Thank you and have an awesome day!
  14. Is it ok to ask the opinions of some of the more experienced security guys here on the usefulness of a VPN service? I have been seeing a lot of ads for them on many of my favorite tech you tubers channels, I am more looking for actual experience with and real world benefits not from an advertisement. Also if anyone does use one or has done the research and subscribed to one are there any recommended ones? Preferably easy to use and configure. If this is not OK or against forum rules please feel free to lock or remove this. Thanks Dave
  15. Hello, Talking with Support yesterday, it was discovered that Malwarebytes does NOT support the Windows 10 redirection of Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Pictures, Videos or 3D Objects to another partition. For those of us that use a SSD for the OS or routinely perform a fresh install to cleanup and optimize Windows 10 it is a MAJOR advantage to not have EVERYTHING on the same physical drive as the OS. Windows 10 FULLY supports redirection. This is one of several methods to redirecting them: 1. Open File Explorer 2. In the Quick Access area or you can go under This PC if you , right click for example Desktop and choose Properties 3. Choose the Location Tab 4. Enter the new path (complete all the way to the drive letter) 5. Click Apply 6. Choose Yes to Move all items to the new location. Now your SSD drive has much more free space for installed applications etc. Here is the problem: When you download to any of these new locations Malwarebytes 3 does not do any checks AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, the Threat Scan "Our most comprehensive scan" does not scan these areas. Therefore I say that there is a HOLE in the security. Here's hoping for a quick resolution!
  16. I do not know if it's the right place to make this request. I have come to know about this application which I enclose which should display in one screen the versions of the apple security settings installed in the system (xprotect, gatekeeper, MRT, and any other available updates) without having to search with terminal commands or other But I do not know if it's a dangerous application. I thank the staff in advance or anyone else who can give me an answer. Greetings Massimiliano LockRattler.app.zip
  17. What happened is exactly as the title says. I just received an email that my account password was changed, and not only had the password been changed, but the email it was tied to was as well. I have, of course, already sent in a ticket, but as I really can't wait for this to go through, especially as it can take 2-3 BUSINESS DAYS, which would now be 4-5 days, I'm hoping that I can pull some attention here in order to expedite the process. This is beyond frustrating to me at the moment. Though, I do admit I can appreciate the irony behind it, the service I use to prevent people from infecting my computer with viruses and stealing my passwords, having my password stolen. But, still, this is just awful. If anyone here can either help me get the attention of an admin, or give me some solid advice, it would be appreciated.
  18. When I get to the point where I'm prompted to go into security and "Allow" the extension to load, clicking has no effect on two of my Macs. Both problem machines are Minis running High Sierra. I was able to allow the load on a MacBook Pro and a Mac Pro. Any ideas?
  19. Does Malwarebytes offer an internet security program? If not which do you recommend?
  20. Hello, Im new at this forum so thx for future help and sorry for my english. 2 days ago I experienced strange things on PC, sudden data oppening, random program starting, in game crashed, net speed slow down, CD rom opening, PC shut down even if my antivirus was on (Eset smart security). Didnt download anything, only problem that I though it was was CCleaner. So I fast checked procceses and there was strange apps starting all over again. Scanned comp, nothing, downloaded malwarebytes / Rkill / Roguekiller / Combofix and only Combofix found something but once deleted they are back up after reboot. So I just took my Win7 installation disc and Re installed windows / formated HD cause I was hoping it will fix problem but nothing. Even on start of windows PC was writing and picking options. I somehow managed to get on startup, download antivirus and again nothing. Reinstalled 3 times and again same thing. Some strange $Recycle.bin spawn in 2 partitions. Dllhost.exe is active in task manager so I dont know if there's any connection. Also I noticed that in every program or file in Properties/Security there is TrustedInstaller with all privileges. Plz help, lost all my data.
  21. Someone recently who works in the computer industry as a programmer told me that antiviruses aren't really needed and he thought they were a waste of space for users who know what they're doing. He added that all they do is take processing power and that if a virus is going to infect you it will do so without the AV doing anything. I just want to raise this point because I am considering removing my Avast subscription and if it actually would be ok to do so. Before launching any suspicious files I test them in various online/local sandboxes to ensure they do not infect my system since I bank on it aswell as game. I know what I am doing and have spotted infected files before such as ransomware and RATs which prevented me having an infection, etc. And sure, online sandboxes are not reliable due to detection however this is the same for an antivirus. Realtime protection is meant to prevent the execution of malicious files based on their signature. Now, if a black hat is to write a good trojan, that trojan is 100% to be encrypted meaning it will fly through the detection and launch. It might be scanned by others thus distributed to the companies for signature analysis which would note the signature and add it to the database but that would be after a certain amount of time. For me personally, I never use my AV. I analyse files myself using tools so I know not to launch the file if I find anything malicious. Should I remove Avast! or not? Keep in mind I have like 8 types of protection services such as firewall, web shield, file shield so it takes up ALOT of CPU power which could be used to speed up my system.
  22. I have been experiencing a weird thing with my computer... I noticed that there were command windows popping really fast (and disappearing) frequently, which I thought was some sort of malware. After downloading Malwarebytes I was able to recognise it. The domain is rtp.vscreenshot.com, it is trying to open several ports with different IPs. After looking up the IPs it turns out they belong to Amazon. The request is originating from a program installed in the program files x86 under the name "vSnapshot". It is constantly in progress more than 50 times daily. Luckily, Malwarebytes is constantly blocking it. However, I don't know exactly what it is? what it is trying to do ? should I remove it? and if so, how? Could anyone help??
  23. I have both K7 and Malwarebytes antimalware installed on my pc. But the realtime protection of malwarebytes is not upto the mark. I have turned off K7 and checked it also by using some old hack tools . The moment I try to open the hack tool K7 immediately reports it as virus and removes it. But when K7 is turned off malwarebytes doesn't even respond to it and after scanning the file it reports it as safe So my question is whether malwarebytes is just a simple tool capable of removing adware and other related browser hijacking tool OR Whether it is a complete antivirus with active real time protection
  24. So, i apparently installed the "http://nova.rambler.ru" virus without my permission. Every time i write something in the google search bar, it redirects me to the searching bar of rambler. I've tried using over 3 different anti viruses that were recommended to remove it, non found the infected file. I've followed every single step - in regedit "http://nova.rambler.ru" is not mentioned, i've tried reseting the browser settings and it didnt work, and no matter what i tried i just couldnt remove it. could someone please give me a hand? Also, when i click links it sometimes pops up ads.
  25. This is so strange! Yahoo verification codes coming from SAME number as a known scammer calling me for 3 months!! On 10-5-16 I began to get calls from scammers saying they were working for tech support at a company called TechLiveConnect.com, which was just changed to PremiumTechSupport.com and I had a refund coming. I called the company I had done business with for info at 877-958-7560, but was transferred to the scammers IN MID CALL. Later, I got 4 calls from 408-610-4900, some seconds apart, from different live techs wanting to work on my computer all supposedly from Avangate (the parent company to PremiumTechSupport and TechLiveConnect) but they were all telling me to call them back at the number I called in the first place which started the scam: 877-958-7560 (PremiumTechSupport.com & TechLiveConnect.com.) I've gotten 15 calls from 408-610-4900 between 10-5-16 and 12- 15-16 when they may have changed numbers. Now the really strange part. On 12-31-16, and again on 1-12-17, I was logging into my email and had to get a verification code from Yahoo so I had Yahoo call my phone. The verification code came from 408-610-4900, the EXACT SAME NUMBER THE SCAMMERS HAD USED for the past 3 months. That's quite a coincidence!!! The 4 calls mentioned above could not have come from Yahoo because my computer was turned off. I was not using my email. It was not a recorded voice reading numbers, those were real people wanting me to log into my bank account. When I looked up the number months ago, it was registered to a known spammer, not Yahoo. I would like to hear from Yahoo what the actual number is which the verification code call is supposed to come from but there is nobody to talk to there. Does anyone remember what number Yahoo's verification calls came from before 12-15-16? Had Yahoo also just changed this number and just happened to get assigned the scammer's old number? Any guesses as to what's happening??? Thank you.
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