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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everyone! I have scheduled analysis for every day at 11:00 am but I've noticed that sometimes Malwarebytes does those analysis at different times and still reports it like "scheduled analysis" For example, today I turned on my Mac at 10:30 am and it did an analysis at that time even though it's scheduled for 11:00 am, it has happened also if I turn my Mac on after 11:00 am. is this normal?
  2. Hi Forum, Is there a way to prevent scans from running during certain times, like business hours 9 to 5? It slows down my computer when I am trying to work. I am using Malwarebytes Premium version 3.4.4 on Windows 7. Is there a way to pause or delay a scan when it has started? Is there a way to show a notification when a scan has started or is running, like changing or animating the icon in the Windows notification area? Thanks, Danv49
  3. Greetings, I just downloaded malwarebytes, and I was just wondering if it is bad for my pc health to run a scan for malware, every single day. (maybe a stupid question but you never know)
  4. New free version 3 adds lots of components that I don't want for on-demand scanning. While the previous version was very user-friendly, this one expects constant Internet connection, leaves a service and a try icon running, and no doubt has other problems I haven't discovered yet. I'm running Windows 7 SP1. I've used Malwarebytes free for years as an occasional on-demand scanner to supplement my less capable real-time scanner, especially after engaging in potentially risky behavior like downloading new Subaru GPS map updates from an Eastern-European company. Last night I ran the previous version and asked for a database update. (I prefer to do this manually.) Of course it installed the new version, and I had to ask again for a current database (not so obvious how to do that now, since it doesn't show the date/time stamp). Then I ran a scan (overnight, with my Internet unplugged for better security). When I came back in the morning, I could not close the program because it kept throwing up new warning boxes complaining about no Internet access. (Apparently all it wanted was to check for a newer database.) I had to use Task Manager to shut it down, and even then there were a tray icon and a service still running that I had to kill manually. Looking more carefully at the settings, I could not find any way to disable automatic database checks or an apparently scheduled scan for one month hence. I'm still not really sure, given that the service was still running, whether it was doing on-demand scanning in the background or not. Further, I'm not even sure that there aren't other traces of the software still running but hidden from me (like malware?). Of course I may be missing some settings or other ways to control Version 3. Perhaps one of you can fill me in on how to achieve what I want from the new version? Bottom line -- none of this is what I want in an on-demand scanner. It appears the company is trying to make the free version so annoying as to force people to subscribe to the full version, but they are more likely to drive me away entirely! -- JClarkW
  5. I am trying to set up a weekly scheduled analysis but when it comes to apply it, an error message that indicates either a date or hour format error shows up, I already check de format as the error message requires but nothing, I test it leaving the default values as they appear so I am not involved in the format setting but it doesn't allow me to set the scheduled analysis. Will really appreaciate if someone help me out with this issue.
  6. Hello MBAM Forum, I am using MBAM Premium on Windows 7. I have configured a scheduled custom scan to run at 1:30 a.m. I have not ticked the Recover missed tasks option. I hibernate my PC most nights before 1 a.m. If I want to run a scan then I leave my PC on overnight. This is the only scheduled scan that is configured. However, on days that I do not leave the computer on overnight, when I wake the computer up in the morning it starts running my custom scan. This is exactly what I was trying to avoid. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Danv
  7. i cant schedule a scan it shows me no date and start time and if i want to edit it says me january 1901
  8. I have a friends PC that is stuck scanning every day. When you go to automated scheduling, it has the daily scan listed. Problem is, no one knows how it got set and it will not allow us to remove the task. It is a Windows 10 system and MBAM (free version) is fully updated as of 2 days ago. We have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it. No luck. We still want to use the program but this constant interruption is a pain in the tail. We can not edit or or anything. How does one go about correcting this on the free version? Thanks.
  9. One of the first things in the morning is switching on the pc. Then I continue to have breakfast, do the usual things most people do when they get up. Most of that time the pc is runing idle. Vainly tried to figure out a task that would run a 'Threat scan" everytime on the 1st(!) boot. The scan should not take place when rebooting the pc. Schedule wud then read: [Daily] and from the drop down Recurrrence-box select [At First Startup] - which would be new. Just a suggestion. Thanks
  10. What I'd like to suggest is that you give the user the opportunity to give a name to any customized scans they create. As it is, as you know, any custom scan is named, with the greatest precision, "Custom." Users who have never created a custom scan or have only created one will probably not see this as an issue at all. In my case, however, I have created more than one custom scan. I have done this mainly to get around what may be a bug or may be normal behavior or..., whatever it is, it is ambiguous. Because I don't like stuff happening behind my back, I have chosen to have both PUPs and PUMs set to be detected and treated as malware. By doing so, what I thought would happen is that they would end up being quarantined and not just reported in the log. Some of these things are so tricky that they are listed under users who don't exist and can't be found in the registry, at least by ordinary means or even with some advanced registry editors that enable searches by ID, parts of strings, etc. The entry reported by Malwarebytes just doesn't exist in any obvious way. Maybe they're in an archive or backup, etc., and, if so, Malwarebytes should tell me so. However.... The only way I have found to flag both PUPs and PUMs as malware and so be quarantined is to build a custom scan because the "custom" button in the Custom Scan settings window will let me select both PUP and PUM. When the custom scan runs, they are reported and quarantined. Unfortunately, none of the default Malwarebytes scans produce this result even though I have both selected under the Detection and Protection setting. This is why I've had to construct several Custom scans, basically to reproduce the default scans but with the addition that they detect and quarantine PUPs and PUMs. And so, for me, in my case, it would be helpful to be able to give a custom name to custom scans. Thank you for giving this a high priority just for me! Oh, and by the way, when I am creating or editing custom scans, Malwarebytes crashes frequently. I have never had the program installed before so it hasn't overwritten an earlier version. I am using version on Win 7 Pro.
  11. Hi, I recently got the MBAM Premium free trial. I decided, why not set it up so I get updates every 2 hours using the auto-schedule? I did that, and I then later realized every time it updated, the mbam window popped up to show its updating. It was kinda of annoying, so I wanted to turn it off. But, the trial expired, so now I have the free version. It won't let me turn off the auto-update now, it just tells me "This feature is Premium and Trial only." How do I disable this?
  12. Is there a way within Malwarebytes or within Windows 7 for me to schedule a scan only on Mon, Wed, and Fri?
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