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Found 22 results

  1. I have found several of my clients who all are using Malwarebytes Pro Version and have had there browser infected with a url called "accessblocked.azurewebsites.net" It admonishes them to NOT turn off the computer and lists itself as Microsoft Support with a phone number to contact. The fake support then requests a credit card to effect the repair. They don't understand why Malwarebytes did not block the website. The website continually reconnects itself so there is no opportunity to back out of the display other than exiting the browser via task manager with a delete of the browser task. I am
  2. Hi, your payment portal 2CO.com. Are flatly denying me a refund that they themselves promised in 8 hours. I have proof that they are holding on to my money from my bank, as a pending payment.They will not refund it. They say its nothing to do with them, its a Mbytes problem Its now the next day. I contacted them just a mo ago, and they told me to contact malwarebytes. I already have been in contact with MBytes for 2 or 3 days. The result.....you've cancelled my subscription. Why? PLEASE WHY? I never asked you to cancel anything, I was at the time TRYING to BU
  3. Hello, I recently purchased a DVD from eBay containing Hirens Boot Disk from a seller. Today I happened to run a virus scan while the disk was in my drive so it also scanned the disk and found a virus called Win32/Triggre!rfn which I found out can give hackers remote access and hijacks pc's for cryptocurrency mining. Before I bought the disk my pc was already acting strange so I thought I had a virus at that time even though no anti-virus software could find anything. I am trying decide if I should contact eBay and report this seller but I need to be absolutely sure the virus was already on th
  4. Malwarebytes just forced me to purchase an upgrade for $60 . Even though there is 2 months left on my current subscription. Absolutely disgusting. The program popped up as the freeware and wouldn’t update until I clicked one of the upgrade choices.
  5. I'm not sure if I'm putting this the right place but anyway here I go. Yesterday I got a scam email from finacenews dot org I viewed it but I didn't open it/view the remote content (or click on any of the links) in Mozilla Thunderbird also TB was sandboxed so I shouldn't have to worry about an infection not mention I'm a Linux user viewing this email from a non-admin account. But I just wanted to report this phishing scam. Here a screenshot of it:
  6. I have a friend/client running Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer (all current and updated) that he uses IE to access his Comcast email. We leaves IE running to monitor his emails but after sitting idle anywhere from 1 hour to several hours the fake virus warning with audio comes on (so this happens without any movement or clicking by the user). The IE tab changes from the current site to flash yellow and now says Microsoft Support (but obviously it is not). The only way at this point that IE can be closed is to use task manager. The user has a current trial version of the latest Malwarebyt
  7. It would be helpful for Malwarebytes to introduce a new customer service like Norton Safe Web Lite or Scam Adviser, but better than them: So a customer can check websites before using them as to: 1. the review comments of prior users of a website, with dates; 2. the ownership of the website; 3. the location of the website and owners; and 4. the response of site owners to review comments.
  8. Hi, and please forgive my ignorance. I have scanned the subforums here but was unable to find one where this question seemed most appropriate. So please, feel free to move or delete this post as you deem appropriate. My question is not about the software. Although I do have the Android version installed on my mobile phone. I did, however, receive an email invitation to an interview that supposedly will be conducted by someone at Malwarebytes. This email was received into the email address where I had registered my mobile app when first downloading Malwarebytes. The email was sent fro
  9. This same thing is happening to me so if you have a way to fix it then please let me know!! It is very annoying!
  10. There's a new virus out there and I got caught, gladly MalwareBytes alerted me on time. Unfortunately the file is on my machine, it's called "Chrome font.exe" and not even FileASSASSIN was able to delete it. How can I delete it? Also, although MalwareBytes alerted me of this malware, as soon as my PC restarted, the first page that showed up on Chrome was from Spora Randomware saying that all my files are now encrypted and I would need to follow a certain procedure to revert this process, but I see no different whatsoever on my files, I can open them, edit and delete them with no problems.
  11. I downloaded a video converter program the other day and it must have come with malware or whatever else there is that corrupts computers, because this morning, I am met with a Windows 10 Product Key screen. I called the number thinking it was a legit thing and I was given a temporary product key, that I didn't write down, and told I would need to buy a anti-malware software for either $99, $199, or $399, depending on what plan I got. After I clicked okay, the desktop came back up, I told the person that it worked and they got off the phone. As soon as I googled anti-malware software, the
  12. My daughter brought her computer to me with a blue screen that represented itself as an authentic Microsoft error. However, upon further inspection of the message, several mispells and grammatical errors ("our" computer is..., it is "okey", and a phone number that changes with each restart) lead me to the conclusion this was in fact some sort of virus. I checked several places online and most were similar in advising to start the task manager to put the computer into Safe Mode. Only problem is, it will not allow me to use the Ctl, Alt, Dlt function. Not only was the computer showin
  13. Hello there! I want to ask you: is it - a scam/rogue/fake antivirus?
  14. Watch out for googling "malwarebytes refund" because I did that to call and get a refund and when I called the number, someone in probably the country of India, answered and told me to go to just enter the word "syval" into google. It turned out to be a remote connector program and there is no reason for any company to get onto my computer to issue a refund. I hung up on him in addition to my computer telling me it would not run such program anyway. SO WATCH OUT GUYS!! I reported this to the FTC just now also. http://guruaid.syval.net/ The above link is what that ended up on.
  15. Probable scam - Firesafetoday.com? This thing pops up occasionally: Firesafetoday.com It has Microsoft logo but it looks and sounds like a scam to me. Does anyone know anything about it? I don’t see it in any lists I’ve found so far e.g.https://malwaretips.com/blogs/remove-tech-support-scam-popups/ https://blog.malwarebytes.org/threat-analysis/2014/11/psa-tech-support-scams-pop-ups-on-the-rise/
  16. A few years ago my father had McAfee Anti Virus installed on his PC, it was slowing down his PC too much so I removed it and installed a different brand of anti-virus software. He tried to cancel his subscription, emailing different McAfee addresses, but they would always tell him it was the wrong address. My father isn't very computer literate, but McAfee had made it as difficult as possible to find out how to cancel their subscription, they had hidden it away in an obscure location, which I eventually found for him when he told me about it. Anyway, he wrote to their head office, explaining t
  17. Below see an actual call for help from a client. If anyone can shed light on who these people are under their mask, please let me an everyone know. This text is supplied with the permission of my client. Hello Ron, FYI. Here is the email that I sent yesterday to TechBuddies Online, Inc.. I sent it by forwarding the message from the invoice they sent me (at the end). I will send you their reply; I wanted you to see my email format and the invoice ~ Ellen [credentials removed] Subject: PROBLEM!!!! RE: TechBuddies Online, Inc Customer Receipt/Purchase Confirmation Importance: High
  18. Called an 800 number because popup said to, now computer is FUBAR. Hello, I am trying to help a friend, he is 65 yrs old & has his 1st PC, HP Pavilion g7, Windows 7, A4 AMD, Dual Core. He is on SS & has limited income. I have been helping him to learn how to use his computer & have tried to reinforce not to click on unknown links & not download anything if he isn't sure about it. He said he saw a popup message, he doesn't remember what it said but it said that there was a serious problem & he needed to call this 877 number & he did (doesn't remember the number). He s
  19. Sorry if this has been discussed already. I was online and then I all of the sudden got redirected to one of those FBI scamsites that lock up your browser and tell you to pay up and stuff. After ending the task through the task manager, I immediately updated my AV (Malwarebytes of course) and scanned it. The scan turned out to not find anything. However, seeing as I'm paranoid, I wanna know if I'm safe. Have I gotten a virus that my AV can't detect or not. Basically, I'm asking if I should reformat my computer or not. Thanks for your replies and happy new year!
  20. So yesterday I was called by this Indian by microsoft, I went through the scamming process until I was told to enter Ammyy v3.3 exe in the command box. It opened up a link on my web browser and he told me to download it, which I did and he told me to tell him my ID that showed up, and I did. My wallpaper turned black and told me that it's running a computer scan. He then later tells me that your license has expired and then that's when I knew he was a scammer, so I shut the phone. But what I'm worried about now is that is my laptop infected? I went to Control Panel and couldn't find Ammyy, I l
  21. I knew it was a scam, but i just fell for it. no excuses. I didn't give him money, but I did give him access to my computer. I saw the person doing some things on my computer, but he did not download anything. Afterwards, I removed ammyy from my computer, did a full scan, and put my computer to sleep and went to the bank to change my passwords for my online banking account. When I got home, I thought all was well. Changed my IP address as well (though, I don't think that's going to help) and did a full scan with Norton 360. When that was done, I stopped freaking out about the scam, but after a
  22. Hi, My laptop was infected with the FBI Moneypak virus a couple days ago. At first I saw the typical screen that other people reported, and now it's just a blank white screen (could this be because I disconnected the Wifi?). The same thing happens when I try to start in safe mode, and safe mode with networking. I tried to restore the system using safe mode with command prompt, but it turns out the system restore wasn't turned on. Other background info: The laptop is a used laptop I purchased off the internet about 3 weeks ago. The laptop appears to have been wiped clean before it was sold. I d
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