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Found 7 results

  1. Hey there, I'm trying to build a home sandbox for learning and filtering processes. I'm using Python to run files into a VM, open them there for behavioral analysis and scan and then pass on to the network. I was hoping to use Malwarebytes inside the VM to do a prescan of the file (having the python script run it silently) and then also collect the logs from the background running MBAM process for behavioral analysis. And while the latter part is doable (more or less, cause if it finds something, it'll pop up the GUI and I only need the logs), the former is now apparently not. Do you and when do you expect the mbamapi or the old CLI features to return to the home version of your excellent product?
  2. A couple of week ago, I noticed that Chrome would randomly switch to using yahoo search when I typed a term in the omnibox. I scanned my computer with Hitman Pro, but didn't find anything other than tracking cookies. So, I scanned it with Malwarebytes, and it found several PUPs. I finished up the scan/quarantine, and when I reopened Chrome, none of the pages opened - they would load indefinitely with the occasional "Page Unresponsive" popup. Chrome only worked if I disabled sandbox, and each time I ran MB, it seemed to quarantine the same group of PUPs. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome but kept running into errors when using the online installer. I had to install the desktop version of Chrome, which appears to be working with sandbox enabled, but I can't set it as my default browser (I don't know if this is Chrome or MB related). MB is still finding the same PUPs when I run it, but I'm hesitant about quarantining them because of the issues I had in the past. I also ran AdwCleaner, which appeared to find another PUP, but I didn't remove it for the same reason. I don't know which log files I should attach. To start, here's the zip file generated by the MB Support tool. mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. hello and thank you in advance for your help in resolving this I have been battling this thing for well over a year and finally decided to buy another lap top and just start from scratch. upon logging onto the new PC I stupidly added my Microsoft account and the new lap top went haywire. CPU at 100 % Disk at 100 % all types of network activity. It renders me unable to boot into safe mode saying my pass word is incorrect. It seems to create a VM for me to live in and goes out of its way to make all the screens seem legitimate when it tells me that my IT admin has control of these settings (nearly everything is greyed out within important settings) MBAM finds nothing because I don't think it is actually running MBAM but only a virtual clone of it. GMER goes nuts identifying things until it eventually fails and closes. I am tired of all of this and have contemplated just starting anew with a fresh ms account but this one has all of my xbox titles on it and I don't want to go in that direction if I don't have to, It also seems to survive deleting and repartitioning the hard drive and I believe it is within my one drive as well as my android phone. Please help me rid the world of this garbage. I have the MWB support tool zip would you like that to begin ? Im sorry I looked for the instructions of how and what to post and the rules and such but this is my first time doing any type of forum posting and to be honest I don't really know how to use/interact with them properly. forgive me thank you k
  4. I understand there's tricks/exploits certain malware use to fool the user who is running an infected application sandboxed that it is safe. But how does it do that? I recently came across a file I scanned in an online sandbox which upon execution, launched 2 RATs that installed themselves along with adware applications that bombed the sandbox with downloads to millions of ads. I know developers can 1. Put out a fake warning to make it seem like the application errored and nothing malicious has launched 2. Use exploits to break out of the sandbox and infect the PC(rarely seen this myself) Knowing that, is there any way for them to detect a online sandbox? It seems to me that the online sandbox is fool-proof because it just works so perfectly and everytime sandboxie launched no malware, the online sandbox would show me that it actually did launch something else along with saying that it tried to detect the sandbox using a certain method. In conclusion, what methods does malware use to detect VMs/sandboxes(VMs is kind of easy to figure out) and is there a way for the developers to fool online sandboxes. Im talking about professional malware developers not script kiddies with RATs.
  5. I'll cut to the chase. I recently started up both Opera and Chrome (latest versions) to find them showing a blank screen. Troubleshooted this on the web and got both working using the '-no-sandbox' flag. Dig some more digging and it seemed to be linked to security software, so after testing I discovered the blank screen shows up whenever MBAM's Exploit Protection module is enabled. Disable this - or switch off protection for those two apps under 'Manage Protected Applications' - and both apps launch with no problem. Has anyone else encountered this, or is it just me? Thanks for any input you can give. Platform: Windows 10 MBAM version:, Component package version: 1.0.96, Update package version: 1.0.1673
  6. I just came across an article about Linux ransomware https://thehackernews.com/2015/11/linux-ransomware.html of course it only effects enterprise/servers, But it makes me think is it only a matter of time before they stat targeting Linux home users? I see that Malwarebytes is now available for Mac OS/Unix so hopefully this is a sign that Malwarebytes will be available for Linux down the road. Anyway back to what I was talking about I found a great Linux sandbox app called Firefjail http://sourceforge.net/projects/firejail/ I've been using it for about a year now and I don't quite feel secure without it and then there's JustBrowsing a live Arch based distro for surfing the web. Both help keep you secure online especially JustBrowsing http://sourceforge.net/projects/justbrowsing/files/ since it doesn't save anything what so ever. Please share your thought.
  7. Hey Malwarebytes! I was wondering if you guys would ever add a Sandbox feature to the program? I think it would be really useful
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