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Found 21 results

  1. Hi I've used Malwarebytes for years now with AVG and Avast without problem. But I've just got a new system and wanted a new antivirus with a better interface. So I picked Kaspersky 2020 and it's great. Far less spam messages than other free version antivirus programs. But Kaspersky isn't great at picking up Malware so I wanted to install Malwarebytes again. Sadly after three attempts and after two complete windows reinstalls it seems Malwarebytes is the culprit in my system failures. Every time I install Malwarebytes the start menu refuses to open, windows settings hangs and the s
  2. How do I restore these colored files files? . Deleted: C:\Windows\System32\\SSL Deleted: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\\SSL Deleted: C:\rei Deleted: C:\QQPCMgr Deleted: C:\Users\User\Documents\QQPCMgr Deleted: C:\Users\User\AppData\LocalLow\xfin_portal Deleted: C:\Users\All Users\Documents\Downloaded Installers Deleted: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Downloaded Installers Deleted: C:\ProgramData\Tencent Deleted: C:\ProgramData\Application Data\Tencent Deleted: C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Roaming\Tencent Deleted: C:\Program Files (x86)\Tencent Deleted
  3. I hold a lifetime license and am running Malwarebytes version I have listed under exclusions a top level folder that holds all of my files to another virus scan program. Even though Malwarebytes should be recognizing this excluded folder, its sub-folders and all related files when performing scans it still seems to quarantine various files within this folder. When I try to restore them it gives me an error message telling me that it is unable to restore one or more of the files and that access is denied. I get this message regardless of trying to restore 1 file or doing a resto
  4. A file has been quarantined that needs to be restored. When I attempt to restore it I get the error messag: "Unable to restore on or more quarantined items: Access Denied" I have administrator rights so I am not sure why I cannot do this. My computer is on a network and the item quarantined was taken from the server.
  5. Thanks, Malwarebytes. Thank you for ruining my computer. I did a full scan and deleted every file it told me to delete. I restarted my computer, and everything was looking fine until i got to logging in. I entered my password, then a few minutes later I get an error saying there was a problem. I log out, log back in, same problem. I restarted, shut down and turned back on, but nothing worked, It would direct me into a temporary account and give the the same error. I decided to restore all the files to fix the problem. A few minutes later, it stops leaving a few files yet to be restored. An err
  6. I'm having an issue with MB it took out my roaming profiles for windows so now it wont log in and service wont start for MB so I'm unable to restore quarantine files someone help? I'm in wrong deal as I don't have saved folder
  7. Hello, I scanned my PC with malwarebytes. It flagged the following files, and I accepted removing them. I cannot restore them because they are marked to be deleted at boot. But, my computer will not boot any more -- it goes to the blue screen saying it ran into a problem. I am running Windows 10. I would greatly appreciate an advice on how to proceed. Thank you very much! Registry Keys: 12 RiskWare.IFEOHijack, HKLM\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS NT\CURRENTVERSION\IMAGE FILE EXECUTION OPTIONS\AlphaAV, Quarantined, [9f8cdacd1a8e59dd4c71d3d31ae9ba46], RiskWare.IFEOHija
  8. hi i have used anti-malware the last version on a friend of mine laptop ,running w8.1 well , antimalware find everything and did clean all of them now my question : i have the original dvd (that came with the laptop ) , can i restore all the windows files to be sure they are not corrupeted ? just use the dvd to restore them ? or is there a way to use internet to check all of them and if there is a way , can i use it with w7 and w10? thanks
  9. I scan the computer and I accepted quarantine all the items found, now I realize there is a lot of programs quarantined even Office exe files, any software is working now, I would like to restore some and test with another scan or another antivirus if all are really infected and if canno't be cleaned, instead of quarantined, but if I try to restore I get: Can't restore an item marked for deletion on reboot. I did the reboot, and the files are not deleted, and also not posible to restore (same error) Any idea of why cannot restore or if could I do it manually?
  10. I 'm using windows insider feedback , malwarebytes-anti-rootkit blocked a ransome files activity and send it to quarantine. I restart the computer and Select Restore a file are in Malwarebytes Beta Quarantine but nothing effect, Malwarebytes show notification as : go to forum.malwarbytes.org to get your answer.
  11. I've had 2 false positives so far and reported both. I'm glad you guys are working on this. However, when it says the files are moved to Quarantine, they are actually just being deleted as far as I can tell. Nothing is listed in the Quarantine tab at the time of the infection alert, nor after a reboot, nor after turning protection off. Are the files gone forever, or is there a way to actually recover them? Thanks! (I'm running on Windows 10)
  12. Due to some unforseen circumstances, the server hosting our Malwarebytes Enterprise console and data has been removed. I ran the Management Server Data Backup and Restoration application to create a backup. I had to create a new server (Running the same Server 2008R2 install image). I cannot use the same IP address, however. It's just not possible. When I go to restore the data, it says "The backup file version does not match your server installation". I tried changing the MEEBackupConfig file to match the new IP and new server HostName. No luck. What am I missing here? I used the
  13. Hey guys. It seems that I can't restore the items I marked for deletion. Here's the entire list.123.txt The only one that I still want to remove is Wajam. I'm not sure if anything else needs to be removed. I haven't restarted my computer or set up a backup yet. I thought maybe updating the computer to Windows 10 would solve the problem. What should I do?
  14. Hello and thank you. my issue started after I ran Malwarebytes and quarantined the recommended items. Since doing that I cannot open my computer using my usual sign in (administartor) account. The computer boots but there is only a grey screen with the mouse arrow. Nothing else appears. I attempted to restore the quarantined items but I get a message saying "cannot restore items set for deletion". I've rebooted several times and even tried to restore the system to an earlier restore point and that has failed as well. can anyone help me, please!!!??? original post here... https://forums.m
  15. Is there a way to redirect a file restore from quarantine or a way to get a file out of the system where the original drive is no longer present? I had put a drive in as a 'second' drive so that it didnt boot from it to remove a NASTY virus/trojan. IT found it, I put the machine back into service.... but would now like to get the file to send for evaluation to a AV vendor. Is there a way to do that short of pulling the old machine back apart... putting the drive back in as a 'second' drive and restoring the file from quarantine? Thanks!
  16. Hi, When mbam finds suspected files they will be quarantined. When the scan is finished you can choose to remove those files or to restore them. My question is what happens when you accidently restore an item you want to delete? Will it show up in a next scan or does mbam think I marked it as 'safe'?
  17. We have a false positive of a DLL that is the main program we use. The company is down until we can get this resolved. That is over 200 users, and all of our business. The question is how to restore this to all users from the console? I have already set the file to exclude. on a side note, I am stunned there is no support phone number to call. The frustration right now is Thank you,
  18. We recently had a machine infected with some sort of malware. Malwarebytes was ran on the machine and successfully quarantined the infection. Due to the access the computer had to confidential files we want to know more about the malware to know if peoples' information was at risk while the infection was there. The problem is the drive is no longer in our possession and all we have is the log entry and the quarantine folder. We currently have a VM setup with the quarantine folder on it and Malwarebytes installed. What I need to know is if it is possible for Malwarebytes to restore files from
  19. I need some help to figure out what's going on with my computer. I keep losing internet connection. I work in a network with 5 computers more and my computer is the only one in which internet doesn't work. The router works fine, my phone is internet based and works fine, so I believe there is something wrong with my computer . The troubleshooting is not able to detect any internet problem. Finally I restored the system two days ago and now internet works perfectly. Can anyone give me a hand with this problem? Thanks!
  20. Hey everyone, I`m new to Malwarebytes and I got a little problem... I did a full scan on my computer and now Malwarebytes has quarantined a lot of things. There were some programs I didn`t trust and I deleted them, but there were also some of my own things in that list. I just deleted everything I didn`t know from the list and now I got a list of quarantined items which I want back, but I got this weird problem: When I click "Restore" or "Restore all" it comes up with the question "are you sure?" (or something similar to that) and then I click Yes, but it just doesn`t do anything. I clicked th
  21. Hello. My name is Chris and I'm having a bit of trouble with a nasty infection. On the 23rd of February I seem to have "acquired" a trojan that has henceforth spread and infected other system files. I ran ESET Smart Security 5 and MBAM and yet they can't seem to help much in the matter. I performed registry cleaning tasks on a semi-daily basis with as much help as Tune-Up Utilities can provide. The infection has surprised me and I am yet to find a resolution. A possible cause would be that I've had 2 other people not so tech-savvy use my laptop for personal "business" for about 2 days. My syst
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