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Found 12 results

  1. This kinda thing makes me look bad. I recommend Malwarebytes to my customers. if they get stuff like this I look like a fool.. Is there something im just not understanding? I hope im just missing something obvious.
  2. Hi there, I would like to change my account so it does not auto renew. Can you help me with this? Thank you, Sandy
  3. My friend has a licensed version 3 of Malwarebytes on his desktop PC. It comes up for automatic renewal in Jan 2019. He also has a laptop with the free version installed and would like to purchase a license for it as well in January. How would he go about this and obtain the discounted price of $32.50 per computer ($64.99 for two computers) shown on the Malwarebytes website?
  4. This may be a slightly old topic, but it's also relevant to me, because the exact same thing has happened to me. I recieved the "We were unable to renew your subscription..." with an "update payment information" link. I first saw this on May 26th, and I changed my payment to Paypal, nothing happened and the issue was still there on the 28th. At that point, I changed my payment info to a credit card I know is good and regularly use. I also sent in a trouble ticket about this issue. It's now a day and a half later, and no payment has been made and I have recieved no response for my trouble ticket. I'd *really* like to get this resolved.
  5. I just purchased a 2-year license for 2 devices.The first time I purchased a license was last year (2 1-year licenses) and dealt with Cleverbridge. Now I have to deal with Avangate. Here are 2 screenshots which apparently contradict each other. So my account on the software shows auto renewal as not turned off, and my.malwarebytes account shows auto renewal as turned off. Does anyone know which is correct or how I can resolve this?
  6. I think there should be an easier way to disable the auto renewal feature on subscriptions. Right now the only way to do that is to contact Cleverbridge and tell them to disable it. Why is there no simple option to toggle it off. Renewals happen without notification so I never know when I'm going to be charged until it's already happened. There should be an option on the Billing and Payment tab on the Malwarebytes account page. Please add something like this, I despise software that has shady billing and renewal practices.
  7. I started getting notices that my premium subscription was about to end. I tried for three days to renew it and could not. I even opened a support ticket – Support Ticket 2140048 – on 11/19/2017 and I have not received a response as of today 11/21/2017. Below is the text that I sent to support: “I've been getting the notice that my Malwarebytes subscription was about to end (End Date 11/18/2017). For three days I've clicked on the Renew Now button and tells me I'm all set. Yet it has not renewed. I even changed payment and get this message: Change payment option for your subscription #SXXXXXX You have successfully updated your payment details for your subscription. You will receive an email with further information about your payment at the appropriate time. On 11/18/2017 you will be charged $0.00 by cleverbridge using the same contact and billing information on file for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium. What can I do to renew my subscription?” This morning I was really agitated over the lack of support and replied to the initial automated email created for ticket 2140048 with the following, “It is now 11/21/2017 and I’ve received no response on how to renew my subscription. I can’t continue without malware protection so I guess I’m going to look into other products from other vendors as it seems Malwarebytes has no intention or desire to keep me as a customer.” After much research it seems that Malwarebytes is still top rated. I've been with Malwarebytes for a few years and I would like to continue, however now I no longer have the option to renew as the time frame has passed and must purchase a new license at a higher price than I've been paying. What am I missing? Why could I not renew my license? Why did I not get a response to my support ticket?
  8. Very concerning email... Below is a copy of an email I received, looks totally legitimate, name is right, date is right, even all the header information looks right. No idea what I can do to check the ref # quickly; I did reach out to support to check legitimacy. What am I so concerned about? The last 4 of the CC# is right... But I've never provided malwarebytes with this CC#... It's not the one that's showing as on file when I log into my account. So.... Is this legit? and If so, how in the heck did malwarebytes get CC info I never provided them with?! If it is on file... why isn't it showing as such on my account? Hi NAME, Your Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium order, Reference # NUMBER, is set to automatically renew itself on MONTH DD, YYYY, for $24.95 using the credit card ending in -#### we have on file for you. Please know that as long as you keep your subscription active and payment up-to-date, you are locking in the lowest possible price for being our loyal customer. Also, in light of recent Petya or WanaCrypt0r ransomware attacks that locked up hundreds of thousands computers across the globe, we want to re-assure that you are automatically protected against this ransomware and other advanced threats as long as you run the latest Malwarebytes Premium* with real-time protection turned on. Thank you for using our product. We look forward to continuing to crush malware on your behalf.
  9. I have used Malwarebytes pro for some years, the latest version being, installed from the download file mb3-setup-consumer- My subscription came up for renewal on 13th June. I renewed it that day and paid the renewal fee to Cleverbridge. They confirmed receipt and the payment is shown in my bank statement. Cleverbridge sent me a receipt with an ID and Key, which were unchanged from those I had previously.used. They also sent a download link to mb3-setup-cb.NT- I re-entered the ID and Key (by cut and paste to avoid errors), but Malwarebytes still showed its status as "Expired". I uninstalled it, downloaded the version from Cleverbridge's link and put in the ID and Key again. It still shows "Status: Expired - premium subscription temporarily extended". I telephoned Cleverbridge and they could not explain why it does not show as renewed. They said it must be a technical problem, which they could not help with and which I should refer to Malwarebytes. On 14th June I emailed Malwarebytes at "reply-fe9515767d64047576-159101_HTML-297367400-6356537-1@reply.malwarebytes.com" (in reply to a message from them asking me to renew). I received no reply, so I sent emails again to "support@malwarebytes.com" on 16th June and 20th June. I still have had no reply, and I am concerned that the temporary extension of Malwarebytes will soon come to an end and I will lose its protection. I wonder whether this forum will be a more effective way of resolving this problem.
  10. I was waiting for my Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Program to auto-renew today which I reinstated a couple weeks ago. However, I see a message telling me that my subscription as expired and my Protection as been temporarily extedned due to the renewal failure. Could it have had the wrong payment information?
  11. My Malwarebytes license was supposed to be renewed automatically for my two latops but I've got an "Expired License" pop up on both. When I click on renew, I get a screen that tells me, "You're all set! You will be auto-renewed at the yearly date of your original purchase". However, this is the date of my original purchase and it has not been renewed. I have the following questions: 1) How can I manually renew? The automatic renewal has apparently failed 2) How do I get a temporary renewal so I will have real time coverage in the interim? 3) Should I uninstall and reinstall Malwarebytes Premium and pay for a new license as if I don't have a subscription already in order to be covered immediately? I need answers to these questions asap. Until then, I have no real time protection. Thank you in advance.
  12. Is this any cheaper because it is a renewal or is it at FULL price? Original subscription Purhased around 4/1/2013. THANKS Robin
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