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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, your payment portal 2CO.com. Are flatly denying me a refund that they themselves promised in 8 hours. I have proof that they are holding on to my money from my bank, as a pending payment.They will not refund it. They say its nothing to do with them, its a Mbytes problem Its now the next day. I contacted them just a mo ago, and they told me to contact malwarebytes. I already have been in contact with MBytes for 2 or 3 days. The result.....you've cancelled my subscription. Why? PLEASE WHY? I never asked you to cancel anything, I was at the time TRYING to BUY something from Mbytes! Now I have no subcription, no premium account. So basically im being passed from pillar to post. It looks like ive been scammed by a security company. 2co said that they answer Mbytes problems, for Malwarebytes! Are they inside and part of Malwarebytes? Nothing in this 3 day episode has been addressed with any serious thought, The communications I send are not read, that is evidentially true. If thats not the case, then its one almighty mess up. The answers I get in responses from Mbytes are completely non sensical. Who do I believe? 2CO or Malwarebytes? At the moment NEITHER. If anyone has had similar problems please respond to this post. thankyou.
  2. After Purchasing the premium license of Malwarebytes, i found that it adds no special value to the systems defense compared with the MWBytes' free version. I requested for the refund twice three days ago with First Ticket Number 2733418 (on 13th October) and upon receiving no response from the Customer Rep (the Chat features is not available, i had to create second ticket to make sure they received my request) I created the second Ticket Number 2733736 (on 14th October). I also cerated a ticket with 2Checkout (Payment Processor) who informed me that i need to contact MWBytes' customer support which meant creating another ticket (and hence no solution). This forum is my last hope to get a refund. I still have not received any response. It's bizzare that the so famous software company has so much issues with responding to customer's request. What if was an emergency system problem ? Anyhow, i just want a refund and i would be on my way. Regards.
  3. How do I get a refund? I have no confidence in your software anymore. I spent a half hour trying to find the malware that disabled web protection and caused my PC (which has 24GB of RAM since I produce music) to max cpu and RAM. It's your product. It is the malware. I have no idea how you could push out an update that blocks google, dropbox, disables web protection and has the most egregious RAM leak I've ever seen. I'm probably going to use a different company's malware/AV and I'm certainly never buying another product you guys put out. I've already uninstalled MWB so my PC is usable again. Your products used to be good, but they've gotten progressively worse and have a ton of false positives and don't detect doubleclick adware and those bitcoin malware and this is just the last straw You're not even addressing this on twitter and I'm very disappointed with your company and its product. Are you even fixing this?
  4. Hi. For friend I recently purchased Malwarwarebytes 3 Premium at end of free trial for £29-99. Then realised friend needed second licence for another laptop. Malwarebytes support said they could not extend licence to cover two laptops but that I could have a refund on licence. So far I have not been able to find out from Malwarebytes support how to do this. We are in 30-day refund period. Also, as it is for friend I am not able to easily get to laptop to do cancellation and refund is it it possible for me to do this remotely using friend's online account (I have logon details for this) or do I have to use Malwarebytes app on laptop? Also, can I buy new two laptop licence remotely using online account or do I have to use Malwarebytes app on laptop?
  5. I signed up and paid for Malwarebytes for Mac on July 31st. I installed it right away and today uninstalled it on all my computers. How do I receive my refund for the purchase price? Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  6. Dear Malwarebytes, I accidentally bought two copies of Malwarebytes but I only needed one. The website charged me twice because when I tried to enter my card info into the website it said it didn't validate it or something or it didn't work, took me back to the part where I enter the info, and I reentered it, now being charged the second time. Fast forward 2 weeks and now I get my bill and it says I bought 2 copies even though I thought I only bought 1 ( the first time was when the website said it didn't go through). I would like a refund since I don't need this second copy. Thank you for your product and I hope you consider giving me a refund. Sincerely, Huadi (last name removed for privacy purposes, will follow up with Customer Success)
  7. I just got charged out of nowhere for MWB subscription. It want a refund immediately and cannot find a customer service number for it. Help?
  8. Watch out for googling "malwarebytes refund" because I did that to call and get a refund and when I called the number, someone in probably the country of India, answered and told me to go to just enter the word "syval" into google. It turned out to be a remote connector program and there is no reason for any company to get onto my computer to issue a refund. I hung up on him in addition to my computer telling me it would not run such program anyway. SO WATCH OUT GUYS!! I reported this to the FTC just now also. http://guruaid.syval.net/ The above link is what that ended up on.
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