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Found 7 results

  1. Last night, Dec 21, I received an email from MWB that looked like any other MWB email. However, upon opening the email, I got a pop-up from the MWB app that said real-time protections were tuned off. Unfortunately I clicked the button to turn protections back on. Nothing happened. I tried opening MWB, nothing happened. I then restarted the machine, Win 8.1. I logged into admin, opened MWB to make sure protections were on. They were. I then logged off and logged into user account and checked if protections up, they were. I then opened Outlook. The MWB email posted again and MWB app immediately warned protections turned off. I shutdown. At this point I assumed the email was an attack vector. On restart, things seemed normal. Deleted email through web mail on Android. I note several other posts have been made complaining off realtime protection being turned off so I thought I'd post my experience here. Currently running scan with root kit check enabled. Dan
  2. Hey, I just recently acquired a malwarebytes premium license and I went ahead and activated all the premium features; everything has been working well except for a problem I am encountering with web protection. I generally use 2 browsers, chrome and mozilla firefox(the quantum version): on mozilla I don't encounter any problem and it is also the browser that I use without any kind of adblock/privacy protection/ cancas protection extension and so forth, while with chrome, which is also the browser which I mainly use(I have been using it for much more than mozilla), which has installed many extension to ensure the protection of my privacy and has cookies and javascript disabled I encounter this problem which I will try to describe below. whenever I open the browser and browse around the internet, after I open 2 or 3 random links, be they google, wikipedia, or anything else, I start getting web protection notifications from malwarebytes saying it has blocked some sites(which haven't popped up since I use ublock) which were trying to extabilish outbound connections then nothing more, the popups from malwarebytes stop and I don't seem to be encountering any more problem until I clore and open the browser again(and still only on chrome). The file that was connected to the notification was the chrome.exe file from my browser and all the connections which I've seen so fare were outbound. tradexchange.com go.oclaserver.com venturead.com popcash.net om.forgempire.com ninjagod.com these were the sites which I was able to transcribe from the notifications 52617 5218 52744 52765 and these were some of the ports in no specific order. I have already tried running full scans with malwarebytes but it seems that I have no malware. Any suggestion on what the problem might be, or if this is even a problem? side note: I don't use any other antivirus beside malwarebtes(which I know is not an antivirus) but I don't think this is virus related. thanks in advance for the replies
  3. I have MB paid on 2 computers. 1 PC works fine. The other will not turn on the real-time protection. You can slide the buttons but it never turns on and sometimes an error pops up saying that it cannot be turned on. The only one that works is the 'Prevents Malware Infection.' Because of this a box continually pops up telling me to 'turn it on.'. How do i fix this?
  4. I have both K7 and Malwarebytes antimalware installed on my pc. But the realtime protection of malwarebytes is not upto the mark. I have turned off K7 and checked it also by using some old hack tools . The moment I try to open the hack tool K7 immediately reports it as virus and removes it. But when K7 is turned off malwarebytes doesn't even respond to it and after scanning the file it reports it as safe So my question is whether malwarebytes is just a simple tool capable of removing adware and other related browser hijacking tool OR Whether it is a complete antivirus with active real time protection
  5. Hi, Since morning today (20 May 2017), my real-time web protection turned off and can't be turned on. I noticed some of the other PCs in our office started to experience this as well. Malwarebytes has been uninstalled and the latest version from your website was installed (3.1.2) but the problem is still there. I'm using latest version of Windows 10 Home edition. The other PCs mainly use Professional edition. Pls advise. Thanks!
  6. Hi folks, As a long-time premium user, I've been sold on MBAM for the better part of a decade, in part because it "just worked", didn't bother me too much, and didn't seem to cause the slowdowns many other packages caused. My experiences with MBAM 3.0 on my home machine (as distinct from older PCs, where it does not always play as nice) have been pretty much along the same lines, but there are a few things about MBAM 3.0 that I believe could be improved. In particular: With respect to the UI, as an advanced user, I really like to be able to see what my software is doing. When I tell MBAM 3.0 to update, however, the only thing I see is the update icon on the dash board blinking - very subtle - and a very base one-line description of what is going on after "Updates:". I am sure this is by design / to make things look nice and clean, and for many users it'll be just fine. What I would suggest, nevertheless, would be to have two modes or skins available for MBAM 3.0 (basic and advance) or maybe an open to increase the level of detail being reported, so that folks like myself can still see exactly what is going on. This is always useful for troubleshooting as well, since it enables us to see where things go wrong. The same goes for options. A good example of this sort of thing done right is ClassicShell, where there is a "Show all settings" tick box that provides full access for those who want it. The Dell Print Manager that comes with office-grade networked dell printers has a Basic / Advanced view toggle as well, and ImbBurn's (optional, though I never close it) log window is another nice example of this. One thing that is indeed driving me nuts is the habit of MBAM 3.0 to tell me that not all realtime protections are enabled when the issue is that I have disabled scheduled scans. There is a good reason for this; MBAM 3.0 defaults to a "Threat Scan", i.e. a full scan, which can be both time consuming and resource intensive, and the scheduler is not smart enough to figure out when I am attempting to use my PC and it is degrading my user experience as a consequence, to reschedule automatically when the PC is not in use, to offer an option to postpone the scan when it's about to start (Macrium Reflect does this for automated backups, Windows Update used to do this back in the day as well when wanting to reboot - handy). Of course I can change this to a Hyper Scan and speed things up substantially, but this is much less comprehensive; in short, I like the idea of a regular Threat Scan but I want more (and smarter) control over when it happens. A couple of suggestions here, therefore: At an absolute minimum, there should be an easy way to tell the software to stop harassing me about the lack of a scheduled scan, or to treat this as if not all realtime protection layers were enabled (that's not realtime protection, so the notification gets me consistently worried for no reason). An ignore / suppress notifications option (as Windows has had for a long time as far as things like backups and maintenance are concerned) is essential here. Really, we should have complete control over what sorts of notifications we get, when and how (Avast! AV gives more control over this, for example, not to mention any number of NAS management systems) - but again, this may fall into the need for a basic / advanced split as far as options are concerned (noted above). Beyond that, the scan scheduler should provide the user with a much richer palette of scheduling options than it currently does - with an emphasis on options that enable the scheduler to check and see if the computer is in use or not, to automatically pause / postpone / reschedule the scan if the computer is being used or starts being used while the scan is in progress, and the ability to randomize scan timing and wake the computer from sleep in order to perform scans. Currently, all we have is "Recover if missed by"; with "Premium" software I would normally expect a bit more. Thanks in advance to the developers who have created this essential piece of software; I hope the above is helpful. Best wishes, DS
  7. Hello, I had my mother get malwarebytes pro a while back & use realtime protection. I am somewhat dissappointed. Doesn't real time protection check files as they are written to disk, or at least when downloaded or when/before installers are run? She went to install new version of adobe flash (I'm sure we all know how bad adobe is about bundling PUP's with their reader/flash player software). And she now has about 5-6 unwanted adware PUPs (the quite obviously fraudulent kind). She clicked "yes" or "OK" to evey warning message malwarebytes put up when the install occurred & it detected these things. But nonethess there are 6 of these things installed. Why isn't malwarebytes blocking these things that it obviously detected? Have I missed some configuration setting? I would think that these adobe PUPs would be like the first thing used to QA each new version of malwarebytes. How does this get through? A couple side questions: (1) via teamview I scheduled a boot scan and had her restart. She said nothing happened. The weird thing is it shows the last scan as having occurred a few minutes ago, but other than that there is no log. None of the malware has been removed? Does a boot scan not get triggered on a restart? She says that as it rebooted she did not see anything indicating a scan was occurring. There is no log in the history for the boot scan. (2) Why is the quarantine list not sorted in order by date? Why can't I click the column header to make it sort by date?
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