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Found 16 results

  1. Can anyone tell me what are challenges of Ransomware? Please help me i need challenges of ransomware
  2. After Using this Script https://github.com/DrEmpiricism/Optimize-Offline My Hard Drives All Media file Become DOCM File.Also There is Note as "Restore my file". I am installing Malwarebytes for remove that Virus.I am Still Dont know is there any way to recover those file's There been a lot of memory Images Encryped too. Can help!!! Thanks in Advance Restore-My-Files.txt
  3. Witajcie, prowadzimy firmę pomagającą w przypadkach zaszyfrowania komputera. Dwa dnia temu (04.04.2019), zgłosiła się do nas mała firma w której włamano się najpierw na pierwszy komputer, a następnie z niego dokonano ataku na drugi komputer. Ponieważ kopia danych na serwerze NAS została także zaszyfrowana poradziliśmy aby samodzielnie zdecydowali o tym czy zapłacą okup. Przesłaliśmy pytanie do infinity@firemail.cc z dwoma różnymi ID komputerów jaka będzie wartość okupu i otrzymaliśmy odpowiedź, że wartość okupu to 0.5 bitcoina (2000EUR) Po dokonaniu opłaty przesłano nam kody do odszy
  4. Hello all! I am using Bandizip for some years without any problems. Updated now to the current v 6.07. Using Malwarebytes v. 3.06 (Premium) as well. Suddenly (now 2 times) Malwarebytes considers it as Malware.Ransom.Agent.Generic and quaranteed it immediately. have approached Bandisoft developer and confirmed that there is no malware! must be a f/p. and here follows the log file:----> Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Protection Event Date: 5/17/17 Protection Event Time: 3:09 AM Logfile: Admin
  5. I have been hit with multiple viruses in the last week. Malwarebytes has stopped it for the most part, but still some damage. Would love some help to get rid of what is there. I have back-ups for the encrypted data so should be fine that way, just want this virus gone. I have attached the frst and addition files here. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. I run Malwarebytes premium and windows defender together. I have been hit with Ransomware and other viruses that are usually blocked before they destroy everything, but still makes it a huge PITA. These are hitting a computer that is never on the internet, except its used to remote into via remote desktop. I got frustrated and completely replace the computer and it's still happening (moved data over). Despite not being on the internet, Malwarebytes is constantly blocking websites according to the log. Just looking for help in where I can look and what I can do to prevent this! Any help
  7. Wondering if this Ransom.Cerber result is a false positive, like some of the other recent ones. The detected file is xutil.dll, which has a creation and modified date of 1/2/2003. This DLL is part of the Solid Edge V14 3D CAD program, and the dll itself is listed as being from Spatial Corp. Thanks. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware www.malwarebytes.org Scan Date: 6/27/16 Scan Time: 12:56 PM Logfile: Administrator: Yes Version: Malware Database: v2016.06.27.05 Rootkit Database: v2016.05.27.01 License: Premium Malware Protection: Enabled Malicious Website Protec
  8. Hi MWB, I work for ANZ Bank in Australia, and our customers have started reporting MWB says our Trading Platform E*TRADE Pro has Ransom.Filelocker Our website is etrade.com.au or invest.etrade.com.au, and the active trader software MSI is downloadable from here: https://invest.etrade.com.au/pro/msi/proclient6.3.61.msi Please scan for the false detection and update in your next cycle. I have attached a pic of my scan result. Thank you. David R Techinical Support E*TRADE Australia
  9. I put new game cd in and bang. The message ( which I can't get rid of) does not look like images I've seen (attached CL Message) The fox (?) site with the portal key does not recognise the files I attached. Also attached here 2 more files. My ESET antivirus said it cleaned it. Online ESET also. Malwarebytes also. Task Manager no longer shows processes. Attached file called Crypto.rar Crypto.rar
  10. So I was using internet explorer 11 when I had a malware whatever pop up and say I had 72 hrs to send them 300 to a bit coin account. I immediately ran Malwarebytes. So my comp froze so I had to restart. Did that in safe mode. Rand malware again it found the things and deleted them then restarted. I then ran it again. Got to this page https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/164032-cryptowall-30-removal/ Did what it said for me to do. So far can't find anything now its coming up clean. So my question is am I in the clear now? Or do I need to do something else or what. Never i
  11. Hello, I'm running Windows 64 bit and have recently gotten what looks to be a bad version of the ICE Ransomware virus. I am unable to login to my account normally due to the ransom screen popping up immediately and going to the BSOD after several moments. None of the safe-mode options work. Even safe-mode with command prompt which is what I usually do in this kind of situation. I've always been able to use the rstrui.exe to solve this type of issue but not this time. When I enter my password and try to login in safe-mode it says "shutting down" and then "restarting" which it proceeds to do.
  12. I have got a computer that has been infected with ransomware. I have even tried to book to safe mode but as soon as I boot to safe it auto restarts! I have downloaded FRST64.exe as recommended from previous posts on here but now I need help in how to remove the virus, I can post the 2 logs here...
  13. I seem to have a particularly difficult version of the Moneypak trojan that locks up the PC with a white overlay screen claiming to be from the FBI or DOJ and demanding payment to unlock the computer. I am also unable to run Windows in Safe mode. I get a brief blue screen of death, followed by a reboot, followed by the ransom screen again. Logging into Windows as a different user delays the ransom screen by a few minutes, but it quickly returns. I have tried USB boots and scans using Windows Defender and Anvisoft. Both identified and deleted various malware, but the ransom lockup screen stil
  14. About 4 days ago my laptop (Windows XP) was hijacked by a Ransom trojan. My laptop "locked up" with the welcoming and friendly screen "Your Computer is Locked Unless You Pay The $200 Fee" message which demanded I immediately take $200 cash to a local MoneyPak outlet. I ran an Avast scan and then MalwareBytes scan and they both deleted the following: MalwareBytes deleted "Trojan.Downloader" in Local Settings\Temp\install_0_msi.exe. And Avast Scan detected Win32.Malware-gen.and quaranteed it in Virus Chest. Both MalareBytes and Avast scans are now "clean" and the "Ransom Screen" has not
  15. My computer started to act funny a couple of days ago and it appears that trojans have invaded my system. The particular trojans are bc miner as well as ransom trojan and an agent trojan that are both in the registry. What should I do in order to get rid of the infections?
  16. Hello, Thank you for taking the time to read this. My computer has recently been infected with some sort of malware on my business computer. I have windows 7 ultimate and all my word, docs, and pdf files have had an .crypt extension added. I cannot open any of these files and my anti-virus cannot help me. Please help, I would greatly appreciate this! A WARNING.txt file was placed on my desktop stating the following: WARNING! YOU WCAP ID: 5291 If you see this screen or read warning.txt. It means you IP address: was included in WCAP Black List. From your PC was infringement one o
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