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Found 14 results

  1. More than once a day I get a pop-up from Malwarebytes urging me to get the premium version, but I'm satisfied with the free version. All those pop-ups are very annoying. Can you stop them? Please! Don Hooser
  2. I run a computer repair shop here in Central Florida and we are also an affiliate with CleverBridge to push Malwarebytes to our customers on a regular basis, because it is an excellent product and we stand by it 100%. The only thing that's a bugger are the non-stop notifications that pop up for those that use the free version. With previous editions of Malwarebytes it was never, ever this bad. I understand you want people to purchase your product, but please take my advice on this one — these "UPGRADE NOW" notifications just annoy people and make them want to uninstall it. This practice
  3. My Mac is up to date with High Sierra and Firefox Quantum. Since the installation of Quantum I've had a flurry of problems. For some of those, I was advised to download MWB in case some had resulted from malware. I know exactly how rare those are on a Mac anyway, but was told it wouldn't hurt. The recommendation specifically mentioned adwcleaner, which I can't find for Mac - only an .exe file for Windows. So I opted fro MWB for Mac. I've installed it twice now, and - there's no MWB. That's to say, I complete all the installation steps, and I get the confirmation that it's been i
  4. Today I noticed some aggressive pop up ads on my PC, mostly on google results, once they displayed all over your forum. I have attached an image with them pictures. The right is the pop out, the left is the ad that displays above or below sponsored ads and other places. This is in the Google Chrome browser. I ran Malwarebytes and Super Anti Spiware and they did not find anything. I run them both regularly. Can you help me? I leave town tomorrow at around noon until Sunday, just so you know if I do not reply during that time. Thank you.
  5. I have ccleaner and avast, my avast scans for virus once per week so far I'm good in that end and from time to time I run ccleaner. A few weeks ago I ran into what I found to be a malware browser hijacker, 2 of them to be exact, I use chrome and have add-block on it, my avast tells me what sites are safe and what sites are not when I search for something in google, and one day it redirected me to another page once I searched for something and also when I click somewhere in a "safe" page it opened a random link, some of those "safe" pages are youtube, facebook, yahoo, twitter, google, and so on
  6. So as many users know, today for a few hours Malwarebytes was throwing up several pop-ups about 'gstatic.com'. They say it has been fixed as in no pop-ups anymore. But what was it blocking? Some people have said it is a Google domain for serving static content like images etc. Yet some pages state it is a piece of malware that can redirect browser entries and create malicious pop-up ads. So I just wanted to know were the pop-ups about blocking the Google domain or blocking a legitimate piece of malware? Thanks
  7. Hi all, I have something that is creating pop-ups, randomly through out the day, opens chrome and directs to a money making scam site or the like. Malwarebytes blocks it, and gives the following log. I can't figure out how to stop it, remove it, etc. Any help appreciated. Thanks. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware www.malwarebytes.org Detection, 2/12/2016 1:16 AM, SYSTEM, KONSEPT-LAPTOPM, Protection, Malicious Website Protection, Domain,, beautyfile.info, 61990, Outbound, C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe, Detection, 2/12/2016 1:16 AM, SYSTEM, KONSEPT
  8. Hi, A while back I was getting CloudScout pop-ups and ads in Chrome (no other browser). I did everything I could to remove them, even posting on BleepingComputer, but I just gave up in the end because they were intermittent and eventually disappeared entirely on their own. Now I have the same pop-ups and ads but this time they're marked "Ads by DNSUnlocker". My brother's computer gets the ads at exactly the same time as I do, every time. We're on the same network. Sometimes using Chrome's reset settings feature removes the ads for a few days, but sometimes it does nothing. I've run a fully
  9. I have Windows XP and recently upgraded Malwarebytes to v The SCAN NOW screen pops up very frequently, like about once every 15 minutes. Before, I had it set to not pop-up at all and to open only when I opened it myself. How do I get this annoying SCAN NOW screen to stop popping up and set it to manual open ONLY? ScanNow.rtf
  10. Good evening! I am using my computer to attempt to solve popup and redirect issues on my daughter's computer. I am a homeschool mom. No computer whiz here. But... learning is lifelong. The issue: Any attempt to use the internet redirects to "pcfixing2.info" which requires a "quit task" from the task manager. Further, there is a continuous onslaught of popups plaguing the system. I'm usually pretty good at I.D.ing this crap in processes, but I can't find it this time. I attached a screenshot of the scallywag: An image of the virus.PNG Using safe mode yesterday I ran JRT and MBAR and MBAM
  11. hello! hope everyone has had a good holiday, my son's computer has somehow gotten infected by some type of malware. Everytime we get on the internet or his gaming program steam, popups come up inside the browser. I ran malwarebytes and Pum.bad.proxy keeps coming back along with some pup.optional that I delete with ccleaner. I have tried running task manager to see if I could narrow it down to a certain process and manually remove but I don't ever see anything out of the ordinary. I completely uninstalled Steam and Google Chrome but the pop ups show up on Internet Explorer. I am at a loss on h
  12. When I try to update MB it will not. (Unable to access the update server) I have uninstalled it using your tool and reinstalled it several times with no luck. I have also noticed some unwanted pop ups? Never had them before? I think if I could get the program to up date it would probally clear up the pop-ups? It seems there is something keeping MB from updating? Thanks for any help you could give me.
  13. I keep getting pop-ups telling me that a malicious site has been blocked. I'm very pleased about this, but I don't need to know every single one! Also, it is a pain because the pop-up, which cannot be moved, often blocks the "Save" and other buttons when I am working on documents, and I repeatedly have to press the "Close" button. But a new notification comes up almost immediately, and it is getting VERY wearing to keep doing this. I can see no way of turning off these notifications, and am thinking of ditching the program if I can't do something about them. PLEASE: how can I turn them of
  14. Reading through the forum, I've seen that other people have also had this problem, but I think my computer could be infected with something. Every couple minutes or so I've been getting pop-ups that say "Successfully blocked access to a potentially malicious website." IP address is This message pops up even when all my browsers are closed and I'm basically doing nothing on the computer. Earlier I downloaded Malwarebytes (this is a new computer and I forgot to download it when I first got it- oops!) because when I opened my computer none of the browsers on my laptop would
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