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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Team My websites like https://www.changehomepage.net/, https://www.commerce-microsoft.com/, https://www.fixfirefoxerror.com/, https://www.incredimailsupports.com/, https://www.microsoft-number.com/, https://www.thunderbirdsupport.com/ are now malware free. All the information given in the websites are true and very useful. Kindly white-list these websites ASAP. Thanks & Regards Ron Weasley
  2. explorer.exe found in AppData/Local/Temp explorer.zip mbam_report_2018-02-08.txt
  3. About an hour ago malwarebytes suddenly began flagging a bunch of outbound and inbound processes on my computer as malicious. I ran a scan (which I do every hour automatically anyway) and it found nothing. I made sure my database was updated. I shut off my modem and computer, etc. I tried getting onto the internet with opera instead of chrome, but couldn't establish a secure connection from that browser either. I am only on the internet now because I disabled malwarebytes malware protection. I saved screen shots of quite a few of my errors though not all of them. I just renewed my Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Home Premium two months ago and it is version HELP!
  4. Starting on Friday the 13th, I've been having a lot of trouble. I suspect a virus. The first problem I noticed was with Firefox, my default browser. It would not launch. When I look in Task Manager only about 8000kb loads into memory and then it chokes. Sometimes if I reboot I can get Firefox to open. But if I click the wrong thing it hangs or freezes. Once that happens Firefox is "tainted" somehow and it gets stuck at around 8000kb no matter what I try. Once this happens I can't get my back-up browsers (Chrome, Opera, etc.) to launch either. While struggling with that I found that I couldn't read a PDF nor could I launch MS Word. I haven't tried every single program but since the ones I use every day are crippled I'm essentially out of commission. I regular use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Home Premium, plus Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium. I also have Webroot Secure Anywhere as my anti-virus protection. Since this problem I have run Rkill, Spybot Search & Destroy, SUPER Anti-Spyware, Kaspersky TDSSkiller, Kotver remover, Farbar, and maybe some others I've forgotten. I have scanned multiple times and have found some supposedly malicious files. But after deleting them the problem persists. In other words, I've tried everything and after 6 days I'm at the end of my rope. I guessed that my .EXE file associations may be corrupted by the virus so I used a fix from Doug's Windows Tweaks & Tips. It seems to restore the registry and things work for a little while. Then Firefox freezes and I have to reboot and start over. The thing that seems to cause the freeze is opening a new tab. Also, if I click a hyperlink in an email Firefox will crash. Copying and pasting the URL seems to be okay, but clicking the link isn't. I hope that's a clue. I use Roboform with my browsers but other than that there's nothing fancy added. I'm attaching my Malwarebytes log as well as the two files generated by Farbar. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! Dave Addition.txt FRST.txt Malwarebytes log.txt
  5. There's been this very annoying bug in a recent update (when I say recent I mean since a few months ago) Where when clicking the "Show in folder" button on the downloads tab/mini menu, malwarebytes will close all instances of Opera running, making you lose everything you were doing which is seriously annoying. I've been turning off real-time protection for this reason but it has this irritating popup upon rebooting the machine reminding me to turn real-time protection back on. I'll post a 2nd picture of what pops up in MBAM after clicking (as I'm currently writing this from opera and don't want to lose all this text)
  6. I'll cut to the chase. I recently started up both Opera and Chrome (latest versions) to find them showing a blank screen. Troubleshooted this on the web and got both working using the '-no-sandbox' flag. Dig some more digging and it seemed to be linked to security software, so after testing I discovered the blank screen shows up whenever MBAM's Exploit Protection module is enabled. Disable this - or switch off protection for those two apps under 'Manage Protected Applications' - and both apps launch with no problem. Has anyone else encountered this, or is it just me? Thanks for any input you can give. Platform: Windows 10 MBAM version:, Component package version: 1.0.96, Update package version: 1.0.1673
  7. Hi Since around August 18th we've been seeing crash reports with mbae.dll on stack. This looks similar to what's been reported here: All reports are from Windows 8.1 or 10. Here's an example stack we see: >61b6d3df 1c3df mbae.dll >61b79011 28011 mbae.dll 61b78f7c 27f7c mbae.dll 61b81370 30370 mbae.dll >61b78f98 27f98 mbae.dll >77890ace 8face ntdll.dll 61b78f7c 27f7c mbae.dll >7783fc08 3ec08 ntdll.dll 61b78f7c 27f7c mbae.dll >778215d2 205d2 ntdll.dll 61b78f7c 27f7c mbae.dll >778214a6 204a6 ntdll.dll >7520dbf3 2cbf3 KERNEL32.DLL >01062f13 41f13 40 opera.exe exit_or_terminate_process(unsigned int) >01062ea9 41ea9 ef opera.exe common_exit(int,_crt_exit_cleanup_mode,_crt_exit_return_mode) 0105c840 3b840 0 opera.exe __except_handler4 >0106304e 4204e 11 opera.exe _exit >01059663 38663 107 opera.exe __scrt_common_main_seh(void) 010596c4 386c4 0 opera.exe _wWinMainCRTStartup 010596c4 386c4 0 opera.exe _wWinMainCRTStartup 0105c840 3b840 0 opera.exe __except_handler4 >751f8cc4 17cc4 KERNEL32.DLL Memcrash logs needed >77879674 78674 ntdll.dll Memcrash logs needed >77879643 78643 ntdll.dll Memcrash logs needed 010596c4 386c4 0 opera.exe _wWinMainCRTStartup Since Opera is based on Chromium, the root cause may be similar to but that's just guessing on my part.
  8. Hello, Whenever I open any site, sometimes I see unknown images replacing the original image on the website. They are not ads, & can't be clicked. Just random images of people, cartoons etc. When I refresh the page, the fake images are gone. This problem was temporarily resolved when I installed Windows 10 (with Format my C:) & I installed malwarebytes and bitdefender. Malwarebytes detected and removed some infections. But when I removed malwarebytes temporarily due to an error, Fake images started appearing again on the websites. I am using Opera Browser with no Ad ons, extensions etc & I regularly clean the temporary files using Ccleaner utility. I have bitdefender and Malwarebytes installed. Where is the problem, please help. I've been trying to solve this for the last 3 months. Regards
  9. Using both & 1008, MBAE keeps Opera from loading it's Speed Dial and effectivly renders the browser unusable. Every new tab is kept on a endless "Loading.." loop. Disabling MBAE solves the problem and Opera functions as it's supposed to again.
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