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Found 6 results

  1. I need to be able to install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to scan a Windows10 PC that cannot be connected to the Internet. Where can I download the full MBAM 4 offline installer, not just the MBSetup.exe stub? Also I need the offline Rules update zip file. Where can that be downloaded? TIA
  2. Some of my endpoints have trouble reporting. They'll report offline and not scan, especially with Windows 10, but not ONLY Windows 10. Also happens on Windows 7 and 8. Brand new computer, scans fine for 2 days or so. These are the errors from the Event Log. I don't know what to do at this point. Uninstall and reinstall works some times, but sometimes works for days, sometimes only hours.
  3. Hello, Firstly I want to say for the most part I am satisfied with the service. With that being said I have recently encounter some things that have been gnawing away at my patience. 1) Exclusions: Folder Exclusions, and for the most part exclusions in general don't appear to work as intended - at the very least, how I intend it. Whilst it is most common when I use trainers from the likes of Cheat Happens, and other similar services, it has also happened for game patches and even website exclusions. I have to go in and add each individual file I want excluded in the folder, even though I set up the folder as an exclusion. Am I wrong to assume that is how the Folder Exclusion is meant to work? If anyone has a solution to this so that the things I place in that folder will be excluded, I would definitely appreciate it. 2) Offline issues: Recently we had a really bad windstorm, upwards of 131km/h. This of course caused issues with the power grid and, since I'm out in the country - my internet. With the tower that provides us internet being knocked over, we had to wait for them to rebuild the tower and realign their radios to once again provide us internet. So we had no internet for about 2-3 days. Over the course of those few days, Malwarebytes saw fit to remind me every 10-30ish minutes that I was in fact offline. It gave me an error saying it could not connect to the license server, and that my updates were not current. This alone probably wouldn't be an issue, but it demanded my attention. Minimizing full screen games, and popping up over every open window which interrupted my writing. When I finally got frustrated, I decided to just leave the error up and perhaps it wouldn't minimize my game (sometimes causing the game to crash). It worked, but it caused another issue: endless amounts of errors. I had to sit and hold enter for upwards of 2 minutes for all the errors to be dismissed. I'd close it down, and another would pop up, close it down and another would pop up, and so on and so forth. Our internet goes down often enough that I had noticed this to a smaller degree, but it was never for more than a few hours at most. So this was incredibly frustrating for me. I'm not sure why this is necessary, though I suspect anti-piracy has something to do with it. I don't know what you can do about it because piracy is a rampant thing with software, but I was frustrated enough that I felt like posting it here.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm planning to buy Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium for a PC that has to be offline all the time and wanted to ask: Will i be able to install and activate this product without any internet connection? Thank you very much.
  5. Hello! I followed the instructions for help and have attached the information in a doc. Let me start by saying that: I don't keep much on my computer - some small word docs, some pics - but most things are kept on an external terrabyte drive when I stop working on them. I have clearned my trash. Run multiple defrags over the last week. A week ago I Googled my problems, l ran Malwarebytes, I did many things including following and completing (most of ) these directions to remove various things - I run Malwarbytes and SuperAntivirus - but with continued reading - (I was googling on my phone) I choose not to run Avira. While my computer was showing no major issues - (there were 32 on Malwarebytes - the "annoying but not dangerous kind" which I quarintined - except for the last which after google I felt would remove my saved passwords etc so I left that one. - Yes - next timeI will write all this down...) I still had high CPU usuage issues - here's what's happening that is driving me crazy. I am looking for a new job (My long term contract as an Instructional Designer and Trainer for Oracle, Kronos, and TeleStaff end users - well - ended.) I have several word docs up at once.Winword seems to stay on even when they are closed. I go into Taskmanager now and end the tasks when I see that happening.I have MANY Chrome windows open.90% of the time I use a touch pad and never even have mouse connected.I have moved to using Firefox in the meanwhile - and have a small amount of relief from my problems - but it comes around.I want to go back to Chrome - I like using my gmail and google docs there. I tried to change some of my on "startup" settings - some worked - some say I am not Admin enough. Well the computer is an old hand-me-down - so I am it's only Admin anymore. This laptop was used when it was setup and given to me with someone who probably has skills like my "readers" (YOU). My laptop is old and rickety. I had great gear at work for a long time - and what I really need I can't buy at the moment - buying a new one of a quality that doesn't really suit would not be a "patch" it would be a set back. I often use a lot of Adobe creatitive and other like things. I will need to be downloading a trial version of Captivate and following along with Lynda.com as I brush up on that product.. At this point changing from doc to doc is hard, doing a search to the hard drive takes minutes, filling in an online application? Searching online? I am using my cellphone rather than deal with it when I can. UGH!! I am probably taking 5 hours for tasks that should take me 1 hour. The type is always lagging way behind etc etc etc. FYI - I have NO software to redownload, no versions of Windows etc. I don't know how to use Linux. Oh yes - no surprise it's running pretty hot. Whatever I did run in the last week - if they said get a report I did. I do not know as I write this how to find them. I am attaching some screen shots of the task manager on 4/17. And now. Thank you very much. Quite a few rely on my income - and I will never get there if I don't get this moving with ease and less of an inferno. --------------------------- I don't know what comes next - how to find out if you've answered me ---------------------
  6. I posted this in another part of MW forums and was directed to post here. I guess this is where all the Experts are. I though, am not one of them, as you can tell. Hi folks. How's it going? I have an odd question that I cannot seem to find an answer for. I have MW Pro because I have found it to be the best software for what I need; and for the price; it Can't be beat. My question is: My Comcast cable service was interrupted for over 4 hours during the last snow storm 3/12/14. While the internet was out of service I disconnected my computer from the modem ;over 8+ hours; and ran MW full scan while I had the chance. As usual it found nothing, which means it's doing it's job. Now for the problem. During that 8+ hour down time; I kept getting a MW pop-up balloon every so often as if I was surfing the net, stating that MW blocked a potentially harmful incoming attack/site. Why on Earth would That pop-up? I was not connected to the net and my desktop does not have any wi-fi connected to or installed in. I do have Magic-Jack but it to was unplugged from the computer at that time. PC: eMachines 1200, OS: XP Home 2003. I little help or info would go a long way with this issue. It was quite annoying.
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