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Found 12 results

  1. I have a Windows 10 Home device that I am trying to assist the user to resolve an issue. The user is getting "The Requested Resource is in use" error, especially when she tries to run any EXEs. After a quickly look over, I noticed that she has Svcvmx.exe running and that it is in %UserProfile%\AppData\Local\ntuserlitelist\. It is blocking the ability to run any cleaner programs such as (MalwareBytes AntiMalware), starting the anti-virus program, etc. The only program that I have been able to run, so far is MBAR and it finds this and other items quickly, however it currently shows 7195 Malware Found, but is stuck in the "Not Responding" state. Any ideas?
  2. RUNNING WINDOWS 7! I logged on my computer the other day and realized Explorer.exe was taking over 80% of my CPU. But that wasn't all. There was two "client" applications running(according to task manager) and a couple of vxmclients running in processes, that would also take up 10%. I searched the problem, nobody had a real answer. I decided to turn to mbar. I scanned a probably 3-4 times and it would find malware, but it would freeze and not respond every time. I decided to separate the areas to scan. First I did drivers, it found 1, and cleaned it up(woo!). Then sectors, didn't find anything. System is where it found a lot, but froze up. Yes, I updated it every time. I'm sorry if this is rude in any way, I am really frustrated(not at you). As you can tell from my username, it is my baby. Any help is extremely appreciated.
  3. Until today, when I open Malwarebytes Premium 3.1.2 to the GUI it was more or less instantaneous. Today, It takes about 10 minutes to respond, and when finally it appears, it is a blank gui with "Not Responding" in the title bar. The rest of the computer seems to be operating fine as expected. This slow reaction for MB worries me a bit because I wonder if the protection could also be compromised. Thank you for any help provided.
  4. MBAM-Chameleon ver. Windows 7 Program is stuck & computer will not respond. Currently stating, "Waiting for scan to complete" -------- (blinking) (FOREVER ~16 hrs) Closed 2nd MBAM screen that gave me a root-kit error: 200025 Unable to open Task Manager Don't want to turn off computer & risk causing an issue.
  5. Okay so my microphone has been automatically muting itself through the windows sound properties. I was told it was malware and to end task named svchost.exe that's under my current user profile. So I did that and booted up Malware to clean up the system it didn't find anything until it went to heuristic analysis. It finds the pup in the image below and when I press removal selected it seems to freeze then crash. If I open it back up the following programs are in the history and I press delete selected and restart my computer (without being prompt to do so) and when my computer comes back I scan again and it finds the same files again and it all happens again. I've tried using Chameleon mode after the scan (in which it only found one instead of 4) After I pressed remove selected it says Mbam cannot communicate with mbam ui or something like that and it just keeps retrying. I also tried using rkill.exe and I've also posted the document it made. If anyone can help me it would be helpful. Rkill.txt
  6. MAlwarebytes will not start. Chameleon (multiple attempts will get Malwarebytes running but then it hangs during the Heuristic scan (not Responding) when I press a key at the chameleon DOS window MAlwarebytes closes and won't start up again. I've been through multiple chameleon scans Attached is first.txt and Additional.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  7. Just tried the malware bytes trial to help remove a malware virus "Tube Dimmer" not updating, fears it's because i'm infected. Was planning on buying this program - however not doing so whilst infected. Please help.
  8. Hello, please help me!!! I have had my Malwarebytes for a year now and haven't had a problem. Lately I have eben having some troubles with my computer after having it in my sons room, he insists he didn't do anything. Anyways, today, my itunes wouldn't start now and I couldn't uninstall a program the other day. So, I wanted to do a scan with my Malwarebytes today. When I started it said, like always, that it needed updated, so I clicked to update. The screen came up "connecting to server" like it always does, but it gets stuck there and will say at the top (Not Responding). I uninstalled it and tried reinstalling it and now it's stuck on it again....I really need some help here because I don't know what to do.....
  9. Windows Vista 64 bit | 4GB of RAM | AMD Athlon™ 7750 Dual Core Processor 2.71 GHz | My PC started getting slower 4 months ago, and programs were being downloaded by themselves. thought my brother downloaded them, so I didn't do anything. When I asked him and he said "no", I immediately downloaded MalwareBytes (Free Version). So I scanned and there was about 450 infections, and about 96% of it was "pup.mywebsearch", the rest were Trojans and adware. I removed them,and when I restarted the computer it got WAYY WORSE, even a right click took forever to load. Then, Windows Explorer wasnt responding, so I holded the power button to start on Safe Mode, and it wasn't so slow. So I don't know what to do, so I'm posting the DDS.txt here. If you need the MalwareBytes log, please ask me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- dds.txt attach.txt
  10. Hello, I have an issue that I don't know how to fix. Yesterday when using my computer I had an alert sound and when I reduced the program I was working in I saw an update window (the actual updating screen) for Malwarebytes, even though I hadn't told it to update (I have been having a window pop-up saying outdated for a while and had not had a chance to do it). After this happened I opened Mozilla and had to relog into pages that I normally don't have to. I got a little worried about this so did not log into anything too sensitive (i.e. email etc) and I ran Malwarebytes and AVG. AVG found one corrupted file to do with an Adobe presenter and I removed it. Malwarebytes locked up halfway through a quick scan. I tried again and it did the same thing. So I ran a full scan and it ran for a couple of hours and 500000 objects later it found 2 objects and then stopped and was unresponsive. I therefore ran the quickscan again (which also found two objects but immediately stopped). I even tried it in safe mode, uninstalled and re-installed MB and even restored my computer to 3 days ago and ran again (also removing the other object again in AVG first). It scans through all the system files and the objects found are when it is flying through 'additional files' at the end. I need to get rid of these but can't even see what they are because it locks as SOON as it finds them. Please help. I work from home and need to be comfortable logging into accounts. Thank you so much.
  11. I browsed the forum and found one other topic relating to this problem. I did not however see a resolution or the contents of the DDS scan. I have included the asked for scan with my topic. If there is already a solution available could someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks Attach - Notepad.zip DDS - Notepad.zip
  12. I have Malwarebytes Pro, and the updating (scheduled and manual) and scheduled scans seem to work just fine. However, when I manually run a scan, it is incredibly slow. So slow, in fact, that I cannot navigate through the Malwarebytes program at all during the scan. The elapsed time, number of files scanned, and all other information do not change in real time. Instead, they catch up every now and then. If I click in the window, it fades and says "not responding" at the top for a while until it finally updates the window with present information about the scan. Full system scans, which used to take about eight hours, now take days. I am running a 2009 Dell Studio with Windows7 32 bit. My other AV program is avast!, and I have set all the recommended exclusions for both programs to ensure that they do not interfere with each other. avast! seems to be running fine, and it has never indicated that it was messing with Malwarebytes at all.
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