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Found 12 results

  1. On an XP box, I visited a site that locked chrome. Instead of rebooting, I closed down the chrome processes. I had run ADWcleaner back in 2015 with success I downloaded the latest version. After clicking run, a dialogue appeared announcing that dwmapi.dll cannot be found. I rolled back to the previous restore ... no joy. Looked on another XP system, and it isn't there either. Can ADWcleaner run on XP? If so; which dwmapi.dll version do I need? Thanks :)
  2. Hello, I am seeking help with a question/problem. I was browsing the internet and noticed that my chrome was working slower than usual, so I decided to close it and start it up again. While restarting chrome I got an error that said something about Chrome_Elf dll missing, however chrome still restarted itself. I ran Malwarebytes to check for infection and noticed that on the first scan it scanned for less objectives than usual and was much faster with the scan. I restarted my computer and this time the scan took longer than usual and there was less objectives scanned. I have included FRST
  3. I ran Adwcleaner. There were 41 issues. I accepted the recommendation for cleaning and rebooted. Windows mounts and I log on with my password, but the desktop does not appear. I ran task manager to get CMD. I can see my folders are still there and so are the WINDOWS directory, but the desktop does not appear. The mouse icon is the only thing that displays. I searched the forum, and found something similar for a WIN 8 OS but I have WIN 7 professional. It may take me a bit to turnaround responses.
  4. So recently i got some malware on my MacBook Pro and its become so bad i decided finally to get rid of it fully. I downloaded Malwarebyes and opened it up. When I clicked on the scan button as you would normally do, except about 10 seconds in it stopped updating at "Scanning for : Adware.IronCore" and it would not go past this. Im not sure if I'm missing that particular file or some kind of malware is preventing it from finishing. Im not sure what to do, so if mo one knows how to help me with this Im eventually going to just bring it in to the Apple store.
  5. I noticed one day that a lot of shortcuts were missing from my desktop and start menu, and that I couldn't get Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program to run; I even tried the 'Chameleon' executables. I have also noticed that there is a new program that runs on startup called ExpoThemes Manager. I followed the instructions in this post, and have attached my log files to this post: FRST.txt Addition.txt Shortcut.txt
  6. I am ..... I purchased this software on 11/6/2011 - I have two copies of the invoice and eceipt. Somehow it has disappeared from my current computer and I just noted it. I do not know when or how it disappeared. This is a Geek Squad computer and maybe it disappeared during one of thieir updates. So how do I get back?
  7. Recently, many items that have been stored on my computers desktop have disappeared. Documents, folders, pictures, some programs…Any chance someone can help me with this….I am currently running the THREAT SCAN. Any advice would be appreciated. All the best, Kevin
  8. Hi, i need help with this issue im having im having. I have installed Malaware bytes and ran a scan, once it finished it deleted a bunch of files that were infected. Now iam having a pop up system error saying that a miner.dll program is missing and i must install it now to fix the problem. I went through a few different other topics with the same problem and downloaded DDS and ran it, saved the two notepads to my desktop and ill post the DDS.txt in this topic and ill attach the Attach.txt to this as well. attach.txt DDS.txt content: DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_AMD64 Internet Explore
  9. I recently purchased Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro Lifetime - 1 PC - Download from newegg. The delivery method was electronic so I don't have physical media. They delivered product keys without a product id. At this point, I cannot activate the product. Newegg says they cannot help me. Where do I go from here?
  10. I can't figure out why, but my MBAM logo suddenly disappeared completely out of the blue and has been replaced by the 'missing' icon. Why did this happen? It appears to only be an aesthetic problem because the program still seems to be responding, although it does seem to take time to bootup from a restart when looking at the logo from the system tray (it's gray for a few minutes before lighting back up again). Does anyone know how I might fix the missing logo? I'm beginning to wonder if my Windows Update has anything to do with it, it's always screwing things up.
  11. I just barely reinstalled my computer a week ago, and have downloaded Malwarebytes onto my computer. Since then, I have uninstalled and reinstalled to check for a super annoying problem I have noticed with my Malwarebytes' logo. Can someone explain this? I've looked on similiar threads about this same topic, but nobody seems to know how to fix this problem???
  12. I downloaded Malwarebytes Free and, although it seemed to install properly, the update confirmation window said it successfully updated from version to today's version (I'm making up the number of digits, but it was all zeroes) but after I clicked OK, I got the "database missing or corrupt" message and the invitation to download again, which I did. This resulted in the same scenario. I searched for others with this problem in the forum and followed the instructions I found - downloaded and ran mbam-clean, rebooted, re-downloaded mbam from Major Geeks (which, incidentally, is whe
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