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Found 18 results

  1. Don't bother, they will not assist you. Their update removed your key and they want it that way. I entered a support ticket and was called a liar, providing proof of purchase. They'd prefer you sign up with their subscription service. Thankfully, I had an old support zip file. If you've ever worked with support previously, try to find one of the created zip files. At this location you will find a LicenseConfig.json file: C:\Users\username\Desktop\2018-04-28-CORSAIRONE.zip\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\config\ In the LicenseConfig.json file (editable with notepad or notepad++) you
  2. Same problem with license after update, Lodged a ticket, hopefully they can help resolve the issue.
  3. I have the same similar situation. About several days ago I had an update to my Malwarebytes program, initiated by Malwarebytes. After I installed the update, it changed my program to a trial version instead of the premium edition I already was using prior to the update, and took away my premium subscription. I tried entering my info back into the program but it would not change from free to premium after entering my key & ID. I created a support ticket and the reply suggested that I had exceeded my maximum device activations, so I deactivated any and all devices on your website, uninstall
  4. I have the same problem and it seems to me there's a loop in the system. I have proof of being a lifetime customer from 2008 on. And I was always able to install upgrades, up till now. I have a support ticket but there is still no solution. I have just one installation on my pc. And a paid one for my phone, but that's something different. I had to make a new account, because I used to login with my name and a password. Malwarebytes changed that, you now have to fill in your email. When I try to register my license I get the answer my license key exceeded the maximum devices. When I press "dea
  5. Seems like Malwarebytes went through and de-activated a bunch of their lifetime premium users. I have the same issue after the last update to 3.8.3
  6. After I update the Malwarebytes v3.8.3 my lifetime key is not working on the same machine as before. It was working till previous version. I don't know what to do.
  7. Hi I had a lifetime license for 3 pcs. After last Update, I have only one for 1 PC. Why? Was there a change I missed?
  8. Ditto my license key was revoked too... lifetime... is this systemic?
  9. I too am having issues activating my lifetime account as well. I have created a ticket # and will just have to wait till tomorrow (after 4th Jul) and hopefully, this won't happen again when I try to activate my lifetime account whenever an update is released. I tried using that support tool and all that did was download latest MB and installed it and then we hit a brick wall i.e. activation issues. Oh well, at least I have a few days in trial mode. ti
  10. Same exact problem. Lifetime license but after installing update license not recognized and error telling me that my usage level has exceeded the maximum usage allowed, which is bogus because I have no installed malwarebytes on any other machines... this is some sort of bug for sure...
  11. Exact same issue here. In trial mode, can't activate license, get the usage level error> Didn't change a thing other than installing the upgrade.
  12. I purchased a lifetime license in 2008 and ever since upgrading to 3.83 my key wont activate when i go to My account located at https://my.malwarebytes.com/en/login there's nothing there I assume that's because my license in 11 years.. back then there never was a my account I have sent an email to support asking to deactivate any devices so i can activate on my computer included my invoice date and invoice number but it being the 4th of July... I doubt I'll hear back any time soon
  13. Just downloaded the new update and got the same "Maximum Installations Achieved" message as did JBBLack. I have had a license since 2011. And I have no "My Account" set up. I do have the ID number and Product Key. Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. DasDonster
  14. I have had this happen from reinstalling my OS too many times years and years ago, but this install has got to be 2+ years old now, I "may" have had to reinstall MWB ONCE to fix an issue BUT I'm pretty sure I was able to deactivate my license before doing it, but either way this should not have used a license to perform an update? WHY isn't there a clear warning if an update is going to use a license? I sent a ticket to support (took me 20 mins to find a page to even do that), but this is just annoying. Are there any suggestions on how to prevent this?? thank
  15. I did an update tonight and for some reason I am receiving this error message popup when I try to activate: Thanks for assistance. mbst-grab-results.zip
  16. I have the same problem after updating on Wednesday 3rd. i didn't have an account with my lifetime license, i created a ticket 2650024 and then tried to add my license to a new account i created but couldn't add it. hopefully will get fixed when support are back. thanks Gerry
  17. Same issue on two laptops as mentioned in this blog. When upgraded to latest Malwarebytes version, it did not accept the license. Tried all fixes mentioned in post and still can not activate the license. Now when I log into my account, it shows my lifetime three device license as expired. Did download trial, however it does not provide full protection for 14 days. Real time protection is disabled. Any ideas how to get a full functioning trial? I have a feeling support will be backed up in responding to tickets. Thank you.
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