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Found 25 results

  1. After running the anti-rootkit scanner, going through the normal procedure and restarting my computer, my keyboard and mouse suddenly and randomly stop working. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the USB root hubs, and different mice and keyboards do not resolve the issue forcing me to reboot. Please help.
  2. I have a Windows 10 Home device that I am trying to assist the user to resolve an issue. The user is getting "The Requested Resource is in use" error, especially when she tries to run any EXEs. After a quickly look over, I noticed that she has Svcvmx.exe running and that it is in %UserProfile%\AppData\Local\ntuserlitelist\. It is blocking the ability to run any cleaner programs such as (MalwareBytes AntiMalware), starting the anti-virus program, etc. The only program that I have been able to run, so far is MBAR and it finds this and other items quickly, however it currently shows 7195 Malw
  3. Hello, I have found on the task manager five windows process managers (32 bit) Every time I launch a game on steam, one or two of them would suddenly jump from 60% to 80% CPU usage. I have searched for a solution, scanned with malware-bytes free and adware cleaner, but nothing worked. Then I got mbar, but it just does not start. When I launch it, it would ask for administrator permission, and then nothing would happen. Malwarebytes log Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Scan Date: 12/22/17 Scan Time: 9:43 AM Log File: 6cf58efe-e726-11e7-901b-4ccc6a817
  4. I'm not getting an answer on this in the MBAE forum. MBAR seems like it's most responsible for me seeing the TMP files. What's that about? MBAE and MBAR, Access Denied, visible TMP files - Anti-Exploit Beta - Malwarebytes Forums . . . https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/214152-mbae-and-mbar-access-denied-visible-tmp-files/
  5. I'm trying both of these: MBAE and MBAR I see that they don't auto-update. How often do they update? MBAE gives you the version number in the file name, but not MBAR. Any idea why? That's useful to know. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - MBAE . . . mbae-setup- . . . mbae-setup- MBAR mbarw-setup-consumer- . . . mbarw-setup-consumer- . . .
  6. RUNNING WINDOWS 7! I logged on my computer the other day and realized Explorer.exe was taking over 80% of my CPU. But that wasn't all. There was two "client" applications running(according to task manager) and a couple of vxmclients running in processes, that would also take up 10%. I searched the problem, nobody had a real answer. I decided to turn to mbar. I scanned a probably 3-4 times and it would find malware, but it would freeze and not respond every time. I decided to separate the areas to scan. First I did drivers, it found 1, and cleaned it up(woo!). Then sectors, didn't
  7. Hey guys, sorry about necro-ing this thread but I do have the exact same issue as EniNeu A scan with GMER reveals this as well : Service C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\WdBoot.sys (*** hidden *** ) [BOOT] WdBoot <-- ROOTKIT !!! Service C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\WdFilter.sys (*** hidden *** ) [BOOT] WdFilter <-- ROOTKIT !!! Service C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe (*** hidden ***) [AUTO] WinDefend <-- ROOTKIT !!! I am wondering if I should attempt deletion through GMER or if there is a better way. Just in case thi
  8. First of all, Thank you this forum and staffs for providing solutions. I had "Resources in use" when starting antivirus or antispyware programs - similar to other users that I read here. Unable to start any antivirus or software at all. Windows defender can be run but did not detect anything. log files attached if staff can shed light on what kind of virus it is. CanNOT run Malware Anti-Rootkit Beta (or MBAR). It gave "Resource in use" error message I finally were able to run the MBAR that I could NOT run before. It may be because I "end task" some suspected processes and d
  9. Hello Malwarebytes Support, I am inquiring about Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit Beta detecting a possible rootkit due to appinit_dlls being present, and upon clicking yes to remove the registry value, MBAR crashed. I restarted the application and it replied it did not detect any malware. The only system change I made between today and yesterday was the addition of Zemana Anti-Logger, as HitmanPro.Alert kept crashing and failed to encrypt my keystrokes. I confess I immediately removed Zemana Antilogger and ran Norton Antivirus's full scan, MBAM's Full Scan, and MBAR's full scan. I fell asl
  10. Okay, I think this is probably my first post on the forums, so I apologize for being a noob and doing whatever annoying things noobs do before they get a clue. That said, I am pretty positive I have a rootkit. It's a quiet and crafty sort; from the beginning there were no obvious signs of infection, there wasn't any slowing or memory leaking, no unusual traffic noted. I felt like something was off, but I couldn't pinpoint what until I got the first warning message from MBAM (see Exploit Blocking below). Now I notice that all my desktop icons are rearranged and suddenly there is a bit of dead s
  11. 1. Malwarebytes 3.0 premium/trial and beta stand-alone protection agents Let's consider this scenario. We have a user that uses Malwarebytes 3.0 premium or trial but he/she also wants to beta test at least 1 stand-alone protection agent. While there is no reason to do this at this monent considering this timeline: <table border='1'> <tr> <th>Stand-alone protection agent - latest public beta</th> <th>Announce date</th> </tr> <tr> <th>Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware v.</th> <th>September 6</th> </tr> <t
  12. Hello, I had D/L the Beta of MBAR, and it was working fine. After about a month, I noticed in my tray that it got a message that said..... "Anti Ransomware Protection is Disabled". So I clicked on "Fix Now" AND Start Protection. Neither one worked and MBAR Software sits, disabled on my computer. I am running version (BETA) I am running Windows 10 on a new HP Pavilion Computer. Any help, Tips ect would be appreciated.
  13. When deleting a folder on Server 2012 R1 I had to disable protection to be able to delete files via windows explorer from the inetpub folder for websites.
  14. Hello there, my situation is very tough from my point of view. Im using Windows XP SP3 build 2600, everything working normally. But today my computer has stopped working almost completely and won't start in normal mode, just like if something damaged my HDD, went on safe-mode and then I remembered I had my very old OS system, wanted to make a recovery but then the blue screen would come up, I discarded that possibility totally. After that I tried MBAM with chameleon but to my surprise, the DDA driver couldn't be installed!, as far as I know the DDA driver should be workin
  15. Windows 7 Professional, SP1; NIS Installed MBAR several days ago. NIS issued an update that required a reboot. On restart the icons had been rearranged, and set to medium size. THE NIS History (as well as I understand it) suggests that NIS is treating mbamservice.exe as an intrusion. I realize mbamservice.exe is not mbarw.exe. But the described behavior is coincidental with the mbarw.exe install, and the NIS update. Bill
  16. Hi, I installed the beta version of malwarebytes anti Ransomware yesterday and after installation it asked me to reboot my machine. I am on Asus k55vj - windows 10. After reboot, i got a notification that chrome has been detected infected with ransomware activity. It asked me to reboot again to finish the cleanup. After i did, i cannot sign in on my user.. I was taken to a temp user profile. I tried to use the "startup repair" of windows 10. It finished without any errors found. I just turned machine off... Today, I booted into my old user profile, it let me in. BUt then MB anti ransomware
  17. So I just installed the application and the system is smooth and low on resources (in a good way) like always, normally. So Like MBAM and MBAE's excellent compatibility with Anti-Virus software, MBAR is also safe to run alongside other stuff. Currently I am running MBAR along with the following, simultaneously Zemana Anti-KeyloggerWindows Defender in Windows 10MBAMMBAEWhat configuration do you have and did you encounter any issues?
  18. Hello. The other day i got a random popup as i was chilling on my pc and it said that i had to restart my pc because some MBAR modules were corrupted/missing. I didn't give it much attention so i restarted my pc. And boom. It enters recovery mode and cannot normal OR safe mode boot anymore...I checked the logs from the recovery mode and it said that the mbamswissarmy.sys is missing. Why do you guys install such files in windows directories and also, why the hell cannot my pc start, i mean, my windows installation is on C: and the problem appeared on the D: drive...(it's a partition though, may
  19. MBAR crashes while scanning the Registry and Directory data. I can't complete the scan. Anyone know how to fix this?
  20. After installing MBAR and executing the application, I am able to update the definitions successfully to today's date and then when I start a full scan (all objects selected) it says Initializing and then blue screens my system. (Windows 7 64bit SP1 - Lenovo T430s). Never had this issue with any previous versions of MBAR. Any ideas what changed between 1008 and 1009 that is causing this issue?
  21. I just did a clean install of windows 7. I then installed malwarebytes anti-malware and anti-rootkit. The Malwarebytes anti-malware opens perfectly fine. It updates and scans well. The anti-rootkit is causing me problems however. It doesn't open at all. I tried opening as administrator but all it does is have a loading icon, then a few seconds later freezes my whole computer. I can't control+alt+delete or move my mouse at all. Everything is just frozen. Malwarebytes anti-malware didn't detect any issues either.
  22. I wanted to get a second opinion from you guys on some results from the Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit scanner we have used on several Windows machines on our network. We noticed some issues with odd behavior on our network, and got them cleaned up we believe for the most part with MSE and Malwarebytes Malware Scanner (not mbar). To be extra thorough we decided to scan some of the Windows servers with the MWB Anti-Rootkit scanner for extra assurance. We found a handful of computers with positive results from MBAR. All of the results came up with "Unknown.rootkit.Driver" across a variety of file
  23. Every time I try to run Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit (mbar.exe), my computer instantly crashes and displays the infamous blue screen of death. It says something about mbam and chameleon, but I don't quite recall and, at this point, I'm tired of intentionally crashing my computer whilst troubleshooting. It might be important to note that running MBAR in Safe Mode does not result in a crash. Does anybody know the solution?
  24. I run malwarebytes as a routine check-up on a regular basis on my XP computer and this time it popped up a malware file called adware.domianIQ which it killed off. So I ran spybot S&D to confirm nothing else was missed and it popped up a directory folder under my application data called "conduit", which it said was related to the win32.downloader.gen malware. It did not actually find that malware file, and the folder was deleted. (The folder appeared to have been created around 2010) I decided to run malwarebytes anti-rootkit as well to doublecheck everything was OK, and I've used it b
  25. Hello, How do you plan to let people beta testing MBAR know when you update the program? I believe the program will let you know when newer definitions are available, but what about updates to the program itself? Thanks much!
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