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  1. Hey there, I'm trying to build a home sandbox for learning and filtering processes. I'm using Python to run files into a VM, open them there for behavioral analysis and scan and then pass on to the network. I was hoping to use Malwarebytes inside the VM to do a prescan of the file (having the python script run it silently) and then also collect the logs from the background running MBAM process for behavioral analysis. And while the latter part is doable (more or less, cause if it finds something, it'll pop up the GUI and I only need the logs), the former is now apparently not. Do you and when do you expect the mbamapi or the old CLI features to return to the home version of your excellent product?
  2. hi there ! first off , the first thing I did is to I had to uninstall some of the security because they not running properly ! (I had even to uninstall MB 3 and I did a cleanup using the support tool) however! and as of yesterday , my version 3 build of MALWAREBYTES it has a trial version running and suddenly it got to revert to the free version so I think something is wrong with the software ?
  3. I had an interesting idea: What about protecting Malwarebytes components, through an experimental extension to the Chameleon system, using all of the same tricks that Malware itself often uses for self-defense, plus a few more I thought of myself? Packers, multiple forms of obfuscation, dummy processes and registry keys, code virtualization (using a Cryptographically-secure Pseudo-RNG), dynamic recompilation, active boobytraps, maze-like FileSystem/Registry setup, modular/cross-OS component installation, Isolated/Encrypted "Mini-Pagefiles", the works. You could also go a step further in reliability by using the .NET Core runtimes instead of the traditional .NET framework, in order to prevent damaged or out-of-date .NET framework components on your system from being an obstacle to the program functioning correctly, and you could probably also use cloud-accelerated machine learning to perform extensive low-level optimizations of the compiled code. Maybe peer-to-peer cloud integrations should be implemented too (as an in-house, online-backed equivalent to Windows Resource Protection), as well as a secure and low-profile means for all of these protection systems, decoy processes, and such to communicate with eachother without revealing their identities to outside programs (hard-coded asymmetric encryption, for example), that way they will know what to do whenever it's time to update, uninstall, perform a repair, change settings (as requested by the user), and so forth. And then of course, there's the idea of a built-in (and heavily encrypted) counterpart to the HOSTS file for reaching official Malwarebytes servers/services, along with internally enforcing the use of IPv6, DNSSEC, HTTP/3, and/or a combination VPN/Proxy on any connections directly between the Malwarebytes servers and MBAM components. When taken all together, this could mitigate tampering, reverse-engineering, targeted attacks, and so on. And who knows? Maybe this could even prevent a second coming of the IOBit incident... Any thoughts on this? If so, then please share them below. 🦊 P.S.: If you want more details on what I mean by a maze-like setup with the FileSystem and Registry, then just send me a private message. My precise concept is still extremely work-in-progress, and highly confidential, but it does involve mixing back-up components with decoy files, along with some additional boobytraps of my own design.
  4. Hiya there it is just this error occur again and over again and it still occurring at different time , so even thorough older version of the MALWAREBTES of version3 are still has the same "networking errors" and I not sure what the cause of it . but can the MALWARBYTES’s team to have a look at this old problem ? network error Unable to connect to update server . please check your Internet connection the error above is has more then one causes to be occurring and however . I still not have a clue why!
  5. I'm getting an "Unable to Connect to Server" error from Malwarebytes after a clean Win10 boot. I've attached diagnostic files as recommended. Jeff mb-check-results.zip
  6. Hi, whenever I want to open Malwarebytes, it gives me the "Unable to connect to service" error. Already tried un- and reinstalling the program, but I'm still getting the same error. I've even used the mb-cleanup program and it didn't work either. I downloaded and ran the mb-check program which created a zip-file, which I'll attach in this post. Hoping to get this issue resolved Sincerely Lambda EDIT: added FRST and Addition.txt files mb-check-results.zip mb-clean-results.txt Addition_22-02-2018 13.49.55.txt FRST_22-02-2018 13.49.55.txt
  7. Staf Malwarebytes, I just bought the license, however when assigning the key I get the following message: "the identification of the installation is not found" / "can not contact the license server" I will appreciate your help, mb-check-results.zip
  8. Tried all the fixes in this thread and still no result. Help. Haven't had functioning sofware for months. Attched required files. Thanks for any help FRST.txt Addition.txt mb-check-results.txt
  9. Hi! When I try to open the program displays the message: "Unable to connect to service" Attach file. I run FSRT and then MB-Check. How fix my problem? Thank you. mb-check-results.zip
  10. Same problem but following above steps unsuccessful. But uninstalling and reinstalling worked OK. This problem may be connected with end of trial for premium which I did not take up. So unable to connect to service after end of trial.
  11. Heya, Not a huge thing, but I have seen this a lot now while the program is scanning. Is this an easy fix tho? Regards,
  12. So today when I logged on to my PC to do my daily scan with premium it told me that it was unable to contact the license server and all of my premium protection turned off, essentially reverting me to the free version. I tried to put my license key in but the application then froze and wouldn't do anything. so I had to close it out through task manager. Then, when I reopened it, I had my premium status back. Then when I tried to update my definitions, it was telling me that an update was already in progress even thought it wasn't displaying as such, so after a few minutes I managed to get a scan going and it went through just fine, except the I started getting the unable to contact license server message constantly. so I waited for the scan to finish, the restarted my computer. I click on the application, and I'm no longer premium again, except this time it won't even let me put in my product key, which I just renewed in December. So I uninstalled and then reinstalled it from the main website and I still can't enter my product key. I have no idea what the problem could be, whether its something with my system or if its something on malwarebytes end. Please help.
  13. I am encountering similar problem installing MBAM mb3-setup-consumer- Installer runs mb-clean-, asks for a reboot and on return comes back over the installer to ask for another reboot. This continues indefinitely. I ran the clean.reg file and attempted to install but with same result as above. Also tried running MB Clean separately w/no change in behavior. Missing my MBAM: What can I do to get it back?
  14. Is there any way to set the default view off of the dashboard and onto the scan tab? to make custom scan quicker to get to when drives are attached, which for me is always =) or a way to setup a custom scan as default from dashboard? (otherwise it only scans my local system and not my usb connected drives which get quite a bit of use and need to be checked as well, its gets slightly annoying after a while to always have to switch tabs)
  15. MB3 Ransomware Protection corrupts ownership of deleted executed files PROBLEM ------- With Ransomware Protection enabled in Malwarebytes 3, if (1) an ".exe" file is copied, (2) the copy is executed, (3) the copy is deleted, then the deletion attempt sometimes fails to delete the file and leaves it with its ownership undisplayable. Any further attempts to access the file (read, execute, or delete it) result in an "Access is denied." message. GRUBBY DETAILS -------------- Typical "dir /Q" output for one such file (which always shows the owner as "...") is as follows: Volume in drive R is LYNX_R_RAM Volume Serial Number is D81B-10E0 Directory of R:\TEMP 2017-05-29 08:39 <DIR> LYNX\RoyUser . 2017-05-29 08:39 <DIR> LYNX\RoyUser .. 2017-05-22 10:54 41,486 ... argout_018.exe 1 File(s) 41,486 bytes 2 Dir(s) 34,803,712 bytes free Investigating the sick NTSF files via {File Explorer, Properties, Security, Advanced} (even as the magic "Administrator" user) shows "Unable to display current owner" and complains that the user does not have the permissions needed to change the owner or look at the effective permissions. BUT the (data intact) files revert to their normal ownership and permissions after a reboot or a "chkdsk /F /V /X" on the drive. I first noticed the problem with batch files which were aborting with the "Access is denied." message. Some frequently-used ".exe" files had been copied to a RAM disk directory placed early in the Windows execution path. Occasionally a batch file would clear that directory (without checking for errors). When the clearing failure occurred all subsequent attempts to invoke the copied program would get "Access is denied." from the partially-deleted copy on the RAM disk (rather than execute the original from the hard disk directory later in the execution path). I wrote a set of batch files to automate the process of making copies of a program (e.g., argout.exe) in a specified directory (e.g., argout_001.exe, argout_002.exe, ... argout_020.exe), executing all the copies multiple times, deleting all the copies (without checking for errors), and then checking the directory to make sure it was really empty. With Ransomware Protection enabled I would get a few (sometimes none, sometimes up to 4) partially-deleted files in each set of 20 files copied. (I had to reboot after each failure, of course). It did not matter whether the copies were in the RAM disk or on one of the hard drives. Both 32-bit and 64-bit ".exe" files failed. Both Windows ".exe" files (e.g., timeout.exe) and programs I had compiled myself (such as argout.exe) failed. The same tests run without the copies actually being executed before they were deleted never failed. The tests never failed if Ransomware Protection was disabled (regardless of other MB3 options) and always failed eventually if Ransomware Protection was enabled (regardles of other MB3 options). Windows Defender was off. I repeated the tests with the internet disconnected and my anti-virus protection (ESET Internet Security) uninstalled , but that made no difference. I have done many installations of various versions of MB3 on two different computers, running mb-clean twice before each installation. The relevant installation and checking files I used were FRST64.exe mb3-setup-consumer- mb-check- mb-clean- The LYNX computer is an ASUS UL80Jt Notebook running the 10.0.14393.1198 version of Windows 10 Professional. In order to simplify the environment I used the following procedure (with appropriate reboots adjusting Windows Defender on or off after each reboot) for the last test cycle: Updated Windows Defender Disconnected internet Uninstalled ESET Internet Security Disabled Windows Defender Uninstalled MB3 Ran mb-clean Installed MB3 Enabled Windows Defender Connected internet Activate MB3 Updated MB3 Turned on MB3 options Ransomware protection Signature-less anomaly detection, Start with Windows Self-protection with early start Ran an MB3 Hyper Scan Disconnected internet Rebooted Verified the Windows Defender was off Waited for MB3 and other activity to die out Turned on MB3 Event Log Data Ran my diagnostic batch files to the RAM disk with no failure Ran my diagnostic batch files to the RAM disk with the failure shown above Turned off MB3 Event Log Data Ran mb-check Ran FRST64 Reinstalled ESET I have attached the requested files as follows: MB3_bug.txt [plain ASCII copy of this text] mb-check-results.zip FRST.TXT Addition.txt CONCLUSION ---------- As a workaround I have turned off the environment variable which tells my batch files that they may use the RAM disk to improve speed. This slows things down (despite the normal caching of the hard disk), but I really want the Ransomware Protection. Yes, this is an obscure issue, but the underlying cause may be showing up in other problems which you are trying to solve. Thanks for providing a good product! Roy Earle RoyEarle@acm.org Addition.txt FRST.txt MB3_bug.txt mb-check-results.zip
  16. After i download the version 3.22, setup start, ask for restart to finish the instalation, but when finish the restart, setup open ask for restart.... and it be a infinite looping, i want use mb again but i can't install it, i will attach here the log files > mb-check, addition and FRST mb-check-results.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  17. so … essentially, upgrading to mb3 (free) version means we no longer can use mbae and mbarw … do i understand this correctly? ref: forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/191650-malwarebytes-3-frequently-asked-questions/?do=findComment&comment=1077436
  18. After installing TeamViewer12 on business PC, had option to try free ITBrain service. Got an e-mail the next day from ITBrain just telling me that I had adware "Trojan.LNK.Poweliks.2.Gen" and giving the filepath- in user file on C: drive ending in .lnk and tagged as "LNKCommand0". Cannot find this file anywhere and there is no record of it showing in quarantined logs or discovery logs. MB3 Premium for Business was recently installed, and is not picking it up. Advice for an amateur on how to get rid of this?
  19. Hi I try to make schedule. But when I click ok it says please make sure date is M:DD:year. But the choice is through a drop down calendar. the same error is said for the time and why there isnt a drop time for time seems bizarre. Go from one method to another. Please fix. AS the update issue is making me very cross and almost regretting my purchase
  20. Windows 7 workstation. MWB premium installed. When rebooting, MWB will start usually and sit in task tray. If I click Icon to run a scan, I get the following: "MWB has stopped working and will close, windows will check for a solution" And today, without clicking Icon, it stopped working. I downloaded MWB cleaner program and ran, all was uninstalled. I downloaded the newest MWB ( and installed. It seemed to work (yesterday) and today it stopped working on it's own.
  21. The issue happened when I updated to version and my exploit protection was off and it kept giving me the notification. It was so annoying to I tried to turn it on. It wouldn't turn on and i read on one forum restarting the programs would fix it. Then I ran into an error saying, "Unable to contact license server. Check your network settings or contact your system administrator for help." At this point i was frustrated so I decided to reinstall the program. I uninstalled and reinstalled, but the same error kept coming up and now It won't even let me activate it with my license key. But I had no issues installing and activating Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium. Also if you need logs, provide instructions on where and how to get them. Any help is appreciated!
  22. Hello my name is sultan I was trying to install malwarebytes 3 but after choose what language do you want the setup didnt show up . It said "runtime error (at 49:120) could not call proc. " Can someone help me ???
  23. Hi, Just wanted to report an issue that seems to be parallel to issues that MBAE users have experienced. Running Windows 10 Pro x64 Insider Preview build 14986 + MB I checked for updates to MB, none found. If I have exploit protection enabled, Micro$oft Edge browser hangs and will do absolutely nothing. Disabling protection for Edge solely does not fix the problem, I have to disable all exploit protection to get Edge to work. I suspect it is in one of the advanced option blocks, but not sure where to begin.
  24. I have installed the latest MB3, version, with Component Package 1.0.96, with update package version 1.0.1639. It seems to work fine (NO BSOD now!), but I have found that when I open an Outlook 2013 (local client) email that contains a PDF attachment, I get an error window saying that the Protected mode will not work with my current system configuration, if I double-click it to open it inline dynamically. I have to select the "Protected Mode Off" radio button to allow it to open this way. Opening the same item directly from Adobe Reader once detached works fine. Note that if I exit MBAM3, the in-line read of the same PDF works fine, so it is definitely MBAM3 doing this. Please advise.
  25. One of the so-called solutions in the sticky-ed topics for protection randomly turning off is to turn off the self-protection feature. I can't turn it off, there is no response to my clicks. I reinstalled but it still didn't work. Version Component Package Version 1.0.75 Update Package Version 1.0.0 Emsisoft Internet Security
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