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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, I have a strange problem where Malwarebytes Management Console is syncing with active directory, however some clients are not appearing in their active driectory folder on the management console, they appear only in the "ungrouped clients" folder at the top of the list and if you click move you are unable to move them back to their correct folder. I have run the sync now button, confirmed that the username and password is correct. If we move a computer on active directory or rename it, the change is reflected in the management console. Please see the two screenshots regarding this problem. Any ideas? Thanks, James
  2. I use the Malwarebytes Management Console. Trying to install Endpoint Security anti-malware and anti-exploit via Client Push Install on 7 new computers that are Windows 10 Professional 64 bit. The error I receive is "the RPC server is unavailable. Please allow WMI through Windows Firewall." I have indeed already allowed WMI through Windows Firewall. I've installed 20 other machines. Ideas? I need to get these installed asap.
  3. One of the biggest things that I miss in the management console that I find in many other enterprise security solutions is an API. I'm of the opinion that anything and everything that you have to do more than 3 times in IT security needs to be automated. Recently I've found that I need to log into the management console daily because we are finding that certain things such as signature updates are getting hung up, and a number of our endpoints are also getting errors with updates and we aren't getting alerted. This is not the first time we've experienced this either. While we are working with support to fix the underlying issues, we are now forced to add logging onto the management console and checking signature and client versions to our daily routine (all of which could be easily automated with an API). I know it's probably not the easiest thing to add, but I could see a huge benefit for enterprise customers.
  4. Exploit version not updating on Management Console, I am currently on I need to get it up to: My Management Console appears to need an update as well. Version I need to get it up to:
  5. Greetings. I have inherited an installation of MWB Management Console/Server, v. I'm currently making preparations to upgrade to v. 1.8, but there's a specific issue I'm hoping to address that does not appear to be mentioned in the documentation: client IP for our end users is acquired using DNS, and since some of our endpoints are laptops that travel off-campus and other endpoints are machines that will occasionally be powered off for several days at a time, I find I am spending a lot of time curating the client database to deal with stale IPs and duplicate user endpoints. My question, therefore, is: does the Management Console offer a means of acquiring IP through DHCP instead, and if not, does MWB offer a different product with that functionality that I should investigate instead? Yours in gratitude for your time and expertise, -Kyle
  6. Hello, When I do a scan under Client Push Install, it's not finding all computers, even though I have two brand new Win 10 Pro systems, it only see's one of them. Also, is there a way to setup so that I don't need to push, I can install other ways? Thank you in advance for your valuable time, help, and consideration.
  7. I've recently installed Malwarebytes for business and when I launch the Management console from the server I get the following error message: "Registered server address cannot be found. Please go to the Admin pane to modify the server address." It will then successfully launch the console. When running the console on a desktop for management purposes I get the same result. When trying to "Check for updates from a client" I get the error message "An error has occured. Please report this issue to our support team (include the content of all error message(s) and code(s) in your submission). PROGRAM_ERROR_UPDATING (11001, 0, Host not found) No such host is known." I've validated that DNS is correct and name resolution for the server host works fine... as evidenced by the ability to run the management console from a client even though it throws this error. Please advise. Thanks, Ian
  8. Yesterday I was supporting a user and when checking the Malwarebytes Management Console around 3:00 PM I found where the console in System Logs displayed the below: 103-PCNAME < None > D8-CB-8A-22-AA-D6 domain.com 3/22/2017 9:15:45 PM Anti-Malware Full scan result: No threat 203-PCNAME AD61306 D8-CB-8A-22-AA-D6 domain.com 3/22/2017 9:15:45 PM Anti-Malware Full scan result: No threat Notice the Time column shows 9:15 PM. I sent a command to do a full scan and while that completed without issue this morning I am back in the console with no new information. The client is now off-line. I will be calling the client later this morning to investigate further but I'm curious as to why the incorrect time showing up in System Logs. Where would that originate? Previous log entries appear to be correct.
  9. I'm in the process of deploying MBAM and MBAE and have the Malwarebytes Management Console version All endpoints are being deployed the same way by removing the Free Endpoint uninstaller, then the system is rebooted, and after it is rebooted the software is deployed. On several of the endpoints I am getting a gray shield in the Management Console showing that shields are off. Yet when I go to the endpoint it is showing MBAE is running and when I click on the Shields tab on the endpoing in MBAE it appears that the shields are running as I have the ability to click the Deactivate button. How can I get these endpoints to have their shields on?
  10. I would like to request the ability to choose what version of MB and AE that the Management Console can push install. We would like the ability to have a few different version of MB and AE that we have installable via the console, a version that is stable and tested under our configuration, a version or two that we are testing, and ideally a version that we are testing while working with MB support on a specific issue. Maybe a location where we can drop msi's to have the console look for versions? We would like the management console to be the one stop shop for all the versions and to be able to easily roll out or roll back a version using the Client Push Install. Thanks!
  11. Hi there, We had a few potential IDS issues from a few servers and I pushed MBAM via the client installer package and they arent showing up in the management console.
  12. Hi, I have a lot of quarantine item in the management console on different clients an getting notices that items or quarantine. How do delete these quarantine items? Thanks
  13. Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to adjust the duration of inactivity before the logged in user's session expires. I have not been able to find this in the documentation or on the forums. Any help will be appreciated.
  14. I was wondering if there is a way to make scans initiated from an endpoint PC show up in the management console.
  15. In the Malwarebytes Management Console, in the Report section, why are we seeing "Unable to access the report information"?
  16. I am new to the Malwarebytes Management Console. Setup was easy and we are in a testing phase. The policy is currently set to list PUPs but not to remove them. Reason being, we want to see what is there to ensure we don't remove something that is legitimate. Looking at Clients\Threat View and have excluded legitimate entries. When I right click on non-legitimate entries I see options to exclude but I don't see an option to remove from the client, only remove log entry. Is there a way to remove the non-legitimate entries from the client systems from the management console?
  17. Hi All, I am currently running a 30-day trial of MBES and I have a question about one thing mentioned in the Malwarebytes Management Console 1.4 Best Practices Guide. It says "Malwarebytes manged clients should not be installed on a computer where Malwarebytes Management Console is installed." Why is this? I would strongly prefer to be able to manage MBES from my PC, but I would also prefer to have it protected from myself. Thanks!
  18. I just began rolling out MB Enterprise Edition in our organization a day ago. My only issue is that none of the reports are populating. For each report, I only get the message: Unable to access the report information. I've attached screenshots of my Home screen and the Reports screen.
  19. After installing a new instance of Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition and management console, I am prompted with a splash screen asking for a username and password. The username is Admin, but I never was prompted to input a password during installation. Could you tell me what the username/password combination is?
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